Premier Wants Feds to Delay Legalizing Pot

Manitoba’s premier believes legal pot sellers will be forced to compete with gangs and lack a sufficient supply of the drug to do so. Premier Brian Pallister he expects the “unrealistic” federal timeline that mandates pot sales be legalized by July 2018 will lead to direct competition between legal and illegal sellers. He plans to lobby fellow premiers at a first ministers meeting in Edmonton next week to join his call to delay that Read entire story

Marijuana taxes are giving Colorado a pot of money to rebuild its crumbling schools

Cannabis taxes are raising tens of millions of dollars that are going straight to the state’s school-building fund. The K-12 school in Deer Trail, Colorado, is in rot. The swimming pool is in such grave shape that students can’t use it anymore. People in wheelchairs have to be lifted up stairs. A sewage leak has closed the coach’s locker room. Even basic security is a problem, as the doors are so out of shape that… (c) Cannabis Culture - Read entire story

The Advantages of Buying Marijuana from Online Dispensaries

Marijuana in Canada is still available for medicinal use only, but come July 2018, it will be available for purchase for recreational use. While the government is taking this time to figure out the various logistics and supply and demand issues, one thing is clear, it will be more easily available and users will have more options on where to purchase their marijuana from. Will more people buy weed online in Canada or through dispensaries Read entire story

Advocates Make Final Push for Marijuana Legalization

Bill faces uphill climb in legislative session's final two weeks. Advocates for the legalization of marijuana were at the state Capitol on Monday to plead with state lawmakers not to let their hopes for the creation of a recreational market go up in smoke for yet another year. Lawmakers and advocates are backing legislation that would regulate and tax an industry that would be open to those who are 21 years of age or older.… (c) Cannabis Read entire story

This is Nattaly Brown. She’s 7, has Cancer, and Uses Medical Marijuana

Alyssa Schuck smiled as she pulled at the light brown hair sticking out of her daughter's hat. "A ponytail?" For Nattaly Brown, this was a milestone. Her hair, now poking out of her glittery cap, had grown. And growing hair means so much more these days. Nattaly was diagnosed three years ago with rhabdomyosarcoma, cancer that affects tissue and lymph nodes. The 7-year-old Battle Creek, Michigan, girl has battled rounds of chemotherapy, radiation Read entire story

The Cannabis Arcanum of Paracelsus

CANNABIS CULTURE - The techniques of preparation for disease fighting, life preserving elixirs was the core for many medieval and renaissance alchemists, and this was an adaption from Islamic influences that came into Europe following the Crusades. In references to figures such as “Lully, Paracelsus, Jerome Cardan, etc” Albert G. Mackey in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, wrote that these  figures were not “occultists…They had been physicians and Read entire story

What I Learned From Being Robbed

When criminals attempted to rob me personally, my co-worker chose to fight back and I backed him up - they fled with nothing and left behind a hat, a gold necklace, and a gun. Real gun, fake bullets. Fighting back felt good but had the gun contained real bullets we could have been shot and killed.  A robbery - especially an armed robbery - can terrorize staff members and destroy a business. I personally have… (c) Cannabis Culture - Read Read entire story

This Denver Company is Taking Cannabis Pain Relief to New Heights

If it works like a medicine, then it ought to look like one. This is one of the guiding principles of Mary’s Medicinals, the Colorado company that specializes in pairing the innovative with the familiar in its avant-garde catalog of cannabis-based pain-relief products. Known best for its award-winning debut product - a patented transdermal cannabis patch that delivers pain relief through the bloodstream using a system called extended release Read entire story

Weed Yoga, Naked Yoga, Yoga With HGoats: Have We Reached Peak Namaste?

A pungent fog blankets Goda Yoga in Culver City. It’s Friday night and the studio is packed, with overflow mats extending down the back hall to the bathroom. Votive candles and sitar music set the mood. But this class offers a whiff — actually plenty — of something extra: the unmistakable scent of marijuana. Participants vape, then stretch. It’s yoga with deep breathing. And, after several inhalations, a lot of coughing. - Read the Read entire story

Uruguay Government Legalizes Sale of Recreational Cannabis in Pharmacies

Government hopes formalisation process will 'guarantee the quality and the purity of the product' citizens consume, head of the National Drug Board says. Uruguay’s three-year process of legalising recreational cannabis consumption reached its final stage on Thursday, when the government said it would authorise pharmacies to begin selling the substance as of July. Sixteen pharmacies have registered with the government of the tiny South American Read entire story

Legalizing Medical Marijuana in Australia Will ‘Save Lives’, comedian Wil Anderson says

The funnyman and television personality has battled osteoarthritis for years and is open about his daily use of medical marijuana to ease the condition’s crippling impact on his body. And if that use was legalised in Australia, Anderson believes it would save lives. “For me the only thing that truly treats it in a day-to-day way, that I can live my life and go on with it, has been medical marijuana,” he has said in… (c) Cannabis Culture - Read entire story

Cannabis Oil Producer Jenny Hallam Faces Jail After Being Charged with Criminal Offences

A south Australian cannabis oil producer has been charged with criminal offences which carry potential jail terms of at least 10 years. Jenny Hallam, of Hillier, was served with a summons at the Gawler Police Station on Friday afternoon alleging she had been found in possession of cannabis oil for supply and had manufactured a controlled drug. Speaking live on social media outside the police station, she urged her supporters to rally behind her Read entire story

Cannabis Culture Stores Remain Open Across Canada Despite Toronto Closures

CANNABIS CULTURE – They arrest our staff and leaders. They raid our stores and lounges to steal and destroy our property. They try to kill what our company represents and erase our existence – but no army, politician or police force can stop an idea whose time has come. I am sad to announce that all of our Cannabis Culture locations in Toronto and Hamilton have been forced to close their doors. Unfortunately, repeated raids,… (c) Cannabis Read entire story

On Campus: Gold Standard for Medical Cannabis

There is mounting evidence of the efficacy of medical cannabis for a wide range of conditions, yet regulators – as well as physicians and patients – call for assurances that safe, consistent and well-quantified products can be delivered. Research at Loyalist College, which recently received Health Canada approval for a Controlled Drugs and Substances Licence for the purpose of research and analysis of medical cannabis, will provide much-needed Read entire story

Higher: Cannabis as Holistic Herb for Extreme Athletes and Sliding Sport Enthusiasts

According to the British Journal of Sport Medicine, “Athletes engaged in extreme sports are likely to use cannabis.” Many who’ve stood in a chairlift line at a winter resort, walked past a skatepark that’s just off the beaten path, or sat barefoot on a beach while surfers ride lunar nudges to the sea would know by little more than following their nose that the many cultures of extreme/sliding sport are deeply connected to cannabis Read entire story

World’s First Marijuana Gym is in (Where Else?) California

McAlpine, who is already hosting Power Plant boot camps, wants people to know this isn’t going to be “a stoner gym.” While cannabis use is welcome, the focus is on fitness, he said. “For the people that it affects the right way, cannabis can make working out fun,” McAlpine said. “If you make it more fun, people are going to do it more.” McAlpine said personally, cannabis helps him control his weight and focus during… (c) Cannabis Culture Read entire story

Three Fighters Test Positive for Marijuana at UFC Fight Night 104

Three UFC fighters have failed drug tests and have been sanctioned in the state of Texas. But not with USADA. Niko Price, Curtis Blaydes and Abel Trujillo all tested positive for marijuana in in-competition drug tests in relation to UFC Fight Night 104 in Houston, sources told MMA Fighting on Friday. All three have been suspended 90 days and fined $1,000 by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), sources said. Victories by Read entire story

Inside GrassFed’s Pop-Up Cannabis Cuisine & Virtual Reality Soiree

“I’m so glad you could make it. Okay, let me give you the tour. As you can see, there’s an assortment of brownies. They’re all infused. Later, we’ll have infused ice cream. For now, there’s the vape bar. Both indoor and outdoor flowers. And, once you’re feeling good and high, you should try the virtual reality.” This is how Dan Braunstein, founder of GrassFed, gives me the short tour and introduces me to his pop-up… (c) Cannabis Culture - Read entire story

Better than Bingo? Seniors Take Field Trip to Seattle Pot Store

Bingo was never that interesting. “I didn’t know what to expect,” said Barbara Krause, 84, of the field trip she and other residents of an assisted-living community took Thursday to a Seattle pot store. “I was raised at time when you didn’t do marijuana.” After a tour of the Vela store in Sodo, and getting a look at Suncliff, an adjacent growing and processing business, Krause came away impressed. “It was very professional. I’m Read entire story

Why the Patients Are the Biggest Losers in Big Pharma’s Involvement in Cannabis-Based Medication

If there are any reasons to the chronic halt in the legalization of the medicinal use of marijuana in many countries, it is now sure that these reasons would include, if they are not headed by, the pharmaceutical companies' lobbying against it. Marijuana has been proven for decades to have a curative effect on patients of a wide array of diseases, and the bigger the list grew, the fiercer the fight got. The story of… (c) Cannabis Culture Read entire story