Jim Kenney Calls For Marijuana Legalization

The legalization of marijuana is something that has been on a roller coaster ride for quite a while now. 29 of the states in the US have already legalized the use of marijuana while several others are on the verge of joining the legalized marijuana states.The troubles this infant industry has been facing are largely due to the fact that the state officials and feds are not on the same page regarding the topic. While state officials are making Read entire story

MMJ Regulations in Montana Fall a Vote Short

It won’t be long before the United States as a whole will become a marijuana-legalized country. While the majority has already joined the legal side, others are catching up fast. Legalization is, however, only an aspect of it. The major problem still exists in the form of proper unified regulations. Since the industry is new and not governed by the federal government, every state has been making different policies to regulate marijuana use, Read entire story

John Kelly Makes Highly Misleading Statements Regarding Marijuana

The cannabis industry in the US has been a victim of great drama throughout the year. First, it wasn’t legalized. Then when it finally got the freedom it deserved, the industry got shadowed with clouds of contradictions concerning the regulations. Furthermore, the federal government—at least until a week or two earlier— seemed to be entirely against most of the regulations made by state lawmakers.It is mentioned ‘until a week or two earlier’ Read entire story

Residential Marijuana Production Might Legalize Soon In New Hampshire

The medical marijuana industry has been in the revival period for the past few years, and the United States has been on the forefront. Although the drug has already been legalized in most states in the country, there is a major dispute among the federal and state officials in this regard. While the former still condemns the use of marijuana, several state laws have allowed its use for the proven medical benefits it offers.There are also several Read entire story

The Potential New Drug Czar Is an Anti-Marijuana Extremist

If things weren’t already messed up enough in the legalized cannabis industry in the United States, the latest news from the White House made matters worse. It has made advocates of the drug fall into despair. There is a great probability that the next drug czar will be someone who is not on the side of the MMJ advocates.Tom Marino, Representative from Pennsylvania, is highly expected to be the next Director of ONDCP—Office of National Drug Read entire story

Cannabis Sales in Uruguay Begin in July

It has been a while since the legalization of medical cannabis in 2013 in Uruguay. However, the industry in the South American country was not regulated properly, until recently. It was announced that starting July 2017, Uruguay will, for the first time ever, sell legal cannabis via registered pharmacies throughout the country.Going back a few years, although many people may not be aware of it, but Uruguay happens to be the first American country Read entire story

Rhode Island Might Be Next In Line to Legalize Marijuana

There aren’t many states left in the United States that haven’t legalized marijuana. While those that have already legalized cannabis have been reaping the benefits this infant industry is bringing towards them, those that haven’t, are likely to join the club soon. States like Rhode Island are right on the verge of getting marijuana legalized.State legislators in Rhode Island, especially those that advocate the use of marijuana, are looking Read entire story

Congress Shows the Desire to Renew Patient Protection

Rohrabacher, the well-known House member, has pushed an application to the chair, in order to renew the famous Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment that occurred in December, 2014. His petition is supported by 43 other House members. The bipartisan nature of these Representatives ensures that the whole country is behind this effort.It is however, essential to first understand the above mentioned amendment. This amendment declared that the federal Read entire story

West Virginia Will Soon Be Welcoming Medical Marijuana

As of now, it seems that it won’t be long before the entire United States has made marijuana into a legal substance. The good part about this is that there might be harmony in regulating the drug in the country rather than different states having their own rules about its production and usage. The most recent state near to joining the club is West Virginia.The ‘wild and beautiful’ state ran a bill in the state’s House of Delegates to make medical Read entire story

Jeff Sessions Establishes New Task Force: MMJ Is Addressed

Enforcement by the Department of Justice may finally be reviewed for good.It was last Wednesday when Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a memo to the US attorneys. The memo revealed that a new task force will be formed for the reduction in crime. The primal reason of establishing this task force is to review the cannabis laws that have been enforced by the Department of Justice. These enforcements are, however, only a part of what will be Read entire story

Sessions Advised by Governors to Support Cannabis Legalization

The governors of marijuana supporting states, such as Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon have sent a combined letter to the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions and the Secretary of the United States Treasury, Steve Mnuchin. They have used this letter to advise them to support the cannabis legalization reforms that started in the country during the Obama administration.These governors want to ensure that the federal Read entire story

Medical Marijuana Finally Legalized in Argentina

Medical cannabis has, for the past few years, been in the limelight. It has mostly gained attention due to the medically prolific aspects of marijuana in the case of several critical illnesses. While the US has been on the front end of legalizing the drug, other countries have also taken part in the venture. Recently, it was Argentina that went on to legalize marijuana.The final legislative was recently approved in Buenos Aires. The legislative Read entire story

Canada Might Open Its Doors to MMJ In 2018

Recent news revealed that Canada is on the same track as the US when it comes to medical marijuana. The US neighbors revealed that a proposition is in line for the month of April. This proposition by the liberal government of Canada will make cannabis a legal drug by the mid of next year. This means that adult use of marijuana will no longer be subject to punishment.The report from CBC news said,“CBC News has learned that the legislation will be Read entire story

Massachusetts to Reset Recreational Pot Law

Back in November, the voters in favor of legalized Marijuana went on to vote and achieve the feat. However, there was a lot to be decided, the laws, the regulations, the distribution, and a lot more. Massachusetts was to open up hearings regarding the changes that were to be incorporated, but the date has been delayed at the request of the voters.Those that voted in favor of legalized marijuana recently appealed that the changes should be held Read entire story

New Mexico Aims to Reduce Marijuana Penalties

The State Senate of New Mexico has approved a bill recently, which has proposed the removal of all criminal penalties for the possession of marijuana in small amounts. The new penalty will be simply a 50 dollar fine. The Senate successfully voted to remove the older system of penalties, which include jail time for low-level possessions. This bill coincides with other proposed bills in New Mexico that are all about introducing legalization for Read entire story

The Delay in Cannabis Shops Goes Against the Wishes of the Voters

The Massachusetts House and Senate passed a bill last year, which has delayed the opening of the recreational cannabis stores for half a year. This bill goes against the choice of the 1.8 million voters in the general election. This means that the stores are unlikely to open before the summer of next year, in the mid of 2018.Many important people, such as Jim Borghesani, who leads a campaign for legalizing and regulating cannabis, believe that it Read entire story

Israel Proposes Decriminalization Law: Attempt Deemed Hollow

Following a trend from around the world, Israel has also recently proposed a decriminalization law for marijuana consumption. However, the legalization advocates consider the law to be a mere hoax. They believe that the soon-to-be law is quite shallow and still needs great amendment.The decriminalization plan proposed by the Israeli government granted approval for the use of cannabis. It created a wave of concern around the country as the Read entire story

States Fight Possible Push Back From Trump Administration on Marijuana Laws

After the recent hint by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, lawmakers in several states including Washington have vowed to fight any crackdown on the State’s successful implementation of marijuana laws by the Federal government. This news comes after Spicer implied that the newly elected Trump Administration is looking closely into the current marijuana legalization laws that have been put in place in certain states across the US. According Read entire story

New Research Confirms Marijuana Could Help with Tobacco Craving

According to new study carried out in Canada, the use of medical marijuana could not only be highly effective against pain management but also has other beneficial properties which were not known of before, the most important one being that the use of medical marijuana can also help overcome addiction to tobacco and other harmful vices. The new study has been published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, where it was found that marijuana Read entire story

‘Pot Sasquatch’ Invades Live Newscast, Frolics in the Snow

A cryptozoological cosplayer photobombs a live news weather report while wearing a Sasquatch suit covered in cannabis leaves. The mythical humanoid snow-beast Sasquatch might not be real, but as least we know "Pot Sasquatch" exists. Meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei with 22News in Springfield, Massachusetts, fielded the appearance of the strange creature during a live newscast on Thursday. Pot Sasquatch managed to photobomb the broadcast while Read entire story