Uk Government Must Look into Legalizing Cannabis, Says Former Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe

Former Metropolitan Police chief Bernard Hogan-Howe has called for an urgent review of the evidence supporting cannabis legalisation. It marks a significant shift in the attitude of the ex-police commissioner, who backed tough laws against cannabis during his time leading Scotland Yard. The veteran police officer of nearly 40 years was made a life peer last year. Lord Hogan-Howe said the Home Office must now reconsider its position following the Read entire story

See Inside the Marijuana Facility Growing Some of Massachusetts’ First Legal Recreational Cannabis

The rows of marijuana plants sway under bright lights. A chef is preparing to dye gummy cubes different colors, while a worker labels packages. As it prepares to enter Massachusetts' legal market for recreational marijuana, New England Treatment Access has spent the last two years expanding. "It's a question of scale," said Norton Arbelaez, director of government affairs for NETA. NETA was one of the first two companies, along with Cultivate Read entire story

Marijuana Arrests are Increasing Despite Legalization, New FBI Data Shows

Marijuana arrests are rising in the U.S., even as more states legalize cannabis. There is now an average of one marijuana bust roughly every 48 seconds, according to a new FBI report released on Monday. The increase in marijuana arrests—659,700 in 2017, compared to 653,249 in 2016—is driven by enforcement against people merely possessing the drug as opposed to selling or growing it, the data shows. Last year, there were 599,282 marijuana Read entire story

Toronto Company Offers Cash to ‘Cannabis Connoisseurs’ to Smoke

Toronto-based company AHLOT is offering up to $1,000 a month to 5 pot aficionados. Getting paid to smoke pot is no longer a toker's daydream. A cannabis firm is looking to hire five pot aficionados from across the country to sample the company's wares and get paid to do it. Toronto-based company AHLOT is offering up to $1,000 a month to five "cannabis connoisseurs" to sample various strains of marijuana. - Read the entire article… (c) Read entire story

Cannabis Lounges Aren’t on the Table in Alberta — Yet. Here’s How They’re Shaping Up Elsewhere

Letting cannabis users light up without smoke blowing into other people’s faces is a dilemma governments from coast to coast are facing. With Alberta butting out the idea of smoke lounges for now, proprietors in jurisdictions such as Ontario, British Columbia, and the U.S. state of Colorado have taken bold steps to demonstrate how such facilities can work. And some, like Tiara Sillet, are already paying their bills off of the idea. Sillet and Read entire story

This Oil Infusion Appliance is the Kitchenaid of Cannabis

While private pop-up dinners, farm-to-table feasts and Insta-famous chefs are ruling the cannabis cuisine scene right now, LEVO is changing the game for curious home cooks. First launched in 2017, the appliance makes the infusion of oil and butter from dry cannabis flower as easy as the touch of a button and now, the company is readying for the release of the LEVO II—an even more streamlined experience packed with improved features and innovative Read entire story

The Good Fight of the Friendly Licenced Producer

As recreational cannabis legalization gets set to finally happen there is no denying that the cannabis industry is going to be big business. Cannabis legalization will open a lot of different markets in both the recreational and medical areas. Dry flower, oils and concentrates, vaping, edibles and more all offer opportunities for companies to grow within an expanding industry. As such, there will be many players trying to stake a claim. With Read entire story

‘I Don’t Think I Look Like a Stoner’: the Women Changing the Face of the Cannabis Industry

As weed’s legal status loosens across the US, the way cannabis is being marketed, sold and celebrated is evolving. An industry that has been dominated by men is finding a female voice in consumers and new business owners. Search #womenofweed on Instagram and you’ll find a female chef drizzling cannabis oil on to a soup, and a woman relaxing in a rose-petalled bath with a spliff in hand. These are women who are celebrating cannabis… (c) Read entire story

Toronto Clubs Bringing Together Cannabis and Comedy

It’s an age-old pairing that’s sparked a sub-genre of films, shows and standup acts: cannabis and comedy. “You just have to watch a Cheech and Chong movie to know that cannabis makes you susceptible to laughter,” says Mark Breslin, founder of Yuk Yuk’s comedy clubs in Canada. Yet stoned audiences are often the toughest to make laugh, say standup comics, who note that what high crowds lack in audible appreciation they make up for in… (c) Read entire story

Lawmakers in U.S. Territory Vote to Legalize Marijuana

Legislators in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a U.S. territory, have approved a bill to legalize marijuana. By a margin of 18 - 1, with one abstention, the CNMI House of Representatives passed the legislation, which would end cannabis prohibition for adults over 21 and create a system of taxed and regulated sales. It would also allow medical marijuana and industrial hemp. In May, the Senate approved a similar marijuana Read entire story

|Why I Traded in My Wine for Weed

I stopped smoking marijuana years ago. But with pot being pitched as the answer to everything from stress to sleeplessness, I decided to find out if cannabis is the fastest route to wellness. Introducing the new world of weed. I’ve never really liked smoking pot. More to the point, I’ve never really liked the way pot makes me feel: foggy and sleepy and clumsy. Once, while stoned, I attempted to make a peppermint tea and… (c) Cannabis Read entire story

Ontario is Going to Privatize Weed Sales

The Ontario government will allow legal cannabis to be sold in private stores, a reversal of the previous Liberal government’s decision to give the provincial liquor regulator exclusive rights over retail sales. Under former premier Kathleen Wynne, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario was to have a monopoly of weed sales in the province, with 40 stores to open in 2018, followed by 80 in 2019 and 150 by 2020. Sources told VICE News Read entire story

How Self-Care And Women’s Health Are Shaping The Cannabis Industry

It’s impossible to deny the spending power of women. They are responsible for 70 to 80% of consumer spending in the United States and play a major role in influencing the buying choices of their friends and family. With the cannabis market in legal states projected to grow 150% by 2021, female consumers are also playing a major role in shaping the industry through embracing cannabis as a wellness product. Women are increasingly turning Read entire story

Injured Workers in Ontario Advised to Seek Opioids Instead of Cannabis

Why are Ontario’s injured workers being told to seek opioids over medical marijuana? Injured workers in Ontario, Canada who wish to treat their conditions with cannabis are being forced to use opiates instead. According to the CBC, the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is refusing to cover cannabis for patients licensed to use medical marijuana. Some private insurers in Canada began offering coverage for medicinal marijuana in Read entire story

Half Of Pediatricians Say Their Patients Have Used Medical Weed, Study Finds

"We thought it was less than that," says principal investigator Richard Belanger. About half of pediatric doctors surveyed about cannabis say they've encountered a young patient who had used marijuana for a medical reason. The questionnaire for the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program found 419 of 835 respondents had a patient who had used either authorized or unauthorized cannabis for some sort of medical relief. The one-time study did not Read entire story

Sophia Gibson: Cannabis Oil Wait Girl Admitted to Hospital

A seven-year-old girl who is waiting to hear if she can be treated with medicinal cannabis oil has been admitted to intensive care. Sophia Gibson, from Newtownards, County Down, suffers from a genetic condition which can lead to frequent fits. Her parents have applied for a licence to use the oil. However, they said that a new review of its benefits has created more red tape and called on the Home Office to grant the… (c) Cannabis Culture Read entire story

Organic Farmer Wins Best Pitch for $1 Million Cannabis Investment

An organic farmer has cleared the first hurdle in receiving $1 million to build a greenhouse to grow organic cannabis in southern Ontario. Mike Matthews, a farmer and founder of Bella Vista Cannabis, said if everything works out, the money would be used to build a 465 sq. m (5,000 sq. ft) greenhouse to grow organic cannabis. With the investment, he said he hopes to have the first crop harvested by early 2019. “Negotiations for… (c) Read entire story

Mum to Climb Mountain in Plea for Medicinal Cannabis

A mother who is pleading for a licence for medicinal cannabis for her sick toddler who suffers from seizures plans to climb Croagh Patrick this Sunday in order to highlight her plight. Michael O’Neill, who will be two at the end of August, has a neurological condition called bilateral frontal polymicrogyric, which involves him having too many folds on the frontal lobes of his brain. He has experienced severe seizures which are currently reduced Read entire story

Cannabis and the Border: What Pot-Smoking Canadians Need to Know

'I see a wall on the northern border for Canadians because of marijuana,' immigration lawyer says. Each day, 400,000 Canadians cross the Canada-U.S. border. Beginning Oct. 17, 2018, more and more of those travellers could be forced to answer an uncomfortable question posed by wary American customs officers: Have you ever smoked pot? Those who tell the truth risk being banned from the United States for life and might have to apply for special Read entire story

Smoking Weed Legally Could Still Get You Fired

Weed legalization in Canada is going to have a profound effect on the workplace and will likely lead to lawsuits over dismissals, experts tell VICE. Eric Madore was relieved. The 28-year-old Collingwood, Ontario resident had finally landed a job that was manageable given his many health issues, including severe liver disease. But he’d only been working a day as a school bus driver when he said he was fired over his choice of medication. Read entire story