Gallup poll reveals two-thirds Americans are in favor of marijuana legalization

October 24, 2018With more relevant research, awareness and on-the-ground implications, people are becoming receptive of the idea of cannabis legalization. Polls and surveys time and again show that the popular support for cannabis reforms is gradually and unrelentingly increasing. The results of the latest Gallup polls have come in that suggest that the support for marijuana legalization is more than ever before.Gallup has been assessing the Read entire story

Michiganders are preparing to vote on the adult-use legalization of cannabis

October 24, 2018, MichiganThis mid-term election will prove to be historic for many states in terms of cannabis reforms. In four states, voters are going to decide the fate of medical and recreational cannabis. Missouri and Utah voters will vote on medicinal marijuana while North Dakota and Michigan residents will have the opportunity to approve or reject recreational cannabis legalization.Michiganders are going to vote on Proposal 1 (for the Read entire story

Toronto Airport Installs Cannabis “Disposal” Bins for International Travelers

Pearson International Airport in Toronto has installed cannabis disposal bins for the use of passengers of international flights. The disposal containers appeared at the airport after the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, along with a printed sign indicating their intended use. “Taking cannabis or any product containing cannabis across Canada’s international borders, including to the U.S.A., is illegal. Dispose Read entire story

South African Constitutional Court decriminalizes private consumption and possession of cannabis

September 19, 2018, South AfricanThe South African Constitutional Court has recently given a ruling to declare the ban on private consumption of marijuana by adults illegal. In other words, the apex court of the country has effectively decriminalized the strain in private spaces. Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Raymond Zondo, has ruled that the private consumption and possession of marijuana has the backing of country’s Read entire story

Nearby MMJ dispensaries have no impact on teen pot use

August 08, 2018A study, conducted by the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, has concluded that the existence of MMJ stores in close proximity of schools has no effect on the rate of marijuana use in teens. As per Journal of Adolescent Health, where the study has been published, the aim of the study was to examine the availability of MMJ, product price and variety in school neighborhoods and its Read entire story

Dennis McKenna Talks About the Comeback of Psychedelics on ‘High Times Green Room’

Like cannabis, the use of certain psychoactive plants or their extracts for medicinal purposes is very old—practically as old as the human race. Dennis McKenna (brother of famed Terrence McKenna) has been working to educate the public about the potential mental health benefits of psychedelics for over 30 years. He’s a straight OG ethnobotanist and psychedelic renegade. We’re grateful to have him on Green Room with host @iamjackeebrown Read entire story

Oregon Wants to Fight Against Illegal Cannabis Market With New Harvesting Regulations

July 17, 2018, OregonOregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) also oversees the cannabis operations of the state. The regulatory body is preparing to come out with new rules and regulations for the licensed marijuana cultivators. The purpose of these new regulations is to provide the commission with more control and supervision of the cannabis harvest. The licensed growers are already opposing the proposition. They are of the thought that the Read entire story

Medical Cannabis is Still not Covered by Ontario’s Disability Support Program

July 18, 2018, OntarioCanada is going to be the first nation state to legalize all forms of cannabis. However, there are many issues on the ground where the strain and its users are being persecuted as before. For example, the country’s major province and economic hub Ontario is still not giving medical marijuana the same status given to every other conventional treatment. The Disability Support Program in the province is turning down the Read entire story

Michigan Expands its MMJ Program

July 10, 2018, MichiganEven though the licensing of MMJ dispensaries in Michigan is experiencing severe red-tapping, but still the state is moving forward with a robust medical cannabis program. In the latest development, the state has increased the number of medical conditions for which one can get the permit to administer medical cannabis.Even before the expansion of the qualifying list, Michigan’s MMJ program had several medical conditions in Read entire story

Michigan’s Frustrating MMJ Licensing Delays

July 10, 2018, MichiganMichigan residents are going to vote on adult-use cannabis in a public ballot this November. But MMJ patients in the state are still wondering when the regulators would start issuing licenses to MMJ dispensaries. Michigan legalized medical cannabis 10 years ago and it took eight years from the authorities to come up with a Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act addressing the issue of regulations and Read entire story

Oklahoma’s Department of Health Bans the Sales of Medical Cannabis in All Smokable Forms

July 11, 2018, OklahomaProponents of medical marijuana in Oklahoma are not pleased with the Department of Health's ruling to ban the sales of cannabis for smoking. The decision has come within 24 hours of the joint press conference of pharmacists and physicians demanding a ban on all forms of cannabis sales that can be smoked. It was one of the demands among many.  People censuring the decision are of the thought that the ban is in Read entire story

State Act has Stuck in a Congressional Black Hole

June 25, 2018In the first week of June, Coloradan Senator Cory Gardner presented a bill in Congress called States Act. In short, it demands the strengthening of the 10th Amendment. Initially, it seemed like the bill would be well received by the lawmakers. One of the reasons for this optimism was the support from President Trump who hinted that he might approve the bill.  Senator Gardner was also very hopeful for the bill after talking to the Read entire story

FDA Approves First Organic Cannabis-Based Medicine

June 26, 2018After a long overdue, the has finally approved a drug derived from cannabis. Epidiolex is a medication for epileptic seizures that have CBD as its main ingredient. Before that, the FDA has approved several medications containing synthetic derivates of cannabis.  However, this is the first time when a drug derived from organic extracts of cannabis flower has been approved by the FDA. Epidiolex is developed and manufactured by a Read entire story

Confusing Cannabis Laws of DC and Pop-up Markets

June 04, 2018, DCMarijuana policy in the capital territory of the US is fairly conflicting. You can own a small amount of pot, you can grow it in your backyard and consume in private spaces. But you can’t buy or purchase it. More absurdity is displayed by the provision that allows you to give and accept minor amounts of marijuana as gifts. This ambiguous cannabis legislation has paved a way for underground cannabis operations in the form Read entire story

Head of Liberal Democrats Thinks Legalization of Cannabis can Put a Stop to Violent Crimes in London

April 11, 2018, LondonIn the first three months of this year, 50 cases of homicide have been reported in London. If this wave of crimes continues, then 2018 might end up as the most violent year in modern history of the city. It’s also unprecedented for London to have more homicide cases than New York. Authorities are responding to the situation with the same old rhetoric, terming budget cuts, hip-hop culture and underworld scuffles the culprit. Read entire story

Seattle Could Dismiss Over 1,000 Marijuana Convictions

The post Seattle Could Dismiss Over 1,000 Marijuana Convictions appeared first on High Times. Earlier today, Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced that Seattle could dismiss over 1,000 marijuana convictions. The decision is the latest in the city’s attempts to minimize the negative effects of earlier cannabis prohibition laws. Mayor Durkan’s Announcement In a statement published by Durkan’s office this morning, she made clear Read entire story

Penn State University Submits Application to Cultivate Commercial Hemp

February 01, 2018, PennsylvaniaIn an unprecedented move, a university in Pennsylvania has submitted an application to the Department of Agriculture to allow them to move their hemp research facility to Lancaster County. The research program was initially started on a farm near the university campus in 2017.As per a local news report, Greg Roth, the professor of Agronomy at the Penn State University who is looking over the program, is very hopeful Read entire story

Can Cannabis Wean Addicts Off Heroin and Other Opiates?

The post Can Cannabis Wean Addicts Off Heroin and Other Opiates? appeared first on High Times. Can cannabis wean addicts off heroin and other opiates? These drugs are now killing more Americans than the Vietnam War. The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows 64,000 people died in 2016 due to an overdose of these drugs. It is a scourge against humanity, one that has become public enemy number one in the eyes of a Read entire story

How A Marijuana Company Is Giving Back To The Community

The post How A Marijuana Company Is Giving Back To The Community appeared first on High Times. For some, the weed industry might seem like an evil scheme trying to capitalize on the downtrodden of America. Yet, this still mostly outlaw trade is, by far, considered one of the most community-conscious business sectors in the United States. Take Bloom Farms, for example. This California marijuana company is giving back to the community by reportedly Read entire story

Majority of Michiganders Supports Adult-use Cannabis Legalization

January 25, 2018, MichiganAccording to latest surveys, most of the Michigan population is in favor of adult-use cannabis. MMJ program has been running in the state for a while now and new data suggests that the support for recreational marijuana is also gaining momentum.The new data has been gathered through a survey conducted by a local new agency. The survey was designed to get the opinion of the State’s residents on a number of issues that Read entire story