Growing Marijuana Safely

In this article we will cover:Hazards when growing marijuana External hazards Internal hazardsGrowing marijuana is a very fun hobby you can have fun with every single day. It’s always special to see such a small seed grow to become an adult plant with thick buds. It also often saves you a lot of money and you know you have high quality marijuana. Just make sure you grow safely and responsibly.Everyone who starts growing should read through this Read entire story

Afghani Strain Review

In this article we will cover:Afghan Kush Origin Consuming experience & smoking effect Plant features Medicinal use Growing AfghaniAfghan Kush is a strain of marijuana that is entirely Indica. It’s a high yielding strain of marijuana that remains fairly small, making it an excellent choice for people who don’t have as much space to work with but want as much product as possible when they harvest. It is used for smoking, consuming in other Read entire story

Waterloo Startup Grobo Helps Marijuana Growers Cultivate Small Crops at Home

A startup based in Waterloo, Ont., is looking to take cannabis cultivation high-tech, but the success of the mobile app-controlled system may hinge on whether new regulations will allow Canadians to grow medical marijuana at home. Growing your own cannabis can be a time-consuming endeavour, says Bjorn Dawson, the co-founder of Grobo and a recent mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo. Patients typically spend an average Read entire story

Marijuana Strains with The Most THC

In this article we will cover: Blue Dream Girl Scout Cookies Gold Leaf Amnesia HazeTHC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most sought-after part of any recreational marijuana. To put it simply, it’s the chemical in weed that gives you the high feeling. Strains of marijuana that have a high THC content are going to give the user a stronger high than strains that are lower in THC.THC can have an effect on your brain, including the way you think, Read entire story

New Rules will Allow Medical Marijuana to be Grown at Home

People who use medical marijuana will soon be able to grow their own as new federal regulations for the drug come into effect. The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations come into force on August 24, six months after a judge struck down the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations implemented under the Harper government. The previous law required patients to fill their marijuana prescription at one of 34 authorized producers, mostly in Read entire story

Ottawa Might Try to Prohibit Homegrown Pot

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government warns legalized recreational marijuana will be a strictly controlled substance — so much so that even homegrown weed may be prohibited. Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott said the government is “taking a public health approach to the matter of the legalization and regulation of marijuana,” treating it like tobacco. But in Ontario — despite strong anti-smoking laws — growing tobacco for Read entire story

Can the CEO of Texas Cannabis Soften the State’s Approach to Pot?

Mark GrahamPatrick Moran, CEO of Texas Cannabis, plans to turn the former cotton gin in Gunter into a facility to produce cannabis oil. The old cotton gin on the west edge of Gunter seems an odd place to launch an economic boom. A breeze blows through broken windows and holes in its rusting, corrugated metal walls. Inside, a half-dozen or so squat machines that once separated cotton from seed sit corroding in a jumble of elevated metal walkways Read entire story

OrganiGram gets $990K from New Brunswick Government

Moncton's medical marijuana company plans to expand through payroll rebates over 3 years. The New Brunswick government is giving up to $990,000 to Moncton's medical marijuana company OrganiGram through payroll rebates. The funding, announced on Wednesday, will be distributed over three years and help create up to 113 jobs, Premier Brian Gallant said in a statement. OrganiGram's expansion plans are based on dramatic growth in the number of medical Read entire story

Merced “Nuns” Fight to Keep Their Marijuana Based Business

While their products won't make anyone high, they are fighting to keep the city council from putting them out of business. The "Sisters of the Valley" have been producing salves and tonics made with cannabis. While their products won't make anyone high, they are fighting to keep the city council from putting them out of business. The new year marks the first anniversary of a marijuana-based business in Merced. The sisters are not members of Read entire story

Steps for Successful Cannabis Seed Germination

One of the first steps for you folks that are planning on starting your own cannabis garden involves learning how to properly germinate the seeds that will produce your garden’s plants. Most home growers obtain their cannabis seeds via the plethora of vendors available on the e-commerce marketplace that offer a widespread selection of seeds to meet just about anyone’s cannabis needs. And due to the costs involved with obtaining a seed Read entire story

For the First Time, D.C. Residents can (Legally) Give Cannabis for Christmas

Christmas is here, and Washington, D.C., residents are spreading holiday cheer by giving gifts of cannabis for the first time — the first time legally, at least. Though lawmakers in the nation's capital still prohibit cannabis federally, growing and consuming it has been allowed in the District itself since Initiative 71 took effect in February. The law still bans buying, selling, and public consumption, but residents can give cannabis as a Read entire story