How Retail Lows Could Lead to Marijuana Highs

Last month, Sports Authority and Aeropostale became the latest major retailers to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and announce store closures. While local economies can be negatively affected by the closure of big-box retailers, there is a budding business that, following a wave of legislative changes in many parts of the U.S., could stand to gain from the travails of retail: the marijuana industry. One of the less-discussed impacts of the Read entire story

Seth Rogen: Legalization Won’t Make Marijuana Any Less Funny

With films like "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express" on his resume, Seth Rogen easily one of the reigning kings of today's brand of stoner comedies, so it would be understandable if he found the current wave of marijuana legalization around the U.S. troubling from a creative perspective. But Rogen tells CBS News that he's far from worried about the implications of a more pot-friendly culture. You're one of the vanguards of modern stoner comedy, if Read entire story

4/20 Vancouver Deserves Respect From Civic Leaders

CANNABIS CULTURE – This year's 4/20 Vancouver celebration was the best ever, and confirms the cannabis celebration as one of the city's premier cultural events. MASSIVE ATTENDANCE An estimated 130,000 people attended 4/20 this year, with a peak crowd of over 100,000 at 4:20pm. Photos and aerial footage clearly show the entire Sunset Beach Park area completely filled with people at 4:20. At that crowd density we can calculate a crowd of about Read entire story

Marijuana Activist Jodie Emery Seeks Spot on Federal Task Force on Pot

Long-time proponent fears harsh 'Harperesque' restrictions on cannabis. High-profile pot activist Jodie Emery wants a seat on the federal task force on legalizing marijuana. She worries the panel will be stacked with "prohibitionists" who will push for overly restrictive regulations that would limit access to legal cannabis. Emery has written to Bill Blair, the parliamentary secretary to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, outlining her Read entire story

The DEA Just Approved a Way to Smoke Marijuana Legally for the First Time

The unofficial pot-smoking holiday of April 20 may be over, but marijuana advocates got another reason to celebrate on Thursday. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for the first time approved smoking marijuana as legitimate medical research. The DEA green-lit a clinical trial of smoked marijuana for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in American military veterans, a spokesperson for the government agency confirmed to Read entire story

Marijuana Activist Jodie Emery Requests Liberal Legalization Task Force Role

CANNABIS CULTURE – High-profile marijuana legalization advocate Jodie Emery has sent an official request to Bill Blair and the Liberal Government of Canada, seeking to be included on the marijuana legalization task force. "It is essential that the federal government consult with professionals and individuals who have devoted their entire life to researching marijuana and drug law reform," said Emery, who sought the Liberal Party Vancouver-East Read entire story

Overdoses Fell with Medical Marijuana Legalization

While opioid pain relievers offer critical benefits to certain patients, such as those with cancer-related pain, the rise of opioid prescriptions has had devastating public health consequences. The C.D.C. recently urged physicians to be very cautious in prescribing these drugs. Meanwhile, access to medical marijuana has expanded rapidly — 24 states and D.C. have legalized its broad medical use — and chronic or severe pain is the most common Read entire story

Coming Out to Your Kids About Cannabis

As a parent, you may have been dreading the question even more than “Is Santa Claus really real?” When your little one asks, “Did you and daddy (or mommy) smoke pot?” what exactly do you say? It’s even worse when your young son or daughter inquires, in a voice of disdain, eyes blinking (oh, yuck) “Do you, like, ever use weed?” Present tense. Here and now. Truth and consequence. What do you do? Tell it… The post Coming Out to Your Kids Read entire story

Oregon ‘Cannabis Campus’ Lets Tourists See How Their Weed is Made

The first "cannabis campus" just opened in Portland Oregon’s first cannabis campus has opened in hopes of blazing a trail to the state becoming the definitive marijuana destination. At the 30,000-sq-ft Chalice Farms headquarters and campus in Portland, visitors can see how the marijuana is grown and prepared for sale on the premises. Edibles are made in the kitchen, and extra cannabis can be stored in a vault, Portland’s KATU2 reports. - Read the Read entire story

Cannabis vs Caffeine: Which is Safer, a Cup of Coffee or a Puff of Weed?

CANNABIS CULTURE – “In wise hands poison is medicine. In foolish hands medicine is poison.” – Casanova A POPULAR DRUG Like most drugs, this one goes by many names. In the world of science, it’s sometimes called “Theine” or “Guaranine” or “Methyltheobromine”. On the street, it’s called an “upper” or “stimulant” or “pep pill” or “candy bar” or “headache pill” or “hot beverage” or “soft drink”. Like sugar and alcohol, it’s more often considered Read entire story

Be Aware, Take Care: How To Avoid Bad Trips and Have a Fun Time at 4/20

CANNABIS CULTURE – Almost all 4/20-related medical problems are either somebody taking too strong a dose, or heat stroke, or some combination of over-heating and overdosing. So please stay cool, stay hydrated and only use in moderation. Spread your toking out – take a hit, let it sit - and only do a half a cookie unless you spent time with that particular batch of cookies before. Cannabis harm reduction is primarily about moderation Read entire story

GW Weed Emporium, Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Opens in Heart of Downtown Oshawa

Dispensaries starting to crop up across Durham. A medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors in the centre of downtown Oshawa last week, catching City officials by surprise. GW Weed Emporium opened at 8 Simcoe St. N. on Friday, April 1. The business has proven to be popular, with a steady stream of customers pouring in. “We’ve got more positive feedback and the more negative feedback was from local dealers who are upset there’s a Read entire story

Pot Activist Dana Larsen Arrested In Calgary For Giving Away Marijuana Seeds

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana activist Dana Larsen was arrested in Calgary today during the second stop of his Overgrow Canada tour, a cross-country mission to give out a million free cannabis seeds to encourage growing as a form of civil disobedience. Larsen and another person were taken into custody by Calgary Police and Larsen's van was raided and seized. "We're going to give away more seeds. This is peaceful transparent civil disobedience. Read entire story

Marijuana Dispensary Interested in Buying Denver Broncos Stadium Naming Rights

If the Denver Broncos open up their stadium naming rights after Sports Authority recently filed for bankruptcy, a Colorado marijuana dispensary is expected to have interest. Per CBS 4 in Denver, Native Roots said it is "fully ready to make a multi-million dollar commitment if the contract between Sports Authority Field at Mile High and Sports Authority ever ends." Sports Authority, which has held naming rights for the Broncos' stadium since 2011, Read entire story

Budshot: Gas

CANNABIS CULTURE – Sticky buds of a marijuana strain known as Gas.   Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer. See more budshot galleries on Cannabis Culture. The post Budshot: Gas appeared first on Cannabis Culture. (c) Cannabis Culture - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Veterans Using Marijuana to Ease PTSD

A growing number of states are weighing whether to legalize marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. But for many veterans, the debate is already over. They’re increasingly using cannabis even though it remains illegal in most states and is unapproved by the Department of Veterans Affairs because major studies have yet to show it is effective against PTSD. While the research has been contradictory and limited, some former members of the Read entire story

Medical Marijuana Advocate Speaking to Seniors Curious About Cannabis

For years, Steven Stairs has advocated for medical marijuana users in Winnipeg – but recently, his audience has changed. "It's definitely reaching a different demographic of seniors; that is much more unexpected than I ever thought it would be,” he said. Recently, Stairs has started hosting information sessions at assisted living centres because residents are curious about cannabis. "I tell seniors that doctors used to give me time frames for how Read entire story

Action Bronson Gets Own Brand of Cannabis Concentrate

While filming a recent episode of his VICELAND series, F*ck That’s Delicious, Action Bronson took a trip to X-Tracted Labs in Seattle, where the Flushing, New York rapper got to assist in creating his own custom-flavored batch of cannabis concentrate, commonly know as “dabs.” Action and his entourage met with the team at X-Tracted Labs, who walked them through the tedious process of creating dabs. The extraction process is capable of isolating Read entire story

House Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

A bill to let Pennsylvania patients who suffer from a list of ailments obtain marijuana for therapeutic purposes easily passed the state House on Wednesday, leaving only approval by the Senate, which overwhelmingly passed a similar bill last year. The House voted 149-43 for legislation that would set standards for growers, dispensaries and physicians. Patients could take the drug in pill, oil or liquid form, but would not be able to obtain Read entire story

Holy Smokes! CANNABIS has Preserved Ancient Indian Artwork in the Sacred Ellora Caves for 1,500 Years

Artists may have often turned to drugs at times to help them find inspiration, but it seems cannabis has also played a role in preserving precious artworks within ancient caves in India. A mixture of hemp, clay and lime plaster is responsible for preserving paintings and intricately carved scenes in the sacred Ellora Caves, which were hewn from rock 1,500 years ago. This is because it regulates humidity and deters pesky insects, which have Read entire story