Spectrum King SK602 LED Grow Light 120v

Spectrum King SK602 LED Grow Light 120v: Spectrum King SK602 LED An Excellent FitWith numerous lighting options to choose from, figuring out which LED grow light work best for cannabis cultivation can be quite confusing. A good full spectrum grow light should cover all the wavelengths of light a plant requires. It should also be able to emit more of the wavelengths that the plants use best. In other words, it should cover the absorption spectrum Read entire story

Physan 20 Fungicide Virucide Algaecide

Physan 20 Fungicide Virucide Algaecide: Physan 20 Fungicide Virucide Algaecide Cleaning Hydroponic Systems Between Crops Algae Control on Rock Wool and other SubstratesHaving carefully nurtured a flourishing garden for weeks on end to only have it destroyed by pathogen attack can be quite disheartening. All the money invested in seeds or clones, water, electricity, nutrients, additives, and more can go down the drain with poor grow area hygiene. Read entire story

Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow Light

Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow Light: Light Spectrum How Light Spectrum Affects Cannabis Growth Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow LightCannabis plants have varying requirements, Similar to its nutrient needs during different growth stages, it also has unique lighting demands per growth stage to maximize development. With its ability to switch between two spectrums, Kassel H380 takes spectrum-specific lighting to the next level.The Read entire story

Optic Foliar Atak Concentrate 1L

Optic Foliar Atak Concentrate 1L: Controlling Powdery Mildew Optic FoliarThe growth of powdery mildew or PM is one of the most common problems in cannabis horticulture. This problem came from a mix of a variety of fungi and any garden can be vulnerable, whether it's indoors or outdoors.This disease can cause photosynthesis to be severely compromised and the plant’s defenses to be weakened. This makes the crop susceptible to other diseases and Read entire story

GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent

GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent: Multifaceted Tent Sturdy Framework Highly Reflective Material/ Thermal Protection Intake and Exhaust Ports Movable Roof Cross-Members Purchasing GrowLab GL80LBrand recognition is driven by numerous factors, two of which are innovation and continuous improvements or upgrades. Such is the case with GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent. This cozy home of marijuana plants is easy to assemble and disassemble and can fit 2 x 2 feet tray.A Read entire story

Moon Dust: All-in-One Plant Food

Moon Dust: All-in-One Plant Food: All-In-One Plant Food for All Mediums Moon Dust in Dealzer A Winning Plant FoodNutrients play a significant role in the lives of marijuana plants. Too much or too little and it can stunt the growth. Besides the amount, the medium used and the growth stage also determines which type of mixture is used. For many growers, especially beginners, picking the right fertilizer can be confusing. And, that is where Moon Read entire story

Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Growing Handbook

Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Growing Handbook: Impressions of Ed Rosenthal Reactions from Customers Buy Marijuana Grower’s HandbookCannabis connoisseurs have likely heard of a strain called Ed Rosenthal Super Bud. It is a creation of one of the most reputable seed banks in the world – Sensi Seeds. In honor of a friend and an activist who inspired many others, they named it after Ed Rosenthal.He is also the author of a book that most Read entire story

Hydroponics Basics: The Basics of Soilless Gardening Indoors (George van Patten)

Hydroponics Basics: The Basics of Soilless Gardening Indoors (George van Patten): What Is Included in the Book? Hydroponics Basics Informative? Are Customers Happy with this Book? Is It Worth BuyingThe world is a big place for anything and everything except for growing plants. Climate is one reason. For instance, no one can grow cannabis during the winter season. And on that subject, there is also the matter of legality. Hence, indoor growing has Read entire story

MARIJUANA – Guide to Illness and Pain Management (Mary Solomon)

MARIJUANA – Guide to Illness and Pain Management (Mary Solomon): What Is Inside the Book? Who Is this Book for? Final Thoughts Pass or BuyFar more people use marijuana for recreational purposes, more than any other reasons. But ask them why, and many will say it is for some health reasons. Could it be true that marijuana does have medicinal values?Since the ancient times, humans have used plants, different ones, for different ailments. As such, Read entire story

Hydrofarm Jump Start Seedling Heat Mat

Hydrofarm Jump Start Seedling Heat Mat: Hydrofarm Key Features Hydrofarm Jump Pass or BuyAfter germination, the next step in planting is to transfer the seedling to its new home. Regardless if it is outdoor or indoor, this is the same technique used in any plant. Some people think that starting with seedling trays before transferring is tedious. But this is the best way to increase its survival. Having said that, there is one way to not only Read entire story

Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film

Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film: Panda Film Key Features Panda Film GRO1 Pass or BuyIf there is one other thing that the advancements in horticulture have brought to modern growers, it has to be convenience. To wit, the process of growing certain species of plants indoors are now made easier and more efficient. Although this convenience comes with a price, it is usually worth it.It turns out that indoor growing is now becoming more popular Read entire story

Songlong 80GPH Submersible Pump

Songlong 80GPH Submersible Pump: Songlong Key Features The Songlong Pass or BuyIt is not a secret to many that cannabis contains certain chemicals that can effectively provide relief to various health conditions. Hence, marijuana is no longer enjoyed exclusively among recreational users. There has been a growing number of medical marijuana users over the years, and the plant itself has gained more acceptance from the general public.However, Read entire story

Amagabeli 4” Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter

Information about Amagabeli 4” Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter: Amagabeli 4” Carbon Charcoal Odor Control Filter Quality Pass or BuySo far, you have everything figured out. After taking the time to ponder, the time finally came for you to set up your own indoor garden. So, what better way than to pick a great indoor growing tent. For most people living in cities, it is impossible to grow plants due to the absence of an outdoor area. Read entire story

The Top 10 Best Grav Labs Stax Bongs Online

Looking for the best Grav Labs Stax bong online? If so, our list of the best Stax bongs by Grav Labs has got your covered! We’ve scoured the web to bring you the top 10 best Stax bongs online. To purchase a Stax bong, simply click on the image. Enjoy your new Stax bong! 10. The Draco Stax Bong by Grav Labs – $279.99 (Click to purchase) The Draco Stax bong combines both a vaporizer and a glass water bong to turn your smoking experience Read entire story

Apollo Horticulture HPS + MH Grow Light System with Gull Wing Reflector Set

Information about : Apollo Horticulture Quality Pass or BuyIs it possible to create something without compromising on the quality of components?Even better, is it possible to make a great product that comes with an affordable cost?In the case of Apollo Horticulture, a brand that has gained a good reputation in the indoor gardening industry, they have proven that it is possible. They have one HPS + MH grow light system that is cheaper than the Read entire story

iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Wing Reflector Set

Information about iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Wing Reflector Set: iPower HPS Quality Pass or BuySometimes, it is the overall cost of setting up a nice indoor garden that stops people from actually doing so. Individually, you could look at each part of the total system and see that it does not seem to cost a lot, but when you add it all up, the indoor growing tent, fans, and several others equipment and tools you need, it becomes Read entire story

iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Cool Tube Set

Information about iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Cool Tube Set: iPower HPS Quality Pass or BuyWhen you look at the individual components that make up a complete indoor garden using an indoor growing tent, the cost of the different things you need may not seem that much. But once you add it all up, it could be very costly.If you are one who does not have to keep tabs of expenses, then you are fortunate. For most people, the cost is an Read entire story

Linx Hypnos Zero Review

Introducing the Linx Hypnos Zero, the newest edition to the Linx Vapor family. Linx Vapor is a Los Angeles based vaporizer company that has been on the forefront of innovation. The Linx Hypnos Zero is their newest vaporizer and the atomizer has the industry talking. The atomizer design of the Zero is a ceramic disc and packs a punch while delivering unrivaled flavor. This is an innovation that we absolutely love! 4 Temperature settings The Linx Read entire story

Product Review: Sacred Mind & Body Cannabis Infused Products

Topical cannabis products are a great way to apply for pain. They can also do much more than we once imagined. Introducing the Sacred brand of cannabis infused bath and body care products. We took the plunge into relaxing waters with Sacred’s cannabis infused Epsom salt soak bath salts and allowed it to take us away to a great place of relaxed muscles and less joint pain. This stuff really works! We really felt more relaxed and in less pain Read entire story

The Best/Funniest Weed Shirt to Buy Online

Are you looking for the best weed shirt for sale online? If so, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best shirts on the market right now. If you see any weed shirt that you are interested in, simply click on the title of the product or the image for more details! 10. URBANCREWS Mens Hipster Hip Hop Sublimated Graphic Print T-shirt- Various Prints – $16.25-$24 URBANCREWS Mens Hipster Hip Hop Sublimated Graphic Print offers many styles of Read entire story