10 Biggest Lies About Marijuana Use

Whether it’s your religious, right-wing aunt or the Attorney General of the United States, people love making unsubstantiated claims about marijuana. And unfortunately a large enough people in the population believe these myths to prevent cannabis legalization. But which lies are the most ridiculous? Here is a list of 10 of the biggest marijuana myths. 10. Smoking Marijuana Makes You Dumber Many people love to argue that marijuana makes people Read entire story

10 Celebs You Probably Didn’t Know Smoke Marijuana

It’s really not a head-scratcher that Snoop Dogg, Rihanna and Willie Nelson all enjoy a toke or two now and again, but while smoking weed is not exactly an obscure occurrence in Hollywood, there are a few celebrities you might actually be surprised enjoy a hit now and again. Here are 10 famous types who have no issue with their cannabis consumption. Kirsten Dunst In 2007, the actress went on record with MTV saying: I do like weed. I have a Read entire story

Israel: This House Made Of Cannabis Is Eco-Friendly And Beautiful

As states across the U.S. begin to relax marijuana regulations, some intrepid designers are exploring the cannabis plant not for the psychoactive effect for which it is best known, but for its material properties. In Israel, for example, the Tav Group, a Tel Aviv–based architecture firm, recently built a house using a hemp-based concrete. The project, in the northern Israeli city of Ein Hod, is a study in the architectural possibilities of Read entire story

The Official Guide To Being A Good Weed Citizen

Like it or not, using cannabis in 2017 is a political statement. Gone are the days when potheads and party-tokers would puff discreetly on whatever schwag they could get their hands on, with little thought beyond fear of getting caught. Now, all of the assumptions, stereotypes and misinformation of the past are being carefully reconsidered. There are brands and ballot initiatives to consider. Opinions are changing. Pot shops are thriving. Stigmas Read entire story

CA: Inside A Nerve-Rattling Trip To Pay Marijuana Taxes

Jerred Kiloh’s eyes narrowed as he checked his mirror again. The black Chevy SUV with tinted windows was still behind him. It had been hanging off Kiloh’s bumper ever since he nosed out of the parking lot behind his medical-marijuana dispensary with $40,131.88 in cash in the trunk of his hatchback. Kiloh was unarmed, on his way to City Hall to make a monthly tax payment, and managing only stop-and-start progress in the midday traffic. Read entire story

If You’re Pro-Freedom, You Should Be In Favor Of Legalizing Marijuana

I know what you’re thinking. Another liberal hippie calling for decriminalization and full legalization of marijuana because he’s breaking the law right now by smoking it. Well, think again. People probably think I’m a hippie because I like wearing tie-dyed shirts or because I grew up in the ’60s or because to this day one of my favorite bands is the Rolling Stones. When I was eighteen years old in 1969, I enlisted in the US Navy. I am a Vietnam Read entire story

California Lawmakers Working To Prevent Pot Shortage

The Governor of Nevada made history earlier this month when he declared a “state of emergency” because the state was running out of marijuana. It will go down in the annals of history as the great pot shortage of 2017. This lack of weed occurred immediately after the state legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational use. Dispensaries which previously only sold medical marijuana almost instantly became inundated with recreational Read entire story

Science Proves Marijuana Heals Pain, Nausea, Spasms And Insomnia

The marijuana reform movement won big in 2016, legalizing the plant in a number of states for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has all but refused to allow the herb to be considered as a the legitimate, natural medication it is. Even federal lawmakers, some of whom now represent legal marijuana states, have continued to twiddle their thumbs when it comes to pushing legislation to remove the Read entire story

The History Of Cannabis: 8 Things You Didn’t Know

We’re all heard of it – cannabis, pot, marijuana, Mary Jane – but what do you really know about it? 1. It’s been around for thousands of years. Cannabis, in its digestible form, was discovered in tombs in the Turpan District of Xinjiang, China, in the early 2000s and carbon-dated to 2500BP (or “before present”, the most commonly used dating convention in carbon dating). Its use may go back as far as 12,000 Read entire story

Why Was Pot Banned To Begin With

Marijuana has been used medicinally for thousands of years, but since about 1900, the plant has been politicized and vilified to the point that current decisions about it are still being impacted by decisions made a century ago. Our contributor Bob Conrad of ThisisReno takes a historic look back at the drug and the controversy surrounding it. The Depression years were pivotal for marijuana in the United States. Although a few states criminalized Read entire story

Marijuana Mood Ring: What Do Cannabis Colors Mean

Marijuana is a smorgasbord of hues. Each nug, hair and leaf is splashed with its own color palette. Just look at a picture of Charles Kush: Cheesy, orange hairs shoot out of a bed of deep purple and emerald leaves, and it looks incredible. Based on its looks, you would assume that this strain is great to indulge in. In fact, there are many reasonable assumptions to be drawn from all of Charles’s different shades. But what if most of those Read entire story

Here’s 10 Types Of Marijuana That Will Make You More Active

If you’re on that “New Year, New You” train, kickstart your new workout regimen with a little Mary Jane. More and more people are finding that working out while high, makes the workout more tolerable and less miserable. You’ll be more active, get inspired and probably be more likely to take risks and push yourself. Know that there are multiple ways to consume marijuana, you can eat or drink it, rub it into your skin, vape, smoke and much more. Read entire story

Microdosing Weed: How To Find The Right Serving Size Of Edible Cannabis

In the tome of legal American cannabis, the chapter on marijuana-infused edibles is where the narrative turns complicated and, at times, bleak. For the most part, legalization’s rollout in the U.S. has gone off without a hitch. Many of the dastardly hypotheticals the public once feared have since turned into success stories—proof that this newly legal substance could be regulated responsibly without putting our youths and communities at risk. And Read entire story

Harvard Study: This Is What Happens To Your Brain If You Smoke Marijuana

There has been much controversy regarding the medicinal benefits of marijuana, but that is all in the past. The studies have been performed, the research has been done, and the facts are here; marijuana is one of the most powerful natural medicines we know of today. Marijuana has been shown to effectively treat many different health disorders, diseases, and basically everything that can go wrong with the human anatomy. It’s pending legality in Read entire story

The Pros Of Medical Cannabis

In the 1970’s, comic duo Cheech and Chong had fun with their dead-on impressions of two chronically stoned “potheads.” But, in 2017, it appears that marijuana is beginning to lose its “Cheech and Chong” associations. The use of medical cannabis is currently legal in 28 states, and proponents say the herb is changing lives by granting relief to people suffering from such problems as chronic cancer pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, anxiety and Read entire story

Jeff Sessions’ Alternative Facts On Marijuana And Legalization

Attorney General Jeff Sessions became the second member of the Trump administration in less than a week to provide “alternative facts” and backward analysis when it comes to marijuana. Yesterday, in a meeting with reporters, Sessions spoke out against marijuana legalization and implied that it’s leading to more violence. “I’m dubious about marijuana. I’m not sure we’re going to be a better, healthier nation if we have marijuana sold at every Read entire story

Remarkable Ways Cannabis Can Help Prevent Illness

When it comes to health, “cannabis” is the new buzzword. While this all-natural remedy has been around for thousands of years, scientists are still learning about its many different uses, including the impact it has on human health. So far, research has taught us that cannabis may be effective for combating cancer, reducing and/or eliminating seizures, managing pain and inflammation, and treating neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Read entire story

8 Cannabis Facts That Defy Traditional Stereotypes

What comes to mind when you hear the word “marijuana”? Do you envision a drug that makes people lazy, or a medicinal herb that could potentially save lives? Although the Marihuana Tax Act effectively outlawed the plant in the 30s, a campaign to taint its image began in the U.S long before it was outlawed. It was a slow and steady process, beginning with individual states outlawing it and leading to a nationwide ban. Despite its slow progress, Read entire story

What Is CBD Oil?

If you’ve ever heard weed discussed in chemical terms, you’ve heard of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, marijuana’s “main” ingredient — the stuff that gets you high. But lately, as the legal weed market expands, we’ve seen an increasing focus on a related but very different compound: cannabidiol, or CBD. Let’s take a closer look at this curious molecule. What is CBD? Like THC, CBD is an active cannabinoid — Read entire story

What Exactly Is THC Oil And What Are It’s Benefits?

There are many different ways to experience the recreational and restorative effects of marijuana. In addition to the effects of the plant’s dried leaves and buds, individuals may also use concentrated cannabis extracts, such as the plant’s oil, which is known as THC oil, to achieve any number of desired effects. For many people, THC oil can be a welcome substitute for some of the harsher effects of smoking leaves and buds, but there Read entire story