Mojito Sorbet

Chef Mychal and True Terpenes bring you a delicious Mojito Sorbet featuring the terpene limonene (c) The Weed Blog - Read entire story here. Read entire story

The Pine Collins

Liv Vasquez guides you on the use of Alpha-Pinene to create a wonderful cocktail for a summer weekend. (c) The Weed Blog - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Limonene Chimichurri

Chef Brandon Allen shares the science and inspirational tale behind his limonene-infused chimichurri (c) The Weed Blog - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Calgary Executive Chef Offers Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

John Michael MacNeil is a master of molecular gastronomy — and also a medical marijuana permit holder. Move over hash brownies — how about cannabis-infused lemon vinaigrette? Recreational marijuana is expected to become legal this summer, and Canadians are looking at different ways to use it. Calgary chef John Michael MacNeil has some creative ideas. - Read the entire article at CBC News. (c) Cannabis Culture - Read entire story here. Read entire story

The High Times Interview: Cat Cora

The post The High Times Interview: Cat Cora appeared first on High Times. Cat Cora got her start on The Food Network in the late 1990s and soon became integral to the cooking show trend that would dominate the next decade. In 2005, she made history as the first female Iron Chef. Since then, the world-renowned celebrity chef has opened restaurants around the globe, released popular cookbooks and a memoir, and appeared on dozens of shows teaching Read entire story

Marijuana Menu for St. Patty’s Day Celebrations

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the green herb instead of green beer! These soulful recipes from Jeff the 420 Chef showcase cannabis cuisine with traditional Irish flavors. Infused Vegan Irish Stew Try this contemporary vegan twist on an old Irish favorite. This is not your mama’s stew! Servings: 6 Prep Time: 40 minutes Cook Time: 1 hour Approximate THC Per Serving*: 10%: 3.3 mg per piece of “meat” 15%: 5 mg 20%: 6.6 mg Ingredients for Read entire story

Psychedelicatessen: Marijuana Maple Glazed Carrots

Celebrate the best of spring with tender carrots glazed in cannabutter, maple syrup and herbs. Dissatisfied with a corporate career trajectory, Chris Yang abandoned an almost completed Masters degree in hospital management and decided to become a cannabis cook. Spending days marinating in marijuana and watching YouTube cooking videos, Yang taught himself basic techniques by watching Gordon Ramsay and built a significant Instagram following. Read entire story

Psychedelicatessen: Ganja Foie Gras Candy Bar

The East Coast gets left behind when it comes to inventive cannabis cuisine. As trendy underground sinsemilla supper clubs pop up all over the West, weed eaters in New York, Washington D.C. and Boston still look over their shoulders and keep events very secretive, but this climate of fear is beginning to change with new laws in Massachusetts and Maine aimed at regulating cannabis use for adults. Lu Rodriguez and the crew at MIPS are bringing Read entire story

3 Tasty Superfood Cannabis Recipes to Kick Start Your New Year

Feeling overindulged after a holiday season full of drinking and overeating? Determined to lose weight this year and embrace a healthy lifestyle? Let cannabis guide you toward better choices! Getting high, meditating and visualizing the new life you want to lead can create positive results. Give up the booze in favor of healthy cannabis edibles, start cooking at home, reduce your screen time and get out in nature more often. Many people have Read entire story

Vitamin THC: Cannabis as a Superfood

Is marijuana a superfood? Should cannabinoids be considered essential nutrients? And if so, why are so many edibles still sugar-laden sweets? To find out, we tracked down a few infused-food professionals focused on transforming the herb into fuel for a healthy, vital lifestyle. In 1753, a Scottish surgeon by the name of James Lind proved that scurvy could be effectively cured with citrus juice. By drinking plenty of lemonade over the course of a Read entire story

10 Hot Gifts for Cannabis Chefs

Do you and your friends love to cook with cannabis? If so, your holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier! Check out this year’s favorite kitchen gadget gift picks that are sure to delight the cannachefs in your life. 1. Magical Butter Machine – $174.95 Billed as the world’s first countertop botanical extractor, the Magical Butter Machine takes all the guesswork out of infusing cannabis into butter, oil, alcohol, topical lotions and Read entire story

Psychedelicatessen: Easy Pot Pudding

Enjoy a dankly decadent delight with this easy no-cook cannabis chocolate pudding from the new book The Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Understanding, Medicating and Cooking with Cannabis by veteran Oregon cannabis chef Laurie Wolf of Laurie & Mary Jane, who writes: “With a velvety texture and a deep, rich taste, this recipe is almost too easy to be true! Keep in mind that this no-cook method calls for eggs. Although the hot coffee will Read entire story

Psychedelicatessen: Cannachurri Steak Kebabs

Chimichurri, the popular Argentinian condiment, is herbaceous and savory, a perfect match for the earthy flavors of cannabis. Divide this “cannachurri” into two portions: one half to marinade the steak and one half to serve with the finished meal. Cannachurri Ingredients: 2 bunches Italian parsley 12 cloves garlic, chopped 4 tbsp, plus 4 tsp of cannaoil 1 cup olive oil ½ cup red wine vinegar 2 tbsp chopped red onion 4 tsp freshly Read entire story

Psychedelicatessen: Triple-THC S’Mores

Get decadent over the holiday weekend with a sandwich of ganja graham crackers, marijuana marshmallows and cannabis chocolate. Perfect around a campfire or torched by a dabber’s flame, these triple-THC S’Mores are guaranteed to get you ridiculously wrecked. Only heavyweight edibles eaters with high tolerances should attempt to consume a S’Mores where all three components are infused with THC, but happily, this is one treat where it’s easy for Read entire story

Psychedelicatessen: Deviled Lentils

Are you woke and broke? Got the munchies but your pantry is bare? Looking for a way to be a healthier, more conscious and engaged warrior for the Earth without spending a ton of money at Whole Foods? Do you want to incorporate cannabis into your cooking but have no idea how to begin? If your answers to those questions are in the affirmative, you’ll be sure to enjoy a positive lifestyle change that blends weed, food and health together in an Read entire story

No Cups, Just Plates: We Went to a Cannabis Chef Showdown

Not all cannabis events these days involve smoking or dabbing! The recent Culinary and Cannabis gathering in Huntington Beach, CA treated attendees to a sophisticated afternoon of solid marijuana science and education, accompanied by some of the most creative cannabis cuisine found anywhere. Not only were there no dab rigs and blunts, there was nary a cookie or brownie to be found. The focus was on cooking, and the cutting edge chefs behind Read entire story