Cook This: Sweet Potato Skins With Weed-infused Pancetta Fat and Chipotle Crema From Bong Appétit

As it turns out, bud and bacon is an unbeatable combination. On Wednesday, Canada will become the second country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana. To recognize cannabis legalization, our cookbook of the week is Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed by Editors of Munchies. Over the next four days, we’ll feature recipes from the book and an interview with one of its contributors. To try another recipe from the Read entire story

Cooking With Cannabis Growing in Popularity as Users Seek More Than Just a Sugar High

The first time Holly Hukill tried to make cannabis-infused desserts it was, in her own words, “a complete disaster.” “I burned the butter,” said Hukill, product development director at Serra, a Portland, Oregon-based weed dispensary. “And the cookies were just awful.” Making your own edibles, Hukill explained, requires a lot of trial and error. Early on in her cannabis-cooking career, there were times she got too stoned to drive. “Sampling so Read entire story

This Smoothie Recipe Takes its Cues From Cannabis—Here’s Why it Matters for Your Health

In case the uptick in cannabis-laced lip balms, face serums, and coconut butters has somehow slipped past your social feed, marijuana is having a bit of a moment in the wellness space. The pungent crop’s associated benefits—from easing menstrual cramps to tackling anxiety—has helped it become the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. (Legal sales rang in at nearly $10 billion in 2017.) But it may also be possible to eat your way to a Read entire story

Candied Walnuts Both Sweet And Salty | Cannabis Recipe

Are you a cannabis devotee who craves sweet and salty snacks? If answered yes, then you’ll go nuts (pun absolutely intended) for these cannabis candied walnuts. A mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract gives the nuts an appealingly sweet flavor; the salt and earthy flavor of the cannabutter act as an appealing contrast to the sweetness. These sweet and salty flavor components work in tandem with the rich flavor of the nuts to Read entire story

Your Valentine Will Adore These Cannabis Infused Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Because...aphrodisiacs! Valentine’s Day is almost here! Treat your sweetheart to these delicious cannabis infused Chocolate-Covered Strawberries made with MagicalButter’s New Gourmet Compound Chocolates. Perfect for chocolate molding, thick coat dipping, candy making, desserts and confection applications, these chocolates are specially formulated for adding herbal butters and oils. If you don’t already have a MagicalButter machine, now’s a good Read entire story

How to Cook with Cannabis and Not Bake your Dinner Guests

Guests at a Vancouver trade show got an up-close look at a new frontier of the legal marijuana business: weed cuisine. Diandra Phipps is on stage at the Vancouver Convention Centre demonstrating a vegan poached pear recipe that packs an extra zing. Along side the star anise, sweet Muscato wine and caramel date sauce is small jar of coconut oil infused with White Widow, a high-THC cannabis strain sold by Tilray, one of Canada’s Read entire story

Start Your Day With Pot-Infused, Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

It takes some planning to combine your morning coffee break and a wake-and-bake, two rituals widely practiced throughout the country that can produce widely opposite results. The folks at 1906, a cannabis-infused chocolatier based in Boulder, are ready to help you out with a new twist: consuming your cannabis and your coffee at the same time. Partnering with Denver's hemp-loving Strava Craft Coffee, 1906 has created chocolate-covered coffee beans Read entire story

New Coffee Pods Promise a Two-Way Buzz: From Marijuana and Caffeine

Want your morning coffee to come with a little extra buzz? Brewbudz just might do the trick. A company called Cannabiniers on Wednesday launched the Brewbudz, which is “the world’s first cannabis infused coffee, tea and cocoa pods.” The pods are compatible with all Keurig and Keurig 2.0 brewers, making your morning wake and bake as simple as pushing a button. Brewbudz are available in different dosing strengths from 10 mg to 50 mg of… (c) Read entire story

Could CBD-Infused Lifestyle Products be the Next Big Cannabis Marketplace?

In the heart of Texas, during the country’s largest entertainment festival, there were vendors selling cannabis. Now, this wasn’t cannabis as typically rendered—they weren’t selling bud or common forms of the plants you’d see from retailers in states with legalized marijuana. Instead they were selling hemp-derived CBD products. That’s because in the state of Texas if cannabidiol is derived from a legal industrial hemp plant, it isn’t subject to Read entire story

Inside GrassFed’s Pop-Up Cannabis Cuisine & Virtual Reality Soiree

“I’m so glad you could make it. Okay, let me give you the tour. As you can see, there’s an assortment of brownies. They’re all infused. Later, we’ll have infused ice cream. For now, there’s the vape bar. Both indoor and outdoor flowers. And, once you’re feeling good and high, you should try the virtual reality.” This is how Dan Braunstein, founder of GrassFed, gives me the short tour and introduces me to his pop-up… (c) Cannabis Culture - Read entire story

Kush Cake Pops and Cannabis Bath Bombs: This is the Luxe Marijuana Subscription You’ve Been Dreaming of

What started out as a service that delivered monthly packages of skin-, body-, and hair-care samples to beauty product enthusiasts has become a universal business model. Want a shave kit? There’s a box for that. Need vitamins, chia seeds, and yoga gear? There’s a box for that. What about dog treats and toys? There’s a box for that too. Now, the box subscription model has taken a leap forward to join the medical marijuana gold… The post Read entire story

This LA Caterer Will Cook You a Weed-Infused, Multi-Course Feast

“Would you like to come to a private cannabis-infused dinner? It is an upscale event with an intimate setting where the chef pairs each plate to compliment terpenes found in cannabis.” Believe it or not, in 11 years of writing professionally about Los Angeles food culture, I’ve never received such an invitation. At that very moment, my two worlds became one. I’m not a “smoke weed every day” pothead, but as a native of this… The post This Read entire story

Monthly Marijuana Cooking Class Teaches Calgarians to Cook with Cannabis

Recipes include cannabis cooking oils, flour and butter. A group of Calgarians took part in a special cooking class Saturday to learn to cook with marijuana. First up, Crystal Gooding explained her recipe for CannaCoconut Oil, which is coconut oil infused with marijuana. "You're going to dump your cannabis in there, your ounce... and you're going to bring it to a good simmer," she told the group of about 15 people who turned up at… The Read entire story

Scientists, Frustrated by Funding Shortfalls, Launch Institute for Research on Cannabinoids

For years, Lisa Tollner, co-founder of the California marijuana edibles company Sensi Products, says she’s received calls and emails from customers reporting her cannabis-infused Sensi Chew caramels had helped alleviate pain, insomnia, nausea and other ailments. But Tollner wanted more. “These people are telling me their stories, but with no real consistency,” said Tollner, who was interested in hard data on how her products worked, not shifting Read entire story

The Keurig Of Marijuana? CannaKorp Banks On Pods Filled With Pot

When Michael Bourque, an engineer, was prescribed medical marijuana, he found the whole endeavor of taking it a bit daunting. How much should he buy and how strong was it? How should he prepare it? Like many marijuana patients, Bourque wanted consistent dosage, standardized packaging, easy administration and no mess. As an engineer he decided he could invent his way out of the problem. Bourque teamed up with Dave Manly a former vice president Read entire story

Put Cannabis in Your Christmas Roast

No holiday table is complete without a nice, big meat roast, front and center. You could grace your table with a goose with golden-brown skin, a crispy brined turkey with truffle butter, or a pile of Cornish game hens wearing edible Santa hats. Or you could make some prime rib that truly embodies the holiday spirit. There’s something a little bit special about this platter of juicy, pink beef. For starters, it serves 20, so we hope that you Read entire story