Bill the Cats Kryptonite Autos Grow

Bill the Cats Kryptonite Autos GrowJuneJulyAugustSeptemberKryptonite cannabis seeds produce good-sized plants. These plants are also known to have very good yields for an autoflower strain. They can grow anywhere between 90 and 250 centimeters.Indoors, they can provide a very good yield of 550 grams per square meter under a 600W light. When grown outdoors, they are expected to yield in excess of 100 grams per plant. When grown correctly, they Read entire story

Indoor Grow Featuring Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Jack Herer

Indoor Grow Featuring Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Jack Herer AugustOctoberNovemberDecemberFebruaryCan you grow seeds from the Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer strains at the same time? This grow journal chronicles a grower’s to cultivate those two strains at once!The Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana strain is different from the less potent Girl Scout Cookies strain. It has a high THC content making it a good source for extremely cerebral Read entire story

Cannabis Growers Get Creative to Ease Power Demands of Pot

Innovative scientific, engineering ideas are reducing the electricity demands of producing pot. Legalization may be taking the business of cannabis out of the shadows, but there's an inescapable truth in the tangled mess of extension cords and intense lighting rigs used in clandestine basement grow-ops. Pot requires power. A lot of it. From lights and heating to pumps and ventilation fans, it's estimated that it takes about 2,000 kWh to make a Read entire story

Growing Outdoors in Scandinavia

Growing Outdoors in ScandinaviaJuneJulySeptemberGrowing cannabis in the cold northern region of Europe sounds like a crazy idea that is until one Scandinavian showed how it is possible.Grower: DaliLocation: Northern Scandinavia Seeds: Kaya Gold Seeds, Jock Horror Seeds and Blue Mystic Seeds Yield: LowDali prepared the following as he gets ready to plant the three strains.3 Kaya Gold seeds4 Jock Horror seeds4 Blue Mystic seedsDirtOrganic Read entire story

400w LED on Northern Lights

Shining 400w LED on Northern Lights June July September OctoberNorthern Lights are small and ideal for indoor growers. This type of marijuana is also the right strain if you are a discreet cannabis grower. It’s a dark green, fairly short variety with plenty of leaves and flowers. It makes you feel relaxed and can be perfect for curing insomnia and suppress your anxiety.Supplies:3 Northern Lights seedsImprovised indoor grow room (extra bathroom Read entire story

Girl Scout Cookies and Cinex

Girl Scout Cookies and CinexNovemberDecemberGirl Scout Cookie marijuana strain has a reputation that grew too large, and too quickly to stay within the borders of its homeland California. It has a sweet and earthy aroma which launches you to a full-body relaxation and time-bending cerebral space. The high comes so fast you’ll feel a soaring rush that settles down into a strongly sedative stone. This cannabis strain is also known to relieve severe Read entire story

Strawberry Kush and White Widow

Strawberry Kush and White Widow June July August September October NovemberExperienced cannabis growers tend to push the boundaries. After every harvest, they try to see how far they can go. This grow journal shows the challenges of growing two different strains of marijuana plants at the same time. Can they all survive until harvest time?Supplies:White Widow seedStrawberry Kush seedRegular potting soil with perlite1/3 cup Fox Farms Bat Guano Read entire story

Could Our Farmers Cash in on Legal Cannabis?

Dairy, wine … hemp? If the currently restrictive laws on the cultivation of cannabis were loosened, it could change the agricultural landscape of New Zealand. "I think it will be up there with dairy and other agricultural commodities," says Richard Barge about low-THC industrial hemp. "It will catch up with wine industry and things like that." Barge is part of the NZ Hemp Industries Association (NZHIA), which advocates for the economic, Read entire story

Medical Marijuana Proposal to Go Before Council

Niagara Falls city council will consider allowing a medical marijuana facility in the Stanley Avenue Business Park. The city is scheduled to hold a public session during Tuesday evening’s council meeting to deal with a zoning bylaw amendment application for an address on Kister Road. The applicant, Alexei Chinkarenko, applied to amend the general industrial zone of 6471 Kister Road to add a medical marijuana facility to the list of permitted uses Read entire story

Blueberry Autoflower Indoors

First Grow with Blueberry Autoflower November December JanuaryThe best way to learn how to grow marijuana is to start growing!Late bloomers regret not getting hands-on experience sooner. With the amount of research and materials online, it’s easy to grow cannabis inside your house. Sometimes, people become stagnant in researching. They get overloaded and overwhelmed by too much information.No amount of research can prepare you for growing. Even Read entire story

Auto-Flowering White Widow with Hydro System Indoors

Grow Journal – Auto-Flowering White Widow with Hydro System: November December January FebruaryFor first-time growers, marijuana tends to grow slower in soil than in hydroponics during the vegetative stage. Soil also usually gives lower yields of marijuana. For this reason, hydroponics are preferred. They also provide total control over nutrient levels!This grow journal chronicles growing White Widow in a hydroponic system for the first Read entire story

Colorado Patients Can’t Grow 99 Cannabis Plants Anymore

A Colorado plan to crack down on homegrown cannabis is rapidly heading to the governor’s desk after lawmakers changed the bill to give marijuana patients more leeway. A Senate committee vote 5-0 to set a statewide limit of 12 plants per residential property. That’s down from 99 plants under current law. The bill was changed to give medical marijuana patients and their caregivers up to 24 plants, if they register with the state and Read entire story

Difference Makers: Jamie Shaw on Dispensaries, Access, and Cannabis as Treatment

Long before she served as an expert witness in the landmark case that saw a federal judge rule that Canadians have a constitutional right to grow their own medical marijuana, it was the unexpected advice of a doctor that led Jamie Shaw to visit a compassion club for the first time. The lobbyist, writer, and communications expert has spent almost 20 years in the cannabis industry, working to create more streamlined access to marijuana, Read entire story

The ‘Tesla of Cannabis’ is Opening a Massive, Custom-Built Marijuana Greenhouse

A marijuana cultivator that's been called the "Tesla of cannabis" is bringing the industry out of the darkness and into the light — literally. Tantalus Labs, which could start selling product as early as 2018, has wrapped construction on a state-of-the-art cultivation site designed to give marijuana plants the benefits of indoor and outdoor growing. The greenhouse lets sunlight pour in, enabling the plants to grow fuller buds faster. Shafin Read entire story

How 4 Basic Factors of Light Affect the Growth of Your Plants

Information: Distance Intensity Colour Lighting Schedule ConclusionWritten by Stefanie Chan from GroboLight is extremely important for growing high quality, high yielding cannabis plants indoors. Since exposure to light is what triggers plant photosynthesis, not getting the proper type or amount of light will result in stunted growth for your plant.Generally speaking, the more light your plants get, the better and stronger they grow, and the more Read entire story