Non-Marijuana Plants that Contain Cannabinoids

There is no question that marijuana has attracted the attention of the world being among the most valuable plants in the world in terms of medicinal use. However, do you also know that there are also other spices and herbs that contain cannabinoid, the substance that is active in cannabis? It is a chemical compound which works by interacting together with the regulatory system of our body. Such system is also referred to as the endocannabinoid Read entire story

How to Smoke Cannabis without the Smell

The first rule in smoking marijuana is making sure that you are able to do so undetected. Just to set expectations, you will never be able to smoke 100% free from smell. This is something that should be understood before we continue. It will always smell at least a little. However, with some proven techniques and tips, you can smoke cannabis and reduce the smell, so that only those that are very near you can detect it. Selecting a place where you Read entire story

Top 5 Weed Computer Games you Want to Play

Are you a fan of both weed and video games? Great news! You have the opportunity to combine these two passions together. You may want to play them while you are feeling that high, or just play them anytime you want to, as a way to show your passion to weed. By enjoy the top 5 weed computer games listed below, you can expect several gaming hours ahead of you! LSD Dream Emulator This game is a game developed in Japan, inspired by an amazing dream Read entire story

5 Songs that will Fit Well with Any High

As a lover of music, you certainly would want the best songs in your playlist. However, there are just some songs that would go well, especially if you are also a weed lover. Those hours of being high will just turn out to be hours of boredom if you are not doing anything. Rather than getting stuck with nothing, why not add the following 5 songs in your playlist and enjoy them when you are feeling that awesome marijuana high? Bob Marley – Read entire story

Top 5 Tourist Destinations for Pot Heads

If you are on vacation and you want to inhale weed and relax, finding a good destination that is not strict is quite challenging. If you are both a cannabis and a holiday lover, you often have to experience risks and stress in finding ways to hide yourself while enjoying a smoke. It is very important to keep in mind that marijuana is considered as illegal in most countries. As such, if you get caught, you may no longer be able to spend your time Read entire story

5 Reasons why You Should Get High when you are Heartbroken

Studies show that marijuana can actually help with deep depression, the pain of losing someone you love, as well as other conditions such as heartbreak. The pain of losing somebody you really love has a great power in messing up your life. After spending a long time with somebody you love in a relationship in a breakup, you may easily become weak, disheveled, sickly depressed, restless, and even suicidal at times. There are even some who just Read entire story

Top 3 Companies that Allow Employees to Use of Marijuana

It seems to be the ultimate dream of most marijuana users to freely get high anywhere, especially at work. Well, some people are already experiencing this. The list below highlights the top 5 companies that allow the use of marijuana. Inside the premises of these organizations, gone are the days when employees had to go to the back alley just to hide will smoking, or dousing yourself with perfume just to make sure that you don’t give a hint Read entire story

Top 5 Hotels that Allow Marijuana

In the state of Colorado, marijuana tourism is a huge thing. While a lot of people are now beginning to accept the market in this industry, it is still early to conclude on some things. As a matter of fact, a lot of commercial lodging companies are still working towards defining their rules and policies, while some are still quite hesitant to publicly introduce their hotels as marijuana friendly. For this reason, a lot of people still choose to Read entire story

Top 10 Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Marijuana is considered legal, not just for medical use, but also for recreational purposes in some states now. After over a year since Colorado opened this market officially to the public, it has been evident that millions of dollars in profits were made in this industry, with several thousands of jobs opened. Despite the rate in development, it is clear that the economic gains in this industry are clear. The thing is, it is not just the actual Read entire story

Optimize your High with these 5 Marijuana Hacks

When we say hacks, we are talking about tips, secrets, techniques that will allow us to get things that are better, bigger and faster. They are usually achieved in a shorter and more efficient way.  Believe it or not, there are also some hacks that can be applied to marijuana smoking. For one, there are hacks that will allow you to optimize your high. Is it even possible? How can it be done? Munchy Treats Some smokers say that you need to smoke Read entire story

5 Countries Where Marijuana is Cheap

If you have turned to marijuana for your regular consumption, you definitely want to make sure that you can get the most out of it without burning a hole in your pocket. Unfortunately, however, this rare commodity is not priced equally in all countries. There are some that have to deal with its high prices, while some are just naturally blessed with cheaper options. The following are the 10 countries where marijuana is cheap. Uruguay In Uruguay, Read entire story

Marijuana and Metabolism – Scientific Explanation

Something that is interesting seems to happen to pot heads as they overeat. Studies have shown that marijuana consumers actually consume 600 more calories every day compared to the average person who does not smoke weed. However, just for some peculiar reason, those extra consumed calories do not get converted into fats. This interesting phenomenon has further led to the inquiry regarding the connection between marijuana and metabolism. The Read entire story

Get Rid of Marijuana Anxiety with these Kitchen Ingredients

Marijuana anxiety is oftentimes expected by users and fans of this famous plant. Anxiety often results to paranoia, which for some, seems uncontrollable. The good news is that, you do not have to look anywhere else for solutions, as the answer to your concern can be found right from your kitchen! What is it? According to Neil Young, he tried putting three whole peppercorns inside his mouth after smoking weed. He then got used to eating them in Read entire story

The Power of Weed Micro-Dosing

Some stoners choose to ingest a huge amount of marijuana with the goal of experiencing that soaring, psychoactive high that made them use marijuana in the first place. However, as new studies shed new light on the issue, it has been revealed that medical users of marijuana may actually benefit more by weed micro-dosing. This refers to a practice of only using a small amount of weed in order to achieve a particular medical benefit, minus the feel Read entire story

Weed can Make you Live Longer – Is this True?

Marijuana has already been around since the beginning of time. There are some people who claim that this substance is deadly, and that every puff can take off a year from your life. Is this true? On the other hand, there are also people who strongly support the notion that weed can actually make you live longer. The debate regarding the capability of marijuana is quite divisive. With people on both sides of the story, it is hard to make a Read entire story

How Not to Look High with Weed

The impact of smoking weed on the appearance has turned out to be a major concern among many marijuana fanatics. A lot of people just suggest avoid communicating with other people and just lay low. However, some disagree to this notion. The one that just stays on one side tends to be more suspicious compared to one who just tries to be as ‘normal’ as possible. Still, of course, if you have already hit a high, and you choose to talk to other Read entire story

Is it Good to Freeze your Weed?

A lot of people wonder if freezing weed is definitely a good idea. After all, a lot have been saying that freezing fresh weed will only end up losing its capabilities. Others, however, swear that this is the best storage solution. The problem usually arises if you find yourself facing a whole bunch of bud, and you can’t consume them all at once. If you want to keep it potent and fresh for a long time, you have perhaps heard that mildew and mold Read entire story

Marijuana in Skin Care

Apparently, marijuana is not just good for giving you the high that you are looking for, or for treating certain health issues. It also has other benefits. One of them is in skin care. Well, it may actually not be the very first ingredient that you would look for when buying a skin care product, but marijuana is currently becoming commonly used in skin potions and beauty lotions. There are several products that are currently being introduced in Read entire story

10 Crazy Things our Ancestors Use to Get High

Reality dictates that the use of substances that alter the mind is not really new to mankind. Records and history shows that people have been using psychoactive seeds, plants and fungi for the longest time. Some have come to full realization of their use, using them for the right purposes, while others were simply curious due to the results that they produce. Here are some of the 10 crazy things that our ancestors use to get high. Opium Opium is Read entire story

If you Get Anxiety when Using Marijuana then Do These

Marijuana is considered as one of the most popular recreational drugs these days. Aside from the legal issues that revolve around it, marijuana also comes equipped with a well talked about history. Other people even think that it is just one of the gateways to discovering stronger recreational drugs, while there are also others who believe that it is among the most powerful tools for relaxation as well as pain killers available. Can Marijuana Read entire story