How Entrepreneurs are Helping Consumers Enjoy Cannabis Discreetly

As marijuana consumption grows with expanding legalization, most users still want to be discreet about their practices Entrepreneurs are helping these customers keep their cannabis consumption under the radar, and to connect them unobtrusively to retailers and like-minded users. Brian Huynh started his company, Sploofy, like many entrepreneurs do, in an effort to solve his own problem, which in this case was ridding his home environment of the Read entire story

Trailer Park Boys and Organigram Partner in Pot Products

A Trailer Park Boys line of marijuana products will be developed in partnership Organigram Onc. and TPB Productions in preparation for the legalization of recreational marijuana. Ray Gracewood, chief commercial officer at Organigram inc. said the partnership announced Wednesday is the first public step toward preparations for gearing the company up for legal recreational use. "Plants take a long time to grow, so we need to make sure that we — Read entire story

Legal Weed Businesses are Worried the IRS Could Tax Them out of Existence

When California voted to legalize recreational marijuana use in November, few people were as thrilled as Steve DeAngelo. Sporting his signature porkpie hat and braided hair while seated in the massive grow operation he’s building south of San Francisco, the longtime activist and weed industry entrepreneur called legalization “the culmination of my life’s work.” DeAngelo has many reasons to celebrate, not least being that he has positioned himself Read entire story

4 Key Developments in the Ever-Changing Cannabis Landscape

In March 2016, New Frontier cited the top 10 cannabis trends to watch in its annual “State of Legal Marijuana Markets” report. The 10 trends were selected in collaboration with leading industry operators, investors and legalization advocates. Let’s revisit those trends to see what has changed since the report’s publication. Given the wide range of important developments occurring over the past year, herewith are the four trends with the most Read entire story

Marijuana Cultivation Jobs: The New Frontier

In this article we will cover:Growing Jobs: An OverviewMaster GrowerAssistant GrowerTrimmerThe Future of Cultivation Jobs2016 has ushered in significant marijuana industry reform, with many states and municipalities across America experiencing newly legal, if strictly regulated, marijuana legalization. As a renewing cannabis culture continues to thrive, individuals from all walks of life are champing at the bit to find stimulating careers in such Read entire story

Pot Prices: October 2016 THMQ

Market Analysis: The Kind and Mids indices held steady in October, finishing the month within $3 of their September averages. The US Price Index experienced the biggest drop this month, falling $9, while the Schwag Index saw the largest gain, closing October $20 above its previous average. Haze returned to the top five submitted strains for the first time since June. CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $321 (last month: $330, Year-to-Date: $312) CURRENT KIND Read entire story

Two Medical Pot Dispensaries in Hamilton Raided

It turns out police have already raided at least two Hamilton storefront medical marijuana sellers this year. The raids raise questions about the fate of all self-styled dispensaries in the city — particularly since newly released draft regulations for medical marijuana now specifically label freelance storefront sellers as illegal. The owner of a King Street East medical marijuana dispensary, Bright Moments, was the first to publicize an Read entire story

Three B.C. Cities Want Ottawa to Share Revenue of Prospective Marijuana Tax

Three municipalities in British Columbia want a stake in any tax revenue that the federal government collects from the legalization of marijuana. Nelson, Duncan and Prince George put forward resolutions to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities asking it to put pressure on higher levels of government to ensure tax sharing with municipalities is considered by the federal task force investigating marijuana legalization and regulation. With Read entire story

Charlottetown Company Squeezes Out Deal to Extract Cannabis Oil

When Canada's medical marijuana laws changed, cannabis oil became legal and new opportunities opened up. A new P.E.I.-based business is putting the squeeze on cannabis — literally. Charlottetown's Advanced Extraction Systems Inc. has just sealed a deal with Canopy Growth, a medical marijuana company based out of Smiths Falls, Ont., to provide the equipment to extract cannabis oil directly from marijuana plants. In a release, Canopy Growth Read entire story

The Activists Helping Illegal Pot Dealers Turn into Legit Marijuana Businessmen

California officials want to ensure that those once punished over harsh weed laws aren’t overrun by wealthy entrepreneurs once it’s legalized recreationally. Joshua Weitz’s marijuana delivery company was supposed to be the biggest achievement of his life. The San Francisco native began dealing weed when he was 14 years old, and by 2013 he was eager to apply his skills in a legitimate medical cannabis business with a California license. “You get Read entire story

Five Reasons Craft Cannabis is Blowing Up

Traditionally, people who use marijuana have had no idea where their buds come from. You visited your guy, or maybe he came to you, and you took whatever he had. And despite the increasing professionalization of some black-market delivery services, it’s still hard to know how the plants were grown or what pesticides were used. But as legalization spreads through more and more states, it’s obviously changing the game. Out in the open, businesses Read entire story

Merced “Nuns” Fight to Keep Their Marijuana Based Business

While their products won't make anyone high, they are fighting to keep the city council from putting them out of business. The "Sisters of the Valley" have been producing salves and tonics made with cannabis. While their products won't make anyone high, they are fighting to keep the city council from putting them out of business. The new year marks the first anniversary of a marijuana-based business in Merced. The sisters are not members of Read entire story