Fitness Fanatic Says Cannabis Cbd Oil Changed His Life After Suffering From Depression

Chris Davis, 30, was drinking every night and taking anti-depressants to deal with his problems until he discovered the remedy. A Birmingham fitness fanatic has revealed how CBD oil saved him from a downward spiral of 'depression'. Chris Davis, from Bournville, claims he lost all motivation and was drinking heavily almost every night to cope with his problems. The 30-year-old, who now works as a personal trainer, says he was struggling to get out Read entire story

The Effect Weed Has On Your Lungs

If you smoke, vape or otherwise inhale your cannabis, you should be thinking about your lung health. Whether you’re a regular user, enjoy an occasional puff, or take record-setting dab hits, what you breathe in has an effect on your lungs. So you should know what weed’s effect on the lungs really is. However, understanding the effect weed has on your lung health is only part of the picture. (And maybe, for you, not even the most Read entire story

This Smoothie Recipe Takes its Cues From Cannabis—Here’s Why it Matters for Your Health

In case the uptick in cannabis-laced lip balms, face serums, and coconut butters has somehow slipped past your social feed, marijuana is having a bit of a moment in the wellness space. The pungent crop’s associated benefits—from easing menstrual cramps to tackling anxiety—has helped it become the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. (Legal sales rang in at nearly $10 billion in 2017.) But it may also be possible to eat your way to a Read entire story

Can Cannabis Help Prevent Domestic Violence?

Researchers and other professionals have linked alcohol and other substance abuse to an increase in domestic violence many times in the past. But can cannabis help prevent domestic violence? Researchers from Yale University, University of Buffalo and Rutgers may be closer to providing an answer with a study that was published on Psychology of Addictive Behaviour in 2014. Research showed that the more often married couples smoked together, the Read entire story

Almost 100 Percent of Seniors Benefit From Medical Marijuana

The post Almost 100 Percent of Seniors Benefit From Medical Marijuana appeared first on High Times. The secret’s been out for a while: weed is one of the best medicines out there. And senior citizens aren’t missing out on the medical marijuana trend. Plenty of seniors medicate with herb. In fact, the population has seen an increase of 333% of medical pot users aged 65 and over. Clearly, seniors see positive results from using medical weed. In Read entire story

Can Marijuana Be Used For Eating Disorder Recovery?

The post Can Marijuana Be Used For Eating Disorder Recovery? appeared first on High Times. Can marijuana be used for eating disorder recovery? People with other mental illnesses and disorders have had success with medical marijuana, so this theory isn’t too off base. The National Eating Disorder Association estimates 20 million women and 10 million men in the US suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime. While there are many types of Read entire story

Can Cannabis Wean Addicts Off Heroin and Other Opiates?

The post Can Cannabis Wean Addicts Off Heroin and Other Opiates? appeared first on High Times. Can cannabis wean addicts off heroin and other opiates? These drugs are now killing more Americans than the Vietnam War. The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows 64,000 people died in 2016 due to an overdose of these drugs. It is a scourge against humanity, one that has become public enemy number one in the eyes of a Read entire story

Why Are People Going To The Emergency Room Because of Pot?

The post Why Are People Going To The Emergency Room Because of Pot? appeared first on High Times. Cannabis legalization has improved the lives of many in the state of Colorado. However, we can’t ignore the fact that there have been some unintended consequences to lift of prohibition as well. The number of marijuana-related visits to emergency departments (ED) in Colorado has doubled since legalization, according to a November 2017 article Read entire story

McMaster Smoking Ban Will Leave Medicinal Pot Users in Pain, User says

Ban comes into effect on Jan. 1, and includes all smoking and vaping. If McMaster University's highly publicized ban on smoking is strictly enforced when it comes into effect on Jan. 1, Ashley Cooney isn't sure how she's going to be able to go to work. Cooney suffers from depression, anxiety, chronic nerve pain and digestive issues. She smokes prescribed medicinal marijuana to alleviate those problems. She also works on a McMaster University Read entire story

Cannabis V Cancer, Dr Frank Investigates.

CANNABIS CULTURE- Whilst the jury is out on whether cannabis can cure cancer, there are a heck of a lot of people saying that using it helps at least. At the moment, cannabis is usually recommended for help in overcoming the side-effects of chemotherapy, rather than the cancer itself. However, there is an increasing amount of evidence - mostly observed - coming out that cannabis has anti-cancer properties as well, suggesting that it has Read entire story

11-Year-Old Girl Sues Jeff Sessions Over Marijuana Legalization

Alexis Bortell is an 11-year-old girl who is currently at the forefront of America's movement to legalize marijuana. In fact, she's suing United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Bortell has suffered from re-occurring seizures from a young age. Everything she and her family has tried to combat these seizures hasn't worked. Medications and doctors couldn't do anything to help her. Finally, three years ago, the family decided to move from Read entire story

Let’s Talk About Weed: How Medicinal Cannabis Might Help

FOR Rozanne Burley, medicinal cannabis was a saviour for her 16-year-old son Adam. The single mum of three has endured the unimaginable with her youngest boy, who has Dravet syndrome. At his worst, he was having up to 20 seizures a night and has been left with severe brain damage as result of continued seizures from the age of eight months. Rozanne started Adam on medicinal cannabis at age 12 after strong anti-convulsion medications Read entire story

Swedish Patients Given Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Two patients in Sweden have been granted the right to use parts of cannabis plants to relieve chronic pain - the first time the drug has been prescribed for such use. But Karl Mikael Kälkner of the Swedish Läkemedelsverket (Medical Products Agency, MPA), told news agency TT that the decision was "not an approval of the use of cannabis in general". The decision was made in relation to two patients with back injuries, after doctors… (c) Read entire story

A Cannabis Marketing Company is Bringing Pot Parties to the Elderly

In April 2015, Carrie Tice was despairing over her 80-year-old mother’s advancing Alzheimer’s when a caregiver at her senior center in California recommended giving her a topical dose of marijuana. Many other drugs had failed, but the marijuana made her feel better immediately. She was more alert, more active and looked younger. By October last year, she had moved out of the senior center, and this year she moved in with her daughter in Read entire story

Customs Allows Woman with Cannabis Through Auckland Airport

Customs gave the all-clear to a woman who subsequently brought an ounce of cannabis into the country. Golden Bay woman Rebecca Reider confirmed to the Herald that she travelled through Customs at Auckland Airport on Friday with an ounce of medicinal cannabis that had been prescribed to her during a visit to Hawaii. Documentary maker and drug reform campaigner Arik Reiss has put photos on Facebook of Reider holding a jar of cannabis after Read entire story

Whoopi Goldberg Eyes Canada as She Looks to Expand Menstrual Marijuana Business

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's promise to legalize marijuana has grabbed the attention of many pot entrepreneurs -- including Whoopi Goldberg, who's eyeing Canada as a potential market for her line of cannabis-infused menstrual pain products. Goldberg's product line, which includes a THC tincture, a topical body rub, medicated bath salts and cannabis-infused cacao, is available only to medical marijuana patients in California. But the American Read entire story

Canadian Doctors Divided Over Details of Legal Marijuana

As Canada prepares to legalize marijuana, the country’s doctors have a lot of concerns about the nitty-gritty of the law and how it will impact their practice, and patients. Jeff Blackmer, vice-president of medical professionalism for the Canadian Medical Association, said it doesn’t matter whether physicians support legalization because that horse has left the barn, but “we need to figure out what we do when it is.” To that end, the CMA surveyed Read entire story

How the Canadian Government’s Convoluted Medpot Program is Hurting My Family

As a 24/7 caregiver for my wife, we have two choices: suffering or breaking the law. Medpot patients Russell Barth and his wife, Christine, have been living on marijuana charity since changes to Canada's medical weed regs in 2014. My wife and I are in a one-of-a-kind situation. Lots of people are forced by circumstances to be caregivers for their spouses. Some are also working full-time jobs. Not many have to do it while trying… The post Read entire story

Sydney Marijuana Clinic Serving More Than 400 Clients After 1 Year

A large "Plants Not Pills" sign faces busy Kings Road in Sydney, N.S., the slogan for the chain of Marijuana for Trauma clinics. Marijuana for Trauma was founded in Fredericton with the goal of helping veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. That was the plan when the group opened a facility in Sydney last year, but it soon began branching out. It now offers its services to civilians interested in finding out more information Read entire story

Medical Marijuana Storefront Opens in Regina

Kelly Csada opened a medical marijuana dispensary in Regina on Monday to help people like herself. Since 1990, Csada has suffered from Crohn’s disease. Over the years, she has had 18 feet of her small intestine removed, five bowel resections and been prescribed numerous potent medications, including fentanyl, oxycontin and morphine. In researching alternatives to narcotics, she learned about Phoenix tears oil — a concentrated form of the cannabis Read entire story