Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in Kansas

Kansas lawmakers began their 2018 legislative session last week with several marijuana bills before them, including SB 187 / HB 2348, the Kansas Safe Access Act. This bill would create an effective medical marijuana program in Kansas. These bills were introduced in 2017 (the legislative session carries over from 2017 to 2018), yet never even received a hearing. And, Kansas is one of only two states in the entire U.S. that does not even have a Read entire story

Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Clinics Open Doors to PTSD Patients

Marine Corps veteran Ed Erdos tried medical marijuana to ease his pain, and found that it also eased his mind. He enrolled with the Health Department’s Office of Medical Cannabis last year in search of relief from the pain and muscle spasms caused by injuries he suffered in a helicopter crash. But along with pain relief came relief from the anxiety, intrusive thoughts and fear that haunted him for years as a result of service-related… (c) Read entire story

4/20 is Cheap, the Weed War is Expensive

CANNABIS CULTURE- Media coverage of Vancouver's 4/20 protest festival is very different from that given to every other event in the city. While stories about festivals like Vaisakhi or the Pride Parade focus on the revenues generated by local businesses and the economic benefits these community events bring, our cannabis event s viciously attacked in the media as some kind of drain on civic resources. Yet in fact the complete opposite is true. Read entire story

Pot on a Plane? TSA Reverses Course After Briefly Saying It’s OK to Fly with Cannabis

The official website said flying with medical marijuana was no problem – before changing its mind after 24 hours. Legally and practically, the picture is confused. For at least 24 hours, it appeared that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had officially declared what many had suspected all along: if you have a prescription, you can fly with marijuana. The TSA website’s “What Can I Bring?” page – listing items allowed and banned from Read entire story

Jodie Emery on Cover of Now Toronto

CANNABIS CULTURE – On newsstands all over YYZ,  Jodie Emery shares her vision for Canada's cannabis future. The exiled former-CEO of Cannabis Culture faces a life-term in prison for her alleged role in a movement Prime Minister Trudeau promised to legalize. And now, in the final hours before the Feds introduce legislation, the "Princess of Pot" talks justice, law-enforcement and why the Liberal agenda is motivated by profit and profit alone. Stay Read entire story

Marijuana-infused Drinks and Edibles – Digestion Timeline

Marijuana-infused Drinks and Edibles – Digestion Timeline: Cannabis-Infused coffee Brownies Chocolate Lollipops Pizza Sauce Cannabis-Infused Tea8 out of 9 states chose to say “Yes” to legalizing cannabis on the 9th of November 2016. In some states legalized simply for medical purposes, others, such as California, for recreational purposes. This will probably lead to more legalizations all over the world.Cannabis is a plant that is the Read entire story

Florida Police Officer Arrests Man After Mistaking Donut Glaze for Crystal Meth

Officials in Florida say an Orlando police officer who arrested a man after mistaking doughnut glaze for meth has been disciplined. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins was given a written reprimand for making an improper arrest. An internal affairs report released Thursday by the Orlando Police Department found no evidence she acted in bad faith. The report says the department never trained its officers to use the Read entire story

Two medical marijuana companies face new rules after banned pesticide use

Health Canada is adding new terms and conditions to the licences of two federally regulated medical-marijuana companies caught with banned chemicals in their products, requiring them to be tested regularly to ensure they are not using dangerous pesticides that can harm consumers. The new rules are being affixed to the licences of Mettrum Ltd. and OrganiGram Inc., which are caught in the middle of a tainted-marijuana controversy after they were Read entire story

Vermont Police Major Claims Governor Opposed to Non-Commercial Legalization

A Vermont state police major claimed to be speaking on behalf of Governor Phil Scott’s administration while testifying in opposition to H. 170, a bill that would eliminate penalties for adults’ possession of two ounces or less of marijuana and two mature plants. An administration official later backed the major’s statement. This would appear to contradict Governor Scott’s own comment from just last week: “I didn’t say, Read entire story

“Shut up and do the dishes” – CC gets lit with Ben Cator of Ben Cator Glass

Need a glass penguin rig dressed like a Viking? Or like your favourite movie villain? They’re one of one. A silver fume chaos pendant catch your eye? Those custom one-offs are hard to come by and often sell out before they’re advertised. Need a dime piece with matching dabber carb cap? You get the picture... Ben Cator is the man for all this and so much more. He's a talented twenty-eight-year-old artisan who has been… (c) Cannabis Culture Read entire story

Legalization is Opening Doors for New Marijuana Entrepreneurs. Are we About to See a Pot Gold Rush?

Outside a Sonoma County Fairgrounds exhibition hall last weekend, hordes of happy pot lovers walked around the Emerald Cup harvest festival, already stoned or about to be. Inside the hall, a panel of entirely sober government officials discussed the ramifications of marijuana legalization, California’s complex and evolving regulatory structure, and tried to answer questions about the future of the cannabis industry that seem, at this point, Read entire story

City of Calgary Withdraws Charges After Medical Marijuana User Challenges Bylaw Tickets

Woman's medical marijuana use landed her several tickets, which were withdrawn after vague bylaw language proved weak for court battle. Through the smoke and mirrors of Calgary’s Bylaw, one medical marijuana user is celebrating a small victory. Ticketed for her medicinal marijuana use in a Calgary Transit bus shelter, Lisa “Mamakind” Kirkman was prepared to challenge her fines, over $1,500 in infractions, as a Charter of Rights and Freedoms case. Read entire story

Marijuana Policy Reformers Wary of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

Sen. Jeff Sessions (PHOTO: Gaga Skidmore) President-elect Trump’s pick for the top law enforcement position is known for making some disturbing statements, particularly about marijuana, that have made activists extremely nervous about federal marijuana policy in the next administration. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), who is likely to be confirmed as attorney general in the coming months, has been pretty clear that he is no fan of Read entire story

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Marijuana Policy?

On the same night that voters in eight states were approving marijuana policy reform initiatives, Donald Trump was on his way to being elected the next President of the United States. While this divisive election has left some people jubilant and others outraged, many are wondering what a Trump presidency will mean for the future of marijuana policy reform efforts as well as the progress we have made so far. While it is difficult to tell what Read entire story

Regina Medical Marijuana User Welcomes New Laws

Licensed medical marijuana users now able to grow limited supply. After growing his own marijuana for years, Ryan Murray says he can now do so without the fear of criminal prosecution. "For me personally, it's a big smile on my face."said Murray. "Now I get to grow my medical cannabis again". Effective Wednesday, new federal rules allow people authorized to use medical marijuana to grow it, or have someone else grow it for them. -… The Read entire story

State Legislators Urge Federal Government to Reform Failed Marijuana Policies

At their annual summit in Chicago, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) approved a policy resolution calling for marijuana policy reform at the federal level. The NCSL has adopted a resolution advocating for the Controlled Substances Act to be amended in order to remove marijuana from Schedule I and to allow banking for marijuana businesses in states where they may legally operate. Even in states in which marijuana is legally sold Read entire story

License Pre-Approvals for 15 Growers, Processors in Maryland

On Friday, August 5, Maryland’s medical marijuana commission voted to grant preliminary approval to 15 growers and 15 processors who applied earlier in the year. The decision regarding which applicants would be approved was based on a scoring system provided by the Towson University Regional Economic Studies Institute, which processed the applications. When the names of the approved growers and processors are released on August 15, the applicants Read entire story

Federal Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Oregon Teen Caught with Gram of Marijuana

Federal prosecutors have agreed to dismiss charges against Oregon teen Devontre Thomas, sparing him a potential yearlong prison sentence after being caught with a single gram of marijuana. Thomas made national headlines when federal prosecutors charged him with misdemeanor possession. This offense carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison, a revelation that sparked widespread outrage, especially in the state of Oregon, which had already Read entire story

Dear Stoner: What Can You Do With a Broken Vape Pen?

Westword Dear Stoner: I bought a disposable hash pen, and it broke. I took it back to the dispensary (they were great about it and gave me a new one), but the budtender said I could keep my old one and use the liquid for topicals. What did he mean by that? J Money Dear Money: Let’s hope that one day these hash pens reach a true level of consistency; I occasionally get one that leaks, too. You have several options with a leaky pen. If you want to Read entire story

Chronic Pain Added as Qualifying Condition in Minnesota

Pain patients in Minnesota can now find hope, as they are now able to access the state’s year-old medical marijuana program. Supporters of this move believe it will provide thousands of patients with a safer alternative to prescription opioids and allow them to prevent or overcome dependency on prescription-based painkillers. Minnesota legalized medical marijuana in 2014, allowing smoke-free forms of the substance to be consumed by those with Read entire story