Guelph University Lab is Turning Cannabis Cultivation into a Science

Rene Van Acker is hoping marijuana will prove a gateway drug for targeted generations of young people — horticultural students. In launching the first university lab in Canada dedicated to cannabis production, the dean of the Ontario Agricultural College believes the chance to study pot will entice budding plant scientists in a way that flax or soybeans never could. “With this topic in particular, I think there’s a possibility of attracting all Read entire story

Half Of Pediatricians Say Their Patients Have Used Medical Weed, Study Finds

"We thought it was less than that," says principal investigator Richard Belanger. About half of pediatric doctors surveyed about cannabis say they've encountered a young patient who had used marijuana for a medical reason. The questionnaire for the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program found 419 of 835 respondents had a patient who had used either authorized or unauthorized cannabis for some sort of medical relief. The one-time study did not Read entire story

Disability Benefit Recipients Denied Medical Marijuana Coverage

'I look at all the medications I've taken over the years, and they don't help like medical marijuana'. An Ottawa woman living with multiple sclerosis says the province's refusal to cover the cost of medical marijuana is driving her to risk addiction to opiate painkillers. Bobbi Assoun, 47, has a doctor's prescription and is federally licensed to use marijuana for MS-related pain. As a recipient of benefits through the Ontario Disability Support Read entire story

Marijuana Comedy Club Creating a ‘Buzz’ in Brampton

420 Comedy Club opened May 4. A comedy club catering to pot smokers has opened in Brampton, and tonight will feature arguably its most famous headliner to date – Precious Chong, daughter of Cheech and Chong’s Tommy Chong. The 420 Comedy Club went full-time inside the Green Leaf Vapour Lounge at 85 Rosedale Ave. W. May 4. It’s located in a mixed-use industrial/residential area near the city’s downtown core. Its owner says it's one of… (c) Read entire story

Crown Seeking Jail for Owners of Waterloo Marijuana Store

The Crown will be seeking jail sentences for the owners of a Waterloo marijuana store charged after a police raid last summer. Nour Louka, 30, pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Her husband, Shady Louka, 31, pleaded guilty to careless storage of a 9mm Glock handgun. They both face a string of other charges, including additional counts of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, after police Read entire story

Student Files Complaint After McMaster Bars her from Trip Over Medicinal Marijuana

McMaster says it worried grad student Halima Hatimy didn't understand the risks. A Hamilton grad student has filed a human rights complaint against McMaster University after the university excluded her from an overseas trip over her use of medical marijuana. 'Literally, I felt like my world was falling apart around me.' - Halima Hatimy Halima Hatimy says she was supposed to take a course trip to Ghana — part of her goal to pursue a… (c) Read entire story

Police Close Down Pot Dispensary Weeds on Bank Street

Ottawa police officers quietly forced the closure of a downtown marijuana dispensary on Tuesday afternoon. Ottawa police drew a security screen across the front window to obscure passerby from seeing inside. However, at least two officers were visible through the screen, gathering items and packing them into boxes. Police confirmed the address for the shop, 224 Bank St., was the scene of a “police operation” but would not elaborate. Customers Read entire story

Hamilton Police Bust Another Medical Marijuana Dispensary

City has been looking for ways to regulate the rogue businesses, which aren't legal - yet. Hamilton police have charged the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary on Barton Street East. 'Until legislation changes, we are going to continue to investigate every single one.' - Det. Sgt. Frank Mossuto The vice and drug unit used a search warrant to enter The Medicine Cabinet, a dispensary at 1050 Barton St. E. It happened just before 3… (c) Read entire story

Ex-Hells Angel Sues Ottawa Cops Over Medical Marijuana Bust

A former Hells Angel is suing Ottawa police for false arrest, alleging he was charged with illegally possessing weed even after he showed officers a medical marijuana licence issued by Health Canada for treatment of his post-traumatic stress disorder. In a statement of claim filed in Ottawa court, Michael Clairoux says he injured himself when he fell during a panic attack while in custody following the arrest on July 1, 2014. As well, he Read entire story

Ottawa’s Public Health Department Steps in to Make Sure the Cannabis Brownies on Sale at Illegal Pot Shops are Stored Properly

In marijuana dispensaries across Ottawa, customers are snapping up dried weed, cannabis brownies and hash, while authorities at every level stand by. Federal politicians condemn the dispensaries as illegal businesses selling products that may be unsafe. They want Canada’s drug laws enforced, but that’s up to the police. Ottawa police say they have been monitoring the dispensaries since the first one opened in November 2015. They don’t reveal Read entire story

Mom says Nurses Refusing to Administer the Cannabis Oil that Quell Son’s Seizures

The mother of a child with a rare, life-threatening illness says nurses are refusing to administer the medicine that most effectively treats his seizures — all because of hospital politics surrounding children and medical marijuana. Maria Niembro’s 11-year-old son, Francesco, has CFC Syndrome (Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous). “There are only 450 people like him in the world,” Niembro says. “I hit the lottery with him.” That lottery though, is one no Read entire story

Two Medical Pot Dispensaries in Hamilton Raided

It turns out police have already raided at least two Hamilton storefront medical marijuana sellers this year. The raids raise questions about the fate of all self-styled dispensaries in the city — particularly since newly released draft regulations for medical marijuana now specifically label freelance storefront sellers as illegal. The owner of a King Street East medical marijuana dispensary, Bright Moments, was the first to publicize an Read entire story

Heavily Regulated Marijuana Distribution No Benefit to Ontarians

The frustration of 9:53 p.m. is well known in Ontario. It's the time where glancing at a watch or phone is accompanied by a heartbroken sigh and softly uttered four-letter expletive. Your dinner party is down to its last bottle of wine, some friends just surprised you from out of town, you're just a responsible adult that had to work late. But you certainly aren't allowed to enjoy a glass of wine in any of… The post Heavily Regulated Read entire story

Ontario Should Avoid Rigid System for Selling Pot

Once marijuana is legalized, Ontario should not lock itself into a single rigid distribution system that treats adult consumers like naughty children and allows a substantial black market to survive. Has the Ontario government learned nothing from its decades-long struggle to find the right balance between safety and paternalism when it comes to selling alcohol? Judging by the path it seems to be going down on how to handle recreational Read entire story

Medical Marijuana Clinic to Open in Cornwall

Those in chronic pain know the routine. You take pills to help ease the pain, but then you need other pills to counteract the side effects of those pills. What if there were a better, safer and more effective way to ease the pain? Natures Decision, a medical cannabis clinic, is getting ready to open in Cornwall to help people with an alternative to taking traditional drugs to relieve pain. "We are a medicinal marijuana… The post Medical Read entire story

Feds to Drop Charges Against Marijuana Campaigner

The legal odyssey started nine years ago when a knock on the door woke James Turner from a nap. It is scheduled to end Friday when he walks from the Ottawa courthouse with a clean legal slate. As 51-year-old Turner recalls it, the police officer who arrived at his door in 2006 was holding a Glock pistol, and deeper in the yard another officer was positioned behind an M16. “They said I had to clear the house because they had to make sure Read entire story