New Cannabis Regulations Put LA’s Cannabis Industry on the Right Track

Los Angeles has finally decided to take a step for cannabis regulations. Unfortunately, this has come after quite a long time. The road to this point included several community meetings, bitter industry infighting, and bureaucratic reviews. Even right now, the draft is in the hands of public opinions and can be subjected to certain revisions.The rules that have been proposed give a fair glimpse of what you can expect California’s biggest cannabis Read entire story

The Cannabis Decriminalization Bill in New Hampshire Moves to the Governor

There are many states in the United States who have been contemplating new bills to decriminalize the use of cannabis products. One of these states is New Hampshire, which has joined the rest of New England area, in terms of decriminalization of possessing small amounts of marijuana. This story is reported by the Associated Press (AP), which is one of the best sources for gathering news reports.They have reported that the New Hampshire House has Read entire story

Cannabis Tax Set in Nevada

It was only a day before that Nevada was about to hit the deadline, when the lawmakers of the state finally reached an agreement on the whole cannabis tax situations. Regardless of the fact that they delayed it to the last date, we’re happy they at least reached a deal prior to the deadline.The deal that Nevada lawmakers made will allow the state to spend much of the revenue from the cannabis taxes on public education. The deal also finalized the Read entire story

The Vetoed Vermont Legalization Bill Might Still Become a Law This Year

Most parts of the USA have accepted the medical use of marijuana whereas the consumption of recreational cannabis is still disallowed by a majority of the states. There have only been eight states so far that have actually legalized the recreational use. Vermont has long been trying to become the ninth in line but a recent bill vetoed by Phil Scot turned the advocates down. It was almost obvious that the bill would be signed, but as it stands, Read entire story

Washington State Needs To Open Their Eyes!

Getting a license for a cannabis-related business is quite weird. If you haven’t ever run a business of your own, there are far higher chances of you getting the license under Washington’s lottery system. But this is not where things get complicated. It is the fact that things are not quite what they seem in this state. Most of the laws, cases, and arrests that are made, are often due to color bias.Yes, as surprising as it may sound, there have Read entire story

Political Candidates Courting Ganjapreneurs

It seems the days of cannabis businesspeople clamoring for the ears of politicians may be coming to an end. Two candidates for San Diego County elected offices recently spoke at the monthly meeting of a marijuana industry trade group. The Association of Cannabis Professionals event was held at a café in the San Diego, California neighborhood of City Heights. A standing room only crowd spilled out of the area that had been reserved for the Read entire story

New York Comes Forth with Proposition of MMJ for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are a troubling problem for most women as they fail to find relief with ordinary drugs. The Health Committee of New York Assembly has finally understood this issue and has passed a bill for a new solution to menstrual cramps. They have included this problem as a condition in which you should be allowed to use medical marijuana (MMJ). The Bill 582 passed with a commanding vote of 24-2.The credits can be awarded to Linda Rosenthal, Read entire story

Phil Scott May or May Not Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana

While other countries like Canada are looking forward to a nationwide legalization of cannabis, there are only a few states in the US that are looking forward to a complete legalization. Medical marijuana has become quite popular in the US and around 29 states have already legalized its use. However, there are only a few that have legalized the recreational use of cannabis while Vermont is right on the brink of it.Canada Flag – Image Read entire story

Senator Harris Gives Jeff Sessions a Clear Warning

Despite the number of threats and attempts to murder the US cannabis industry, not everyone is afraid of Jeff Sessions. The US Attorney General thinks he can make the state officials live in fear, but it was only recently that he realized that this is not the case. Senator Kamala Harris from California spoke up against the drug policies that the Trump administration has been trying to implement.“in going after grandma’s medicinal marijuana.” In Read entire story

New Jersey Will Legalize Recreational Pot

New Jersey plans to join the majority by making attempts to have marijuana legalized. This is likely to be done under the next NJ Governor as Chris Christie—Current New Jersey Governor—is known for failing at whatever he sets out to do.Chris’s term will finally be over in the coming January, this time leaving New Jersey with hopes of not electing a governor who offers the lowest ever job-approval rate in the history of New Jersey. If this isn’t Read entire story

Chronic Pains Can Now Qualify You for MMJ Use in New York

When marijuana began legalizing in different states, only a few medical conditions could qualify patients for the use of this drug. However, with time, there have been several rightful additions to the list of illnesses that qualify people for access to medical marijuana.One of the most recent additions came in the New York’s MMJ program. The NY Department of Health announced a bunch of milestones achieved in the state’s medical marijuana Read entire story

A New Office Being Established in South Australia for Controlling the Marijuana Industry

The state of South Australia (SA) has been facing stiff criticism from the supporters of medical marijuana for a couple of years. The South Australian state government has finally recognized the need for creating a mechanism for medical cannabis and has announced that it will set up the “Office of Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp” is order to ensure that this industry gets the required support.This office will serve to establish the Read entire story

The Trump Government and Its Hoaxes about Drugs

The Trump administration hasn’t done much for the past hundred days of their term. In fact, they have messed them to an extent that people are left with no choice but to go old-school with the protests.Last Saturday, thousands of people in Washington D.C. gathered onto the streets for protests. It was against the conservative measures that the Trump government has been taking since it has gained power.One of the most common things that the new Read entire story

Jim Kenney Calls For Marijuana Legalization

The legalization of marijuana is something that has been on a roller coaster ride for quite a while now. 29 of the states in the US have already legalized the use of marijuana while several others are on the verge of joining the legalized marijuana states.The troubles this infant industry has been facing are largely due to the fact that the state officials and feds are not on the same page regarding the topic. While state officials are making Read entire story

MMJ Regulations in Montana Fall a Vote Short

It won’t be long before the United States as a whole will become a marijuana-legalized country. While the majority has already joined the legal side, others are catching up fast. Legalization is, however, only an aspect of it. The major problem still exists in the form of proper unified regulations. Since the industry is new and not governed by the federal government, every state has been making different policies to regulate marijuana use, Read entire story

John Kelly Makes Highly Misleading Statements Regarding Marijuana

The cannabis industry in the US has been a victim of great drama throughout the year. First, it wasn’t legalized. Then when it finally got the freedom it deserved, the industry got shadowed with clouds of contradictions concerning the regulations. Furthermore, the federal government—at least until a week or two earlier— seemed to be entirely against most of the regulations made by state lawmakers.It is mentioned ‘until a week or two earlier’ Read entire story

Residential Marijuana Production Might Legalize Soon In New Hampshire

The medical marijuana industry has been in the revival period for the past few years, and the United States has been on the forefront. Although the drug has already been legalized in most states in the country, there is a major dispute among the federal and state officials in this regard. While the former still condemns the use of marijuana, several state laws have allowed its use for the proven medical benefits it offers.There are also several Read entire story

The Potential New Drug Czar Is an Anti-Marijuana Extremist

If things weren’t already messed up enough in the legalized cannabis industry in the United States, the latest news from the White House made matters worse. It has made advocates of the drug fall into despair. There is a great probability that the next drug czar will be someone who is not on the side of the MMJ advocates.Tom Marino, Representative from Pennsylvania, is highly expected to be the next Director of ONDCP—Office of National Drug Read entire story

Cannabis Sales in Uruguay Begin in July

It has been a while since the legalization of medical cannabis in 2013 in Uruguay. However, the industry in the South American country was not regulated properly, until recently. It was announced that starting July 2017, Uruguay will, for the first time ever, sell legal cannabis via registered pharmacies throughout the country.Going back a few years, although many people may not be aware of it, but Uruguay happens to be the first American country Read entire story

Rhode Island Might Be Next In Line to Legalize Marijuana

There aren’t many states left in the United States that haven’t legalized marijuana. While those that have already legalized cannabis have been reaping the benefits this infant industry is bringing towards them, those that haven’t, are likely to join the club soon. States like Rhode Island are right on the verge of getting marijuana legalized.State legislators in Rhode Island, especially those that advocate the use of marijuana, are looking Read entire story