Minnesota Senate Approved A Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana

A bill to legalize medical cannabis was approved by Minnesota's Senate. Senate Bill 1641 was approved by a 48-18 vote. With the vote showing 2/3rds of the voters in favor of the measure, its enough to override a state's governors veto. Governor John Kasich has made it clear he does not support the move to legalize medical marijuana.If approved, the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis would be legal for those who receive a recommendation Read entire story

House Votes to Defund Federal Interference with State Medical Marijuana Laws

State medical marijuana laws may soon stand on firmer ground. On Friday, June 1, 2014, the U.S. House of Representatives, controlled by the Republican Party, voted to prohibit the Department of Justice from distributing federal taxpayer funds to state and local law enforcement officers to act contrary to states’ medical marijuana laws. The bill now heads to the Democrat-controlled Senate. California, along with 21 other states, notably Washington Read entire story

California Medical Marijuana Bill Killed for 2014

California Medical Marijuana Bill Killed for 2014, Exceptions and the Rule in Sacramento, and the Perspective from Fresno. Thursday, August 14 marked the death of California’s medical marijuana regulation bill for the year. The California Assembly Appropriations Committee failed to pass Senate Bill 1262 that afternoon. The bill had until Thursday to be validated by Appropriations, and until the end of August to pass in the Assembly. The bill was Read entire story

Marijuana and Midterm Elections

Marijuana and Midterm Elections: How the Vote Affects Northern California. The legalization of marijuana was on the ballot and voters’ minds locally and across the country. Many California cities and counties passed bans on collectives, cooperatives, and dispensaries. Two Lake County regarding marijuana, Measures O and P, were defeated. This guarantees the restrictive Measure N will remain in place. On a positive note, Alaska, D.C., and Oregon Read entire story

California Children Suffering From Siezures Are Cut Off From Their Medical Marijuana Treatment

Four-year-old Connor Dalby who has been suffering from severe seizures, along with hundreds of other children, have been cut off from their medical marijuana treatment. Connors parents, along with hundreds of other Southern California families must now search for a new solution after the no profit Realm Of Caring had to shut down due to threats of legal prosecution. Conner has been suffering from vicious seizures since he was just three months Read entire story

City Of Bellevue Washington Legalized The Sale Of Marijuana For Recreational Use

The 5th largest city in Washington has legalized the sale of cannabis. The city of Bellevue Washington has voted to allow the sale of cannabis for recreational use.Stores that are state licensed will be able to sell marijuana legally to those 21 and older. Stores are expected to be open by the end of the year.The City Council voted voted 5 to 2 to reject a proposed moratorium that would place a ban on stores selling recreational cannabis. Luckily Read entire story

Marijuana Watershed Protection Act

The Marijuana Watershed Protection Act Proposed by California Assemblyman Jim Wood is, according to an article in the Times-Standard, a way to seek “greener” pot for California. According to the article, Assembly Bill 243, as it is known, would “require indoor and outdoor medical marijuana cultivation to be conducted in accordance with state and local laws and best practices related to land conversion, grading, electricity usage, Read entire story

Denver Marijuana Edibles Manufacturers Had A Surprise Visit From Food Safety Inspectors

Businesses that manufacture and sell marijuana edibles in Denver recently found themselves getting a surprise inspection from the Denver Department of Environmental Health.The surprise inspection lead to three product recalls and the destruction of thousands of edible products worth tens of thousands of dollars. Inspectors found food products left out just sitting on shelves when they should be refrigerated. Other violations included:Food Read entire story

Salal Credit Union Announced They Will Do Business With Marijuana Stores

Bob Schweigert, a representative of Salal Credit Union announced that they will do business with stores selling recreational cannabis in Washington State.The announcement took place at the Marijuana Business Association's Canna Business & The Law seminar in Seattle. The big announcement came during a Managing Your Marijuana Business Money panel. The credit union is willing to work with business's that cultivate, process and/or distribute Read entire story