The Best Weed Clothes Available for Sale Online

Are you looking for the best weed clothes for sale online? If so, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best weed clothes on the market right now. If you see any weed clothes that you are interested in, simply click on the title of the product or the image for more details! Society is a great place to express yourself and open up to different people. What you wear helps define who you are as a person. If you’re looking for ways to make your Read entire story

Heat Stress And Marijuana Plants

In this article we will discuss: What is heat stress Signs of heat stress How to fix heat stress problems Marijuana plant symptoms Heat stress is most common for indoor plants. Growing marijuana indoors is the most effective at a temperature of between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the plants’ period of light, and somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit during their period of darkness. If your plants are enriched with carbon Read entire story

Pot of Gold Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

Just like its name, Pot of Gold is like a treasure at the end of the rainbow. Especially if you’re an Indica fan, it will give you qualities of true Indica strains. This weed forms a thick, luscious bush of medium height. Its bud formation is dense and with a bit of trimming it will form a heavy canopy. The buds are very sticky and extremely resinous. Can you buy Pot of Gold marijuana seeds online? Yes, you can order Pot of Gold seeds on Read entire story

Is Marijuana a Performance Enhancer?

Many of the athletes —climbers, runners, cyclers, or skiers— often use cannabis as their training tool. Athletes often use marijuana as their training tool for before engaging in tremendous activities for they believe in its performance-enhancing. Benefits of cannabis are well known, so it is undeniably way too mainstream for everyone to see some athletes carried out a pot-fueled routine before engaging in tremendous activities. Marijuana as a Read entire story

How Does Pot Affect Memory?

The latest research on the effect of cannabis on memory has shows that it affects spatial memory but not associative memory. Smoking marijuana might not affect your memory of what you and your friends talked about while walking around town, but you might not remember exac... (c) High Times - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Thank You To Our Sponsor Sierra Natural Science

Sierra Natural Science Inc. is founded on and dedicated to a sustainable corporate concept of linked prosperity. Their mission path consists of 4 interrelated parts that together lead to a well-rounded mission that everyone can be proud of. The Social Mission: To operate a company that actively pursues a central role in society by initiating innovation in organic and natural material processing, manufacturing, technology and recycling to improve Read entire story

How Marijuana Is Being Embraced By The Wellness Movement

Picture this: you’re watching Scandal. After a long day of stealth and subterfuge, Olivia Pope has returned home, wrapped herself in a white cashmere robe and is ready to unwind. But instead of a glass of red wine, maybe she sips some tea infused with peppermint and cannabis, perhaps Evergreen Herbal’s caffeine-free chai “with bold flavors of cinnamon, clove and cardamom.” Or eats a handful of nuts roasted with cannabis from Julie’s Natural Read entire story

Activists criticize pace of medical marijuana rollout – Boston Herald

Boston HeraldActivists criticize pace of medical marijuana rolloutBoston HeraldVendors and attendees at the New England Cannabis Convention expressed frustration over the slow rollout of medical marijuana since voters overwhelmingly approved using pot as a treatment option in 2012. “It's way too slow,” said Jill Osborn, the ...and more » (c) medical marijuana - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

California Marijuana Legalization 2015: New Medical Marijuana Law Rankles Top … – International Business Times

International Business TimesCalifornia Marijuana Legalization 2015: New Medical Marijuana Law Rankles Top ...International Business TimesCalifornia lawmakers quietly passed Friday the state's most significant medical-marijuana legislation in almost two decades, but some leaders in the space worry that the law's good intentions could get lost in the weeds. Paving the way for what ...California Will Finally Regulate Its Medical Marijuana Read entire story

Seattle Hempfest 2014

It’s just about time for the Seattle Hempfest again. It will be taking place this Friday through Sunday on Aug 15,16 and 17. This will be one heck of a party considering that Washington finally got its recreational marijuana stores open. Expect to see quite a few marijuana tourists from around the nation. CannaCon is being billed as the worlds largest marijuana trade show will be going on simultaneously at the Tacoma Dome with free bus Read entire story

Will Alaska Legalize Marijuana? Different Polls, Different Results

There are several major marijuana legalization votes coming up on election day. Both Alaska and Oregon have full legalization on the ballot. Florida will vote on legalizing medical marijuana and Washington DC will also vote to legalize weed but without legalizing sales. Also of interest Guam, a US Territory, will vote on medical marijuana. Election day is not really that far off, but there are still no real solid polls that show which way Alaska Read entire story

California Medical Marijuana Bill Killed for 2014

California Medical Marijuana Bill Killed for 2014, Exceptions and the Rule in Sacramento, and the Perspective from Fresno. Thursday, August 14 marked the death of California’s medical marijuana regulation bill for the year. The California Assembly Appropriations Committee failed to pass Senate Bill 1262 that afternoon. The bill had until Thursday to be validated by Appropriations, and until the end of August to pass in the Assembly. The bill was Read entire story

Marijuana and Midterm Elections

Marijuana and Midterm Elections: How the Vote Affects Northern California. The legalization of marijuana was on the ballot and voters’ minds locally and across the country. Many California cities and counties passed bans on collectives, cooperatives, and dispensaries. Two Lake County regarding marijuana, Measures O and P, were defeated. This guarantees the restrictive Measure N will remain in place. On a positive note, Alaska, D.C., and Oregon Read entire story

New York to Become 23rd Medical Marijuana State

Senate, Assembly and Governor Announce Deal.Thousands Will Still Benefit, Although Bill Excludes Smoked Marijuana ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and legislative leaders announced an agreement on Thursday for a pilot program to provide access to marijuana to sick New Yorkers, making the state one of the largest to embrace the drug’s use as medicine. (c) Medical Marijuana News - THCbiz - Read entire story here. Read entire story

FDA Looking Into Rescheduling Marijuana

The Food and Drug Administration is considering reclassifying cannabis or de-listing it altogether, which would end the federal ban. U.S. regulators are studying whether restrictions on marijuana should be eased -- a step toward decriminalizing the drug at the federal level, reports Bloomberg. (c) Medical Marijuana News - THCbiz - Read entire story here. Read entire story

September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance

As we mark the anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, we again have an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable service, compassion and patriotism of so many Americans. The heroism of first responders who ran in as others ran out. The courage of everyday citizens on United Flight 93 who sacrificed themselves to avert greater carnage. The compassion of tireless workers at ground zero who risked their health to recover remains. In Read entire story

California Legislative Roundup 2015

The California Legislature adjourned tonight, following a session that included more than a dozen bills concerning medical cannabis. Patients, providers, and other stakeholders scored some big victories in Sacramento this year, and now we have important work to do. ASA is committed to working hard to build on the momentum of the legislative session. We are going to be aggressively defending new rights won this year, helping write new regulations Read entire story

Mystery Marijuana Plane Lands in Houston

Monday, November 20, at the Executive Airport in Houston, Texas, a small aircraft failed to answer calls from the control tower, leaving them in the fog… After landing with the wind behind it, the small twin-engine plane skidded off the track ending up with its nose in the grass. The plane that landed full of marijuana at Houston Executive Airport The radio remained silent. When the airport authorities arrived at the plane, it was empty. Read entire story

Cannabis in California: A local and federal divide

The recent history of cannabis in California  demonstrates a split between state and federal law that is rapidly widening. The first U.S. state to have, in 1913, prohibited the use of the devil’s herb imported by Mexican immigrants that was “marijuana”, California was also the first to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis in 1996. 15 years of legal ambiguity on medicinal marijuana Dancers prepare at a pro-cannabis rally in Read entire story