N.B. Sees Marijuana as ‘Green Gold’ for Struggling Economy

New Brunswick wants to be your marijuana supplier. The Liberal government, led by 34-year-old Brian Gallant, sees weed as green gold -- an important creator of revenue and jobs in a province that badly needs both. It is giving producers financial incentives, has developed a community college program for cannabis technicians, and announced March 24 that marijuana is to be a pillar of its economic strategy. - Read the entire article at CTV Read entire story

‘Brave New Workers’: A Burning Desire to Get a Medicinal Marijuana License

California native Malcolm Mirage's dream was to own a legal cannabis dispensary. For years, he had grown marijuana and sold it on the black market, while working a day job as a personal trainer. But in his late 20s, Mirage decided it was time to jump into the growing legal industry — before it got too crowded — and build his expertise into a sustainable, above-board business. In order to open up that business, which… (c) Cannabis Culture Read entire story

The Way People Buy Legal Marijuana Will Change in 2019 — Here’s What to Expect

Legal weed in North America is expected to reach $22.6 billion in revenue in 2021. But many won't be spending their money on marijuana the way they do today. Recreational cannabis spending is expected to outpace medical marijuana sales for the first time in 2019, according to a comprehensive new report from Arcview Market Research. It means new users will likely flood the recreational market in the next few years, with some switching over Read entire story

How Cannabis Ecommerce Challenges are Driving Web Innovation

Cannabis and ecommerce would complement one another like seed and soil, if only federal law would allow it. No market, niche or otherwise, will survive without a strong presence in ecommerce. Whether it's business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C), ecommerce must be a part of any business and marketing strategy. If your business is behind the curve on omnichannel strategies, you're inviting problems. It's simply incumbent on any Read entire story

Ex-Big Pharma Executive Behind OxyContin Sells Medical Marijuana

John Stewart used to run the pharmaceutical company behind the narcotic painkiller OxyContin.Now he is banking on medical marijuana. Mr Stewart does not know which is more controversial these days, OxyContin or pot. He guesses the average person would give "a bigger negative" to the powerful and controversial painkiller that has been linked to the opioid overdose and addiction epidemic in the US and Canada. "There is a lot of anti-opioid Read entire story

Airdrie Mother Hopes to End Stigma Around Cannabis with New Retail Store

Owner of Cannabliss hopes to open conversation around using cannabis for medical relief. Melinda Tobias doesn’t want you to call cannabis a drug. Instead, the mother of four wants you to think of cannabis as a plant or a natural medicine as she has come to know it through her diagnosis with invasive cervical cancer on Jan. 8, 2015. “When I got that diagnosis, I had about a two- to three-month waiting period while the… (c) Cannabis Culture Read entire story

This Company Wants to Super-Chill Your Coffee with Cannabis

It’ll take the edge off that morning cup of joe. Coffee lovers will soon be able to combine their cuppa joe with Mary Jane for an extra morning buzz. San Diego company Brewbudz plans to debut single-serving coffee pods that also hold cannabis. Each cup will contain 10 milligrams of the marijuana chemical THC for recreational users and up to 50 milligrams for people who need it for medical reasons, plus a jolt of “West… (c) Cannabis Read entire story

10 Marijuana Startups Worth Hitting Up

November 8, 2016 was a red (green?) letter day for marijuana legalization, bringing the grand total of states allowing medical marijuana use to 28 (plus Washington DC), and the total of states allowing recreational use to eight (again, plus Washington DC). As more states jump on the bud bandwagon, a new breed of business innovator continues to emerge: the cannapreneur. Eager to make their marks and stake their claims in this still fledgling Read entire story

Medicinal Cannabis Crops will be Grown on the Outskirts of Perth

Medicinal cannabis crops on the outskirts of Perth will become a reality in 2017. Though don’t expect to see fields of cannabis plants on the city’s fringes because the “discreet” and “hard to access” facilities will employ military-style security to keep intruders out. WA-based companies AusCann and MGC Pharma both want to cultivate and manufacture medicinal cannabis here. AusCann said it would this week lodge a licence application to grow the Read entire story

‘Canna Mall’ Aims to be Hub of Victoria’s Marijuana Culture

What’s touted as a one-stop shopping centre for all your weed needs is getting up and running at 1627 Quadra St. The new “high” class collection of businesses called the Canna Mall has recently taken over the other side of Gazzola Tile and Design building, already occupied at 1625 Quadra by the Green Ceiling vapour lounge for bring-your-own bud at $5 an hour. It stocks everything from $10 slices of potent banana bread to pocket… The post Read entire story

Whoopi Goldberg Eyes Canada as She Looks to Expand Menstrual Marijuana Business

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's promise to legalize marijuana has grabbed the attention of many pot entrepreneurs -- including Whoopi Goldberg, who's eyeing Canada as a potential market for her line of cannabis-infused menstrual pain products. Goldberg's product line, which includes a THC tincture, a topical body rub, medicated bath salts and cannabis-infused cacao, is available only to medical marijuana patients in California. But the American Read entire story

Aurora Cannabis, a Licensed Alberta Marijuana Grower, Plans Expansion the Size of 10 Canadian Football Fields

Imagine a marijuana grow-op in a greenhouse the size of ten Canadian football fields. That’s what Vancouver-based Aurora Cannabis Inc. is aiming to build in central Alberta, a 600,000-sq.-ft. facility with the capacity to produce up to an estimated 70,000 kg. of cannabis once it begins production, expected by the summer of 2018. It could become the country’s largest producer, though Ontario-based Aphria Inc. recently bought a swath of land Read entire story

Melissa Etheridge Enters Marijuana Business with Etheridge Farms Line of Products

Melissa Etheridge is diving headlong into the marijuana business. Her company, Etheridge Farms, will soon be making cannabis products available for California medical patients. "I'm right in the process of branding," she tells Billboard. "There's a balm that's so good for muscles and arthritis. I have my own smoke, some edibles and some [oil] cartridges. I'm really just entering the market with what I've learned in the last 10 years about Read entire story

Alaska Regulators OK 1st Retail Licence for Marijuana Products

The owners of Frozen Budz have high hopes now that they've received Alaska's first retail marijuana licence. Destiny Neade, co-owner of the Fairbanks business, received a round of applause from the audience after she won unanimous approval for the inaugural permit from the five-man Alaska Marijuana Control Board. She clapped with both hands above her head after getting the OK. As she walked back to her seat, she told the audience, "Now all I Read entire story

Charlottetown Company Squeezes Out Deal to Extract Cannabis Oil

When Canada's medical marijuana laws changed, cannabis oil became legal and new opportunities opened up. A new P.E.I.-based business is putting the squeeze on cannabis — literally. Charlottetown's Advanced Extraction Systems Inc. has just sealed a deal with Canopy Growth, a medical marijuana company based out of Smiths Falls, Ont., to provide the equipment to extract cannabis oil directly from marijuana plants. In a release, Canopy Growth Read entire story

So a Maryland Pastor and a Rabbi Want to Grow Medical Marijuana …

Heard the one about the rabbi and the pastor who want to sell medical pot? The vast list of applicants for one of up to 15 licenses to grow marijuana for medical purposes in Maryland includes at least two religious leaders, Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn and Pastor Gareth E. Murray. Kahn is a longtime fixture in the District’s medical cannabis community, serving about 1,000 patients at the Takoma Wellness Center dispensary in the city’s northern Read entire story

Looming Canada Post Work Stoppage has Medical Marijuana Producers Scrambling

'It's kind of scary,' says patient as dispute threatens deliveries. Licensed medical marijuana producers have been warned to stop using mail delivery ahead of a potential Canada Post strike or lockout in early July. The postal service says it started telling producers on Friday that if a strike or lockout goes ahead on July 2, it won't guarantee the delivery of patients' prescriptions. That warning has producers throwing together contingency Read entire story

This Startup Wants to Solve the No. 1 Problem in the Legal-Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry faces a huge problem: Few banks will touch cannabis cash. Even though big bucks are on the line — Colorado is predicted to pull in more than $140 million from taxes on marijuana sales in 2016 alone — marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug at a the federal level. Most banks don't want to deal with that kind of risk, forcing dispensaries to operate on an all-cash basis. "There's… The post This Startup Wants Read entire story

The Keurig Of Marijuana? CannaKorp Banks On Pods Filled With Pot

When Michael Bourque, an engineer, was prescribed medical marijuana, he found the whole endeavor of taking it a bit daunting. How much should he buy and how strong was it? How should he prepare it? Like many marijuana patients, Bourque wanted consistent dosage, standardized packaging, easy administration and no mess. As an engineer he decided he could invent his way out of the problem. Bourque teamed up with Dave Manly a former vice president Read entire story

Oregon on Track to Collect $43 Million in Pot Taxes this Year

Oregon is expected to take in about $43 million in tax revenue from recreational marijuana this year under a revised estimate by state economists. The state's unexpectedly large tax haul so far prompted economists to revisit their original projections, which had put revenue somewhere between $2 million to $3 million for the whole year. But Oregon has already collected $10.5 million in taxes in the first three months. That translates into at least Read entire story