Fruity Chronic Juice

Information about Fruity Chronic Juice: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering timeIf there were such a thing as an overachieving strain, Fruity Chronic Juice would be it. Not only is it highly potent, with THC levels climbing up to 22%, it is also rich in CBD – boasting values of 5% to 8%. The plant itself is highly resistant to mold and can withstand diseases brought by pests. Even better, its original breeder has Read entire story

South Asian Sativa

Information about South Asian Sativa: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering timeThe term South Asian Sativa does not actually refer to a single strain. Instead, it refers to any pure Sativa native to that part of the world. Though the region covers a vast area, all the Sativas there share common similarities – including their fruity and diesel scent, preference for sunny weather, as well as long flowering periods Read entire story


Information about SleeSkunk: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering timeDNA Genetics ranks high among the world's best hash producers. Most of their strains, if not all, are famed for their resin production and great effects and flavors. SleeSkunk is one such example.Carrying the tradition, SleeSkunk produces buds heavily coated in crystal trichomes. Nothing short of spectacular, each nug sparkles like diamonds even Read entire story

New York’s Health Department Report Backs Marijuana Legalization

July 18, 2018, New YorkIn the start of this year, the governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo commissioned the state’s health department to study and assess the implications of cannabis legalization. The department has finalized its report this Monday. In the report, the department has talked about a wide range of implications of the legalization and a regulated market of recreational cannabis. The report has given cannabis advocates a good enough Read entire story

How Marijuana’s Medical Benefits Could Benefit You

How Marijuana’s Medical Benefits Could Benefit You: It’s All About Cannabinoids How Can Marijuana Help Me? This Sounds Great – Why Hasn’t Marijuana Been Fully Legalized Yet? Final Thoughts on What Medical Marijuana Can Do for YouThe following is an article produced by a contributing author. I Love Growing Marijuana does not endorse nor evaluate the claims of our contributors, nor do they influence our editorial process. We thank our contributors Read entire story

Michigan’s Frustrating MMJ Licensing Delays

July 10, 2018, MichiganMichigan residents are going to vote on adult-use cannabis in a public ballot this November. But MMJ patients in the state are still wondering when the regulators would start issuing licenses to MMJ dispensaries. Michigan legalized medical cannabis 10 years ago and it took eight years from the authorities to come up with a Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act addressing the issue of regulations and Read entire story

CBD: the future of antibiotic medication?

CBD: the future of antibiotic medication?: A re-emergence of science which began in the 1950s CBD THC The future of cannabis-based antibiotic medicineWith just one new class of antibiotics discovered in more than 30 years, scientists are searching hard for a new answer to tackle the increasing concern of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which has a knack of evolving rapidly. Encouragingly, several cannabinoids in the cannabis plant appear to have Read entire story

Maine Legislators Override Governor’s Veto of MMJ’s Expansion Bill

July 11, 2018, MaineGreat news has come from Maine for cannabis activists where legislators have overturned Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of MMJ expansion bill, known as L.D. 1539. The state’s House of Representative has overturned the LePage’s veto of the bill with an overwhelming majority of 119-23. The Senate has also voted 25-8 to overturn the veto. Both chambers of the legislature have voted on the question ‘shall L.D. 1539 become a part Read entire story

Oklahoma’s Department of Health Bans the Sales of Medical Cannabis in All Smokable Forms

July 11, 2018, OklahomaProponents of medical marijuana in Oklahoma are not pleased with the Department of Health's ruling to ban the sales of cannabis for smoking. The decision has come within 24 hours of the joint press conference of pharmacists and physicians demanding a ban on all forms of cannabis sales that can be smoked. It was one of the demands among many.  People censuring the decision are of the thought that the ban is in Read entire story

State Act has Stuck in a Congressional Black Hole

June 25, 2018In the first week of June, Coloradan Senator Cory Gardner presented a bill in Congress called States Act. In short, it demands the strengthening of the 10th Amendment. Initially, it seemed like the bill would be well received by the lawmakers. One of the reasons for this optimism was the support from President Trump who hinted that he might approve the bill.  Senator Gardner was also very hopeful for the bill after talking to the Read entire story

The Best Cannabis and Food Pairings

The Best Cannabis and Food Pairings: How to Pair Cannabis Strains with Food In ConclusionAh, food and cannabis. Few things in life go so well together than a bag of weed and the munchies. Of all my favorite things I can write about, these two definitely make it on the list.With the increasing number of marijuana strains in the market today, it kind of makes sense for people to experiment with different food pairings to see which combinations Read entire story

FDA Approves First Organic Cannabis-Based Medicine

June 26, 2018After a long overdue, the has finally approved a drug derived from cannabis. Epidiolex is a medication for epileptic seizures that have CBD as its main ingredient. Before that, the FDA has approved several medications containing synthetic derivates of cannabis.  However, this is the first time when a drug derived from organic extracts of cannabis flower has been approved by the FDA. Epidiolex is developed and manufactured by a Read entire story

What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer

What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer: What is the best temperature for a dry herb vaporizer? What is the best temperature for a wax vaporizer? What is the best temperature for an oil vaporizer? What is the best temperature for my box mod? How to choose the right temperature?Living in this age of technology can be simultaneously confusing and rewarding, and there may be no better industry that represents this than the burgeoning portable Read entire story

New York Approves MMJ as a Prescribed Opioid Alternative

June 19, 2018, New YorkNew York has seen some substantial marijuana reforms in the last couple 0of months. In fact, last month, the NYC mayor directed the law-enforcement bodies to not arrest people with minor cannabis possessions. Now, the state is going to expand its MMJ program by adding opioid addiction to the list of qualifying medical conditions. Patients with an opioid prescription can be enrolled in the program to use cannabis as an Read entire story

GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent

GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent: Multifaceted Tent Sturdy Framework Highly Reflective Material/ Thermal Protection Intake and Exhaust Ports Movable Roof Cross-Members Purchasing GrowLab GL80LBrand recognition is driven by numerous factors, two of which are innovation and continuous improvements or upgrades. Such is the case with GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent. This cozy home of marijuana plants is easy to assemble and disassemble and can fit 2 x 2 feet tray.A Read entire story

Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabinol (CBN): What is Cannabinol (CBN) and How Does it Affect You? Where to Get Cannabinol (CBN)?We are currently aware of over a hundred types of cannabinoids, each having a unique impact. Since there isn’t much information available on cannabinol (CBN), many people assume it is a less potent derivative of THC. Cannabis plants contain only a limited amount of CBN in their flowers, and it definitely does not have the psychoactive effects of Read entire story


Information about Athabasca: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering timeAthabasca is a high CBD strain produced and distributed by the Canadian licensed producer Aphria. It gets its name from Lake Athabasca, a peaceful getaway loved by Canadians for its lush forest green trees and great views conveniently right in between the cities of Alberta and Saskatchewan.This hybrid is Aphria's rendition of the famous Read entire story

Paris XXX

Information about Paris XXX: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering timeIts name alone is enough to stir thoughts of pornography. To a certain extent, there is some truth. One thing that may validate such assumption is its ability to lead users to the path of arousal. On that note, one can say that naming it Paris XXX is indeed fitting.A mostly Indica hybrid, Paris XXX took much of its heritage from OG Kush and Read entire story

Types Of Marijuana – Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis

Different types of weed: Historical origins Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Indica Cannabis Ruderalis Hemp What are hybrids? Male plants Female plants Hermaphrodite plants Types of seeds Sinsemilla THC and CBDAll variations of Cannabis plants are not exactly the same and they also come in both the male and female variety. Some are tall and skinny, others are short and stout, and still others are much smaller.The Cannabis plant is also known Read entire story

Moon Dust: All-in-One Plant Food

Moon Dust: All-in-One Plant Food: All-In-One Plant Food for All Mediums Moon Dust in Dealzer A Winning Plant FoodNutrients play a significant role in the lives of marijuana plants. Too much or too little and it can stunt the growth. Besides the amount, the medium used and the growth stage also determines which type of mixture is used. For many growers, especially beginners, picking the right fertilizer can be confusing. And, that is where Moon Read entire story