Norway’s former Foreign Minister Thorvald Stoltenberg to receive Cannabis Culture Award 2012 in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, 26 April 2012. Norway’s Former Foreign Minister Thorvald Stoltenberg receives the award on behalf of the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Other winners are: Dr. Lester Grinspoon (extraordinary Professor of Psychiatry of the Harvard Medical School) and Dr. Frederick Polak (one of the most experienced and respected Dutch psychiatrists in the area of drug use). The Cannabis Culture Awards 2012 are presented by  former Dutch Prime Read entire story

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Blue DreamThe Blue Dream Marijuana strain has become a very well known strain. This California classic is a sativa dominate hybrid popular among connoisseurs and growers.Blue dream is known for its strength, growth vigor and its potent uplifting high that gives you energy at first, and ends with a nice relaxing buzz. You can find this strain at just about any dispensary.While there are some questions about its exact genetics, its said to come Read entire story

Getting High For The First Time; A First Time Pot Smokers Experience

Guest Post By: AdonijahWe all have our stories about the first time we got high, some good, some not so good, some extraordinary. I want to share with you my first time floating with the Gods and how I felt, so sit back, relax and toke with me. Perhaps this will help some of you first time users out there who are thinking about trying Cannabis but just don't know how it will make you feel.First Time With HerbI've had plenty of opportunities to Read entire story

ALS survivor says marijuana saved her, fights to legalize it – WTSP 10 News

Bradenton HeraldALS survivor says marijuana saved her, fights to legalize itWTSP 10 News"We're flat out legalization but regulate," said Bob. Cathy has Lou Gehrig's disease or ALS. It's deadly and there's no known cure. But, she is a 30-year survivor of it. The married couple of 33 years attributes that to marijuana. "It's a horrible ...Parrish couple gathers more signatures for legalized marijuana Read entire story

Momentum builds for marijuana legalization – Rutland Herald

Christian Science MonitorMomentum builds for marijuana legalizationRutland HeraldMONTPELIER — The force behind efforts to legalize marijuana in Vermont continues to gain momentum as influential policymakers embrace the idea and advocates prepare to descend on the State House in January to push their cause. Democratic House ...Colorado raises $150 million from marijuana. Will more states legalize?Christian Science MonitorGroup aiming to get Read entire story

MPP’s Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Consumers for 2015

MPP is pleased to announce the release of our annual list of the “Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Consumers” in the United States! President Barack Obama is at the top of the list, followed by several 2016 presidential candidates. At least eight (and as many as 17) of the 23 major-party presidential hopefuls have said or strongly indicated that they have consumed marijuana: Jeb Bush, Lincoln Chafee, Ted Cruz, George Pataki, Rand Paul, Marco Read entire story

New Hope for Casualties of Georgia’s Failed Prohibition Policies

Georgia has begun releasing marijuana and other drug offenders who were sentenced under the state’s harsh sentencing laws. The new law allows those facing life sentences for illicit sales to be considered for parole. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to those facing sentences just for possession. Following adoption of a misguided “get tough on crime” campaign in the 90’s, many Georgians found themselves in horrifically long prison terms for Read entire story

UPDATE: Marijuana grown in Southern Colorado headed to Cuba – KRDO

KRDOUPDATE: Marijuana grown in Southern Colorado headed to CubaKRDOA source inside the U.S. District Attorney's Office said a group growing marijuana in Southern Colorado planned to ship it to Cuba. The source also said a "fair number" of those arrested in the raids are from Cuba.Authorities raid illegal marijuana grow in Cotopaxi, WestcliffeChaffee County Timesall 26 news articles » (c) marijuana growing - Google News - Read Read entire story

Hundreds of plants seized from marijuana growing operation in Fremont – WMUR Manchester

WMUR ManchesterHundreds of plants seized from marijuana growing operation in FremontWMUR ManchesterAuthorities found 230 live plants with a street value of $500,000. Inside a shed, they also discovered a significant amount of dried marijuana. It was hidden in hay bales and ready for sale. Inside a camper, they found a small amount of marijuana and ...and more » (c) marijuana growing - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

The Best Grinder for Weed to Buy Online

Are you looking for the best grinder for weed for sale online? If so, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best weed grinders on the market right now. If you see a grinder for weed that you are interested in, simply click on the title of the product or the image for more details! 10. Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Tobacco Spice Herb Weed Grinder – Color:Nickel Black – $7.98 The Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Tobacco Spice Herb Weed Read entire story

The Best Clothing Items With a Marijuana Flower

Are you looking for the best clothes with a marijuana flower for sale online? If so, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best clothing items on the market right now. If you see any with a marijuana flower that you are interested in, simply click on the title of the product or the image for more details! 10. 5 Pair Marijuana Weed Leaf Printed Low Cut Ankle Cotton Socks – $7.29 5 Pair Marijuana Weed Leaf Printed Low Cut Ankle Cotton Socks Read entire story

The Decriminalization of Marijuana Infographic

To celebrate Illinois becoming the 20th to legalize medical marijuana, our friends over at Top Criminal Justice Schools have provided us with this comprehensive infographic illustrating “The Decriminalization of Marijuana”. The future of medical marijuana legalization looks bright, with several states looking to pass pro-marijuana legislation in the coming years. Source: The Decriminalization of Marijuana (c) weGrow Official Blog - Read entire story

Increase Your Marijuana Yield

In this article we will discuss: Increasing the light intensity Increasing yield by pruning Using the best nutrients Create the perfect climate Harvest at the right time Marijuana plant symptoms Choosing the right genetics For every marijuana grower, achieving a high final yield is the ultimate goal. In an ideal world, this yield will be high despite less effort, time, and money being used. There are a number of factors that can negatively Read entire story

How To Identify Root Problems In Marijuana Plants

In this article we will discuss: How do root problems occur Hydrogen peroxide to fix root problems Marijuana plant symptoms Strong roots mean a healthy, thriving marijuana plant. Depending on the strain it may be more likely to have root problems than the others. Taking very good care of the roots will result in a happy plant, which is exactly what you want. Read this article and learn how to identify and prevent root problems with your Read entire story

Spannabis 2015 – back from Barcelona and world’s biggest Cannabis Event

We meet Jorge Cervantes and watch some footie Just back from Spannabis 2015, a little bleary, the worse for wear & tear. Got rained on, and so did all the exhibitors on the outside stands who had been expecting to be basking in the spring sunshine. Luckily that was just a bit of a hitch on Saturday with the rest of the weekend being dry but windy. This blip was more than can be said for our European partners in the Netherlands who seem to be Read entire story

Spannabis 2015 Champions Cup Award Winners – the results!

Further to our report from this year's Spannabis which you can read about here - we now have the big winners at the Spannabis Champions Cup 2015. There were prizes for Barney's Farm with Critical Kush and Triple Cheese, Dutch Passion for The Edge, Strain Hunters with Caboose and Delicious Seeds for Critical Kali Mist among others. The Winners Best Seed Bank: Genehtik Best Booth: Barney's Farm Best Paraphenalia Product: Sublimator Indoors Read entire story

Review Of 225 LED Grow Light Panels – Are They Worth It?

I have been asked several times on my opinion about certain grow lights and, those that know me know that I am not afraid to share it. Recently I have been hit with many inquiries about the 225 LED grow panels that are easily found on Ebay and Amazon and it is important that people realize what these grow lights are good for. NOTHING! Check this out if you are looking for the best LED grow lights, otherwise, read on . . . Why are 225 LED grow Read entire story

Review of UFO LED Grow Lights – They Are Cheap, But Are They Effective?

The key to establishing a successful indoor garden is to implement proper lighting that will let you grow vegetables, fruits, greens, and cannabis all year long. Below is a quick review on the benefits of LED Grow Lights and a special opportunity for a Free Consultation. LED Grow Lights have much higher amount of USE-ABLE light per watt than HPS or MH indoor grow lights and they last longer – up to 10 years in fact. Now I am not saying Read entire story

Madiba Marijuana Strain Review and Growing Tips

Madiba strain was named after the eminent freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela. It is a mellow strain from Africa that has an amazing flavor and great buds. It is a crossed hybrid plant mainly Sativa from the East Indian Landrance Sativa, South African Landrance Sativa, and New Zealand Purple Indica. Where to Buy Madiba Marijuana Seeds? Order Madiba marijuana seeds from an online marijuana seed company that offers worldwide discreet shipping. You Read entire story

The Science behind Marijuana THC and CBD

Out of the many components found in cannabis plants, people tend to give a lot of attention to the two main components in these weeds which play an important role in its stone effects in the body when smoked. These two components are known to THC and CBD in which both are responsible on the effect of smoking weeds. Upon purchasing strain, buyers would always look first how much THC it contains. While people’s attention are caught up by THC levels Read entire story