Nico’s Nuggets: Cloning Plants Made Easy

Hello, sir! Many thanks for your glorious website! I want to know if I can take a cutting off my friend’s weed plant and take it home to grow it? I have a small closet and HPS bulb to grow it under. How do I turn a cut stem into a clone plant? I hope you can help me, I love weed! — Dex D. via the mailbag at Howdy, Dex D.! Thanks for writing in with a question, and we are very pleased to hear that you love weed! Read entire story

Nico’s Nuggets: How to Grow a Plant In Your Backyard

Hi, Nico! I just started growing. I came across some seeds and put them in a flowering pot with soil and keep it outside in the sun, and I water it each morning. Is this good enough? Will it grow OK? I’m not trying to grow anything special, just something for myself so I can stop spending so much money on buying it. Any thoughts are appreciated, and thank you for the years a great info! — Brandon via the mailbag at Read entire story

Everything You Need to Know About Pheno Hunting

Do you know what a “phenotype” is? Have you ever heard of a “pheno hunter?” If your thinking along the lines of Dog, The Bounty Hunter, you are WAY off! Phenotypes are traits you can see on the outside. Genotypes are traits on the inside that you cannot see. In this case, we are talking about pheno hunting cannabis. When growers “pheno hunt,” they are seeking out the best physically visible traits amongst a Read entire story

Growing Weed From a Wheelchair

Our Canadian cultivation correspondent visits a med-pot farmer who lost the use of his legs as a teen. Discover his innovative techniques for achieving a successful harvest despite any physical challenge. Hard Work People who grow medical cannabis know that it’s hard work. Even the non-growers among us can get a sense of the hardships and complexities through friends or associates who do (or by reading magazines like this one). Nobody said that Read entire story

Nico’s Nuggets: Adding Yield to Your Home Garden

Dearest Nico, please help… My buds are not tight, but are light and fluffy. How do I get them to tighten up? I dried them for one week and cured them for two more. They still have a green smell, not pungent, no weight. — Ken L. via the mailbag. Greetings, Ken! Thanks for reading and writing in. Your question is asked often and really drives towards a central tenant of cultivation: Yield. Light and airy buds are very Read entire story

Let’s Get Serious About LED

LED grow lights are paving the way for future growers, and with so many now growing under these full spectrum heat-free grow lights, getting to grips with the hard science and why these lights are worth the jump from HID is a necessity. HIGH TIMES caught up with Paul Krasnowski, the creator of BudMaster LED, to find the answers that many of us are searching for. HIGH TIMES: Does “more lumens” not mean “more lighting” when Read entire story

4 Must-Have Items for Cannabis Cultivators and Connoisseurs

Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs. 1. Vaping Away $99.95 Vape pens tend to start off working great but deteriorate quickly. The sleek and stylish Aurora Vape Pen from Dr. Dabber stands the test of time. It has magnetic connections for the battery and ceramic mouthpiece to avoid clogged and sticky threads, and the quartz-on-quartz atomizer with dual titanium coils offers three heat Read entire story

Want to Learn How to Make Distillate?

Did you ever want to find out how you can take that leap of faith into one of the biggest growing industries in the United States? Are you are trying to invest the the “Green Rush?” Look no further than Elevated Research Solutions based in Colorado. If you can sit in a classroom for about 12 hours, write as many notes down as possible, listen, ask questions and read your Standard Operating Procedures, your on your way to success! Read entire story

Harvesting Under the Humboldt Sun

Revolutions don’t cause change; it’s the other way around. As the philosopher Eric Hoffer stated: “Change prepares the ground for revolution.” In Humboldt County, California, Raj has seen the changes. He arrived here in 1970, a product of Santa Ana in Orange County, one of the countless clone-like suburbs of Southern California. But Raj didn’t come to Humboldt specifically to grow cannabis. He attended the College of the Redwoods in Eureka and Read entire story

Nico’s Nuggets: Is Partial Harvesting Possible?

Howdy Nico! Love the work you and HT do! Hope you can answer this simple question for me… I grow my medicine using a LED panel in a small cabinet. The buds on the top of the plant mature before the ones on the lower branches. Can I chop the mature buds and expect better, larger buds than what I have now or would I be wasting my time? Thanks and keep up the great work! —SparkyGump via Hello Sparky, Thanks for reading Read entire story

Illinois Grow Revolution

Less than two hours outside of Chicago, a team of experts in cultivation and extraction is setting the standard for large-scale medical cannabis production, processing and lab-testing. Our senior cultivation editor reports on his exclusive look behind the scenes at this awe-inspiring facility serving the medical marijuana patients of Illinois. Start a Revolution Deep in the farmlands of central Illinois sit two identical medical marijuana Read entire story

Nico’s Nuggets: How To Flower Plants for Beginner Growers

Howdy, amigos! Based on recent inbox onslaughts, it seems like there are quite a few questions out there about how exactly to flower your cannabis plant at home, so let’s see if we can clear some things up… To start, it is important to understand there are two stages to growing a cannabis plant; first, you have the vegetative stage, then you have the flowering stage. The vegetative stage begins once your seedling or clone has put down roots and Read entire story

Cannabis Comedy Club: 5 Strains to Make You Grin!

This post is sponsored by GYO Seedbank. On that magical day when I first discovered the beautiful herb, the only thing I had in mind was fun. I used to love getting together with my close friends to share a big doobie and laugh the night away, stretching the limits of our imagination as the Mary Jane expanded the boundaries of our consciousness. It was a happy, joyful time, characterized by high spirits and youthful abandon. These days, in our Read entire story

Nico’s Nuggets: Temperature & Plants

Hi Nico, We have had some decent luck growing our first plants recently, but the yields were low and I can see the plants were not fully developed. While most conditions such as medium and lighting were close to ideal, I am not sure our environment is optimal—specifically in regards to temperature. Can you speak to optimal temps for the plant and root system and how fluctuations may affect plant growth? Many thanks! – Jordy via Read entire story

Nico’s Nuggets: Plant Containers for Beginner Growers

Hey Nico! I’m new to growing, and I put my girls into a terra cotta pot with fox farms ocean forest as my medium. I’m very confident about my soil choice, but not so sure about the pot I planted my girls in. What kind of pot would you recommend? This is a stealth grow so I don’t have much room… Thank you much! — Hunter via  Howdy, Hunter. Thanks for reading and writing in. I actually get your Read entire story

Chile Grows Huge!

It’s cropping season in the Southern Hemisphere, and one of the biggest medical marijuana harvests in the world is happening in a quiet corner of the South American jungle. Welcome to Paradise A large-scale cannabis farm in Latin America has been causing headlines around the world. This grow is a revolutionary project taking place in Chile and powered by 6,500 Paradise Seeds plants! The Dutch seed company provided all of the strains being grown Read entire story

Nico’s Nuggets: How to Compare Cannabis Grow Lights

Dear High Times, Most reference books and articles concerning lighting conditions for growing cannabis refer to wattage used in different light sources. Wouldn’t it be better to establish the lumens required or lux necessary for optimal growth? Then one would only have to worry about the spectral outputs of various light sources. I know that lumens units only govern the visible spectrum, and “chlorophyll a” does adsorb into the Read entire story

Nico’s Nuggets: Beginner Harvest Tips for the Fall Season

Hello Nico, Thanks for all the grow advice you give out to noobs like me! I have a few plants outside, my first crop ever, and I’m not sure about the harvesting process. I have heard about people “cutting down” their planets to harvest. I wonder why this is necessary, as you only “smoke” the flower, would you not just prune the flower, leaving the stems and leaves to grow another cycle? If not, couldn’t you just leave a node placed Read entire story

2016 Medical Cannabis Cup: Top 10 Non-Solvent Hash Entries

We had lots of gorgeous entries in the Non-Solvent Hash Category at the 2016 Medical Cannabis Cup. Here’s which ones made it into our Top 10. HIGH TIMES would like to thank our partner lab—CannaSafe Analytics in Murrieta, CA—for providing excellent lab testing and data for our Cannabis Cup competition, as well as our premier sponsors—Powered by Kush, Higher Vision, FlavRx, Atomik,Advanced Nutrients, Cali Connection, Downtown Patients Collective, Read entire story

2016 Medical Cannabis Cup: Top 10 Sativa Concentrates

We had lots of gorgeous entries in the Sativa Concentrates Category at the 2016 Medical Cannabis Cup. Here’s which ones made it into our Top 10. HIGH TIMES would like to thank our partner lab—CannaSafe Analytics in Murrieta, CA—for providing excellent lab testing and data for our Cannabis Cup competition, as well as our premier sponsors—Powered by Kush, Higher Vision, FlavRx, Atomik,Advanced Nutrients, Cali Connection, Downtown Patients Read entire story