Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Reminds Us Psychedelia Isn’t Always Rainbows

Psychedelia is often portrayed as colorful swirls of melting clouds, flashes of creative brilliance, and powerful moments of synesthesia that change everything you’ve ever known about the physical world. But what about the dark side of psychedelics? And we’re not talking about the stigma—you know, like if you eat one piece of LSD you’ll turn into a fried potato who has acid-flashbacks for the rest of eternity. We’re Read entire story

Stephen Colbert, Teens Smoking Weed and More Marijuana News

There are quite a few interesting marijuana news stories going around this week, and we’ve picked the best ones for you. Sometimes it’s better to not have to spend all day looking for the stories you care about, so we do that for you and compile them. Save some time and read the marijuana news roundup for March 22. Credit: Ifc.com Legal weed isn’t making kids smoke more (duh) As most of you could have probably guessed, legalizing cannabis does Read entire story

Brownies at The Breslin: NYC Institution Adds CBD to its Menu

From facial masks and body rubs to bath bombs and disposable vapes, there’s no shortage of ways to get cannabidiol (CBD) out of the plant and into your body. On Aug. 16 at the Lobby Bar of The Breslin in New York City’s Ace Hotel, they did it the old-fashioned way: baked it into brownies and stirred it into cocktails. It was a big night for Alexis Rosenbaum, whose Rosebud CBD oil was the main ingredient in the brownies and cocktails. Read entire story

Here’s The Full Music Lineup for the Alaska Cannabis Cup

This weekend, we’re heading up to Wasilla for the first-ever Alaska Cannabis Cup! If you haven’t gotten your tickets for the festival yet, there’s still time. Trust us—you’re not going to want to miss this. Check out the musical line-up for the 2018 Alaska Cannabis Cup: Saturday, August 11 3-3:45: DJ Ike Kicking off our Saturday concert is Belgrade-born musician DJ Ike. 4:15-4:45: Cemoni The Goddess Last year, this indie Read entire story

The 7 Best Glass Smoking Pipes Of 2018

Investing in glass is always a good option. Why?  Glass smoking pipes offer thermal cooling properties and deliver a cleaner, more neutral-tasting hit than a ceramic or metal pipe. Purer and healthier than joints or blunts, the best glass pipes deliver a potent hit dense in dank flavor. And when it comes to the variety of glass smoking pipes, smokers can choose from glass blunts to the most impressive avant-garde pieces some would show in art Read entire story

The 12 Most Potent THC Concentrates

The world of cannabis concentrates is blowing up. For many people, dabbing is the future of weed, and concentrates are where it’s at. Concentrates are known for their purity. They’re known for having terpy flavor profiles and for having some of the strongest concentrate THC levels. While any experienced dabhead will tell you that a good dab isn’t exclusively about finding the strongest THC concentrate, potency is still a big Read entire story

The Ten Best Dispensaries in the East Bay

San Francisco’s dispensaries are a direct reflection of the city itself; they tend to be boutiquey or more over the top than one would expect of a cannabis club. Like lots of San Francisco, everything feels very new. Across the bridge on the other side of the bay, however, things could not be more different. Berkeley is home to two of the oldest marijuana dispensaries in the country, and the region has, for the most part, put function over form. Read entire story

9 Cannabis-Infused Beers to Try

The craft beer renaissance and the legalization movement are a match made in heaven. A number of West Coast breweries, big and small, are releasing cannabinoid-infused beers, despite its legal grey area. Can’t bring yourself to choose between a joint or a pint? You don’t have to with these cannabis-infused beers and ciders. Coalition Brewing Company Coalition Brewing Company Kylie Hoyt and Elan Walsky of Oregon-based Coalition Brewing Read entire story

13 Powerful People Who Changed Their Mind About Weed

Changing your opinion can invoke a lot of scrutiny. And if you happen to have power, people will inevitably put your words and position under a microscope. If your changed opinion is on the hot topic of weed, then it’s bound to make headlines. Powerful people change their mind all the time. Here’s an important list of powerful people who changed their mind about weed, for better or worse. Shutterstock Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Doctor and TV Read entire story

10 People Fighting for Cannabis Legalization You Need to Know

As more states go green, enjoying unprecedented access to decriminalized cannabis, it can be easy to forget the legion of outspoken voices that have publicly battled to get us to this encouraging point. Activists in a multitude of realms continue to dig in and fight for those in the U.S. who are still under the threat of arrest or imprisonment for simple possession of a plant that can be therapeutic and recreational. They oppose a system that Read entire story

Meet The Awesome Women Behind The Scenes of Hemp and Cannabis Beer

It’s pretty hard to come across nearly any kind of product that doesn’t have a hemp or cannabis element to it yet. Soap, clothing and textiles, foods and desserts, beauty products of all kinds, medicines, TV shows—even weddings are getting all sorts of danked up. Now, one of the more recent in a long line of offerings incorporating pot into their production is beer. Due to red tape, government restrictions, misinformation and antiquated laws, it Read entire story

Can You Fly With Weed You Bought Legally

Buds, oils, tea, brownies, cookies, gummies, lollipops ― today, you can get THC in just about any form. What a time to be alive. Marijuana is legal in some capacity in 29 states and Washington, D.C. As long as you adhere to local laws, you don’t have to worry about the cops harshing your buzz. That is, unless you’re headed to the airport. Photo Credit: Damon Dahlen The rules surrounding domestic air travel and marijuana possession can seem Read entire story

11 Ganja Gifts for Dads Who Smoke Weed

Do you smoke with your dad? Maybe you know your pop smokes, but you haven’t shared a joint together yet? It’s time, in the era of legal cannabis, to salute his herbal habits. Especially when it comes to Father’s Day Gifts. Make your father a happy man by giving him a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day that honors his awesomeness, open-mindedness, and love of weed. 1. Pax Era x Eden Extracts Courtesy of PAX Drag Dad into the 21st cannabis century Read entire story

Canada: City Committee Recommends Allowing Smoking Of Cannabis On Sidewalks

A city committee thinks Edmontonians should be allowed to smoke cannabis in outside public places like parks and sidewalks — as part of the new bylaw governing cannabis use. On Wednesday, the city’s community and public services committee agreed to those rules, which are similar to current tobacco bylaws. People smoking cannabis outside would have to be 10 metres away from doors and open windows and 30 metres away from children’s Read entire story

Michigan Cannabis Cup Preview: Everything You Need to Smoke, Eat, See and Do at the Auto City Speedway

Nothing says early summer in Michigan like the High Times Cannabis Cup. On June 9 the Auto City Speedway near Flint will once again be jumping with the sounds, smells and tastes of the state’s largest cannabis community gathering. It can be daunting, so we whipped up a guide full of some handy tips and tricks. WHAT TO SEE, WHO TO VISIT Photos by Rick Thompson/ High Times Buy Your Tickets in Advance Although this is always good advice, at Read entire story

The Pros and Cons of Smoking Weed With Your Family

Smoking weed with your family members can be a real bonding experience. The initial awkwardness of partaking in a session with the people who birthed you may have you feeling like you’re breaking some unwritten law. But, once you get over that feeling and become comfortable in the situation, it can be pretty awesome. Singer-songwriter, Melissa Ethridge, revealed that she smokes pot with her kids during Yahoo’s Weed and the American Read entire story

Denver’s Cheba Hut Claps Back At Sonic’s Weed Intolerance

This week in munchie fast food wars: Denver’s Cheba Hut claps back at Sonic’s weed intolerance. Last week, a Sonic drive-thru in Mississippi threatened not to serve blazed customers. And Cheba Hut won’t stand for discrimination against the stoned from other fast-food chains. We don’t know about you, but we’re stoked to hear that some fast food restaurants know they have the herb to thank. Here’s the Read entire story

How To Treat Eczema With Cannabis

Cannabis has an ever-growing list of medical applications. In the 29 states with medical marijuana programs, dermatologists are explaining to patients with skin conditions, such as eczema, that cannabis can be an effective, and all-natural treatment. Here’s a definitive guide on how to treat eczema with cannabis. Eczema: A Brief Overview Eczema is the overarching name for a variety of dry skin conditions. Namely, eczema includes redness, Read entire story

The 7 Countries With The Strictest Weed Laws

The post The 7 Countries With The Strictest Weed Laws appeared first on High Times. If you thought our weed laws were strict, think again. Though North America is far from perfect when it comes to marijuana policy, by comparison, much of the world is medieval when it comes to drug enforcement. We’ve listed the countries with the strictest weed laws so you know the punishments for everything. From taking to a toke to running a cannabis Read entire story

This Congressman Could Be Sabotaging Legal Cannabis

The post This Congressman Could Be Sabotaging Legal Cannabis appeared first on High Times. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California may be one of the most vocal proponents of legal cannabis on Capitol Hill. But in some circles, he is also considered a lunatic. For nearly 30-years, this Republican soldier has been waving the freak flag in Washington D.C. Yet, despite getting Congress to support medical marijuana, his voice is also behind asinine Read entire story