New poll on the Michigan legalization campaign

A new poll shows the Michigan marijuana legalization campaign ahead with 56% support. While we remain cautiously optimistic about success on Election Day, we are not out of the woods yet. A well-funded opposition campaign could still emerge. If that happens, we would likely see misleading TV and online ads telling voters that legalization has failed in Colorado, California, and beyond. The Michigan campaign needs resources in order to present Read entire story

California key cannabis bills advance; public comment period continues on proposed rules

Two compassionate cannabis-related bills are advancing, and, if you’re a California resident, now is a good time to voice your support. Here’s a rundown: AB 1793 would make expungement automatic for cannabis-related convictions that today are no longer considered crimes. It passed the Assembly in May, the Senate earlier today, and it’s now headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk! If you live in California, let Gov. Brown know it’s time to repair Read entire story

California Bureau of Cannabis Control accepting public comments on proposed rules

Members of the public are invited to provide comments on California’s proposed rules for cannabis businesses. The Bureau of Cannabis Control and other agencies seek public comments as they consider a permanent set of rules — replacing those temporarily in place. For background, including the text of the proposed rules, summaries, and the agencies’ reasoning for seeking changes, visit the state’s website. Comments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Read entire story

The Ten Best Dispensaries in the East Bay

San Francisco’s dispensaries are a direct reflection of the city itself; they tend to be boutiquey or more over the top than one would expect of a cannabis club. Like lots of San Francisco, everything feels very new. Across the bridge on the other side of the bay, however, things could not be more different. Berkeley is home to two of the oldest marijuana dispensaries in the country, and the region has, for the most part, put function over form. Read entire story

California: Donated medical cannabis shouldn’t be taxed

A bill that could restore the ability to provide free, untaxed cannabis to low- or no-income patients is now being considered in the California State Assembly. SB 829 would allow taxes to be waived for medical cannabis that is donated, free of charge, for medical cannabis patients. This is a welcome improvement for patients with limited means. It is no surprise that seriously ill patients can be faced with little or no income. Combine that with Read entire story

Confusing Cannabis Laws of DC and Pop-up Markets

June 04, 2018, DCMarijuana policy in the capital territory of the US is fairly conflicting. You can own a small amount of pot, you can grow it in your backyard and consume in private spaces. But you can’t buy or purchase it. More absurdity is displayed by the provision that allows you to give and accept minor amounts of marijuana as gifts. This ambiguous cannabis legislation has paved a way for underground cannabis operations in the form Read entire story

A Day Aboard a ‘Cannabus’: San Diego Enjoys Effects of Marijuana Tourism

California’s new recreational marijuana industry fears Trump is trying to stop the ride. To spend any time on this bus is to be sealed inside a giant bong on wheels. The soundtrack is Bob Marley, set to a beat of snapping lighters and coughing. Welcome to the "cannabus," a vehicle with tinted windows, about 30 seats, and one purpose: to facilitate the drinking of beer and the smoking of weed. Someone hands a young woman… (c) Cannabis Read entire story

Northern Nights: A Cannabis “Tree Lounge” Experience

Returning to the historic Emerald Triangle, the Northern Nights Music Festival pioneers an educational spin within the cannabis industry. Festivals have revolutionized the way we connect, communicate, and share our common beliefs about the world we want to live in. The NNMF has been a part of this evolving force of change for the past five years. This year’s festival takes place this weekend, July 14-16. The three-day event celebrates Read entire story

Legalizing Marijuana will Boost California’s Economy by $5 Billion, Study Finds

A measure is passing through the state legislature. The economy of California - poised to create a market for legal marijuana - could see its economy boosted by as much as $5bn, according to a new study. The report by the University of California Agricultural Issues Centre, says that the legalisation of the drug will provide the state a further reason for tourists - or at least some tourists - to visit. Yet it also… (c) Cannabis Culture - Read entire story

San Diego Celebrates Hemp History Week

Many of the uses and benefits of hemp were on display at the International Cannabis University (ICU) in San Diego, California for a celebration of Hemp History Week. The event on June 4 also took advantage of the date (6/4) to celebrate recreational cannabis use, legalized with the passage of Prop. 64 (get it?!?) by California voters in 2016. Dion Markgraaff, cannabis activist and organizer of the festivities, said the goal of the event was to Read entire story

The CEO of the ‘Uber for weed’ says These Mints are the Next Big Thing in Marijuana

Pot-laced mints that contain as little as 2.5 milligrams of THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that makes users high, began cropping up on dispensary shelves last fall and are gaining favor among users who want to avoid smoking or over-dosing on edibles. "People who quote-unquote 'don't smoke weed' will definitely eat a cannabis-infused mint," Jim Patterson, CEO of marijuana delivery service Eaze (also known as the "Uber for weed"), tells Read entire story

Four States End Marijuana Prohibition

On Election Day, voters in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada declared an end to the war on marijuana in their states by approving initiatives to regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol for adults. This historic event was by far the biggest victory for drug policy reform to date, and will help pave the way for progress around the country. There are now eight states where marijuana is legal for adults to possess and where cultivation and Read entire story

Costa Mesa family fighting for city’s marijuana measure to help daughter

SANTA ANA (OCRegister) – Gianna Dragotto sits in her wheelchair at the 420 Central marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, slowly chewing spoonfuls of her low-carb dinner, which is topped with cannabis oil.Displayed throughout the dispensary are signs and pamphlets with the words “Vote Yes on Measure X,” a Costa Mesa-sponsored ballot measure that would allow her oils, called Myriam’s Hope, to be made in a designated part of the city.Gianna, 12, of Read entire story

California Arrested Nearly Half a Million People for Pot Over the Past Decade

California residents will decide whether to fully legalize the recreational use of marijuana this November in a vote that's likely to have a major influence on marijuana policy in other states regardless of which way it goes. One of the more nuanced arguments against legalization in California is that for all intents and purposes, marijuana is already legal there for people who want to get it. The state's medical marijuana law, Prop. 215 enacted Read entire story

Why this Time will be Different for Marijuana Legalization

Californians first threatened to legalize recreational marijuana by ballot initiative in 1972. It failed 66% to 33%. We tried again in 2010. It was voted down 53% to 46%. Now we’re back at it. This time, though Proposition 64 looks like a sure thing. Polls show support for legalization in general at 55%, and 60% among likely voters. What’s so different this time around? Yes, demographics and attitudes have shifted here, like everywhere. But Read entire story

Snoop’s Hometown Finally Voting on Medical Marijuana Stores

Long Beach, California—birthplace to one of the biggest names in the cannabis world, Snoop Dogg—may finally allow brick-and-mortar medical-marijuana dispensaries to open. But that’s only after years of legal battles and city council bickering. In November, voters in the city will be asked to decide on several marijuana-related initiatives, including the statewide effort to legalize recreational cannabis for adults, Prop 64. More relevant to Read entire story

California Campaign Ramps Up Support With New Ad Campaign

On Tuesday, the campaign supporting the initiative to tax and regulate marijuana in California began running ads throughout the state urging voters to back Proposition 64. Yes on 64 announced the ads in a press release this week: The ads — in a straightforward, fact-based way – highlight for California voters Proposition 64’s comprehensive approach to marijuana decriminalization, its toughest-in the-nation safeguards for families and local Read entire story

Big New California Poll Shows Massive Support for Legalization

A new poll from California’s Public Policy Institute puts support for Proposition 64 at a solid 60 percent. That’s from a poll of 1700 likely voters in the state. Opposition votes trailed, at 36 percent. That’s right on the mark of previous poll tracking; with less than 50 days to go to the election, legalization seems assured in a state with an economy that on it’s own would make it the sixth largest in the Read entire story

It’s Official: These 5 States Will Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November

With California in the lead, 2016 stands to be the biggest year yet for ending pot prohibition. Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan last week certified a marijuana legalization initiative for the November ballot, setting the stage for a national election that will see the issue go directly to the voters in five states, including California, the nation's most populous. Four states have already legalized marijuana at the ballot box, Colorado Read entire story

Recreational Pot Is Officially Headed for the California Ballot

Gustavo Turner/L.A. Weekly An initiative that asks if you want to legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and older in California is headed for the November ballot. The office of Secretary of State Alex Padilla yesterday listed the measure known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) as eligible for the ballot. Organizers, who needed 365,880 valid signatures from voters, are elated. The post Recreational Pot Is Officially Headed for the California Read entire story