Northern Lights XTRM Auto-Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

Northern Lights XTRM Auto-Fem can be described as the ganja that leaves the lasting impression. This is on the top of the cannabis culture. Many smokers has testified that this is still is unmatched. Where to buy Northern Lights XTRM Auto-feminized marijuana seeds? You can order Northern Lights XTRM autofeminized marijuana seeds from an online marijuana seed company and have them shipped right to your doorsteps. Growing marijuana from seeds is Read entire story

Exhalation Inspration: A Gallery of Ganja Smokers

There's nothing wrong with inhaling, or exhaling for that matter. In fact, increasingly, it's a legal undertaking in America. Here's a smoky gallery of champion exhalers, accompanied by inspirational quotes extolling the miracle of breathing. (c) High Times - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Pot Prices: August 2015 THMQ

Market Analysis: All indices essentially held steady in August, however, theMidsIndex rebounded slightly from a nine-month low in July and the US Price Index also experienced a modest gain. Each Index finished the month within $6 of its year-to-date average. (c) High Times - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Industrial Hemp Brings Political Parties Together

What do Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, and Woody Harrelson have in common? They all are supporters of legalizing industrial hemp. Harrelson has been an advocate for many years, having been arrested in 1996 in Kentucky, the home state of the other two, for planting four hemp seeds–a protest against laws that failed to distinguish between industrial hemp and marijuana as a drug. Paul and McConnell are relative Johnny-come-latelies to the issue, but Read entire story

Texas Cancer Patient Becomes Medical Refugee, Moving For Marijuana

Toni Anderson considers herself a medical refugee. She and her husband are packing their bags and leaving Texas for a chance to smoke medical marijuana. “My main goal is to get out of El Paso because I want to live,” Anderson said. Anderson has stage three cervical cancer. She has gone through chemotherapy and radiation, spending months on end in the hospital. She tried CBD oils while on chemotherapy and said there is a noticeable Read entire story

Drawing Advice From Leonardo da Vinci

By JAMES HSU - Third Monk When we practice a skill, an insulator-like substance called myelin thickens around our neural circuitry, which in turn makes us more talented. The type of practice one engages in is the determinant of how quickly our myelin sheaths thicken around our neural circuits. Good practice must test us and stretch our abilities right up to the edge of frustration. Talent without the motivation to ceaselessly improve will never Read entire story

How Animals See The World (Video)

By CARLOS PIMENTEL - Third Monk As a human being that needs glasses to see the accepted norm of 20/20, I’ve always been interested in how our visual perspective of the world varies so greatly. Even among humans there are color discrepancies and a difference in our ability to focus. Animals extend this question further by being able to see things that are not even perceivable to the human eye. After a new study, scientist have found that Read entire story

City of Buffalo urged to implement its own medical marijuana program – Buffalo News

TWC NewsCity of Buffalo urged to implement its own medical marijuana programBuffalo NewsValle and Ryszka worry that the state's medical marijuana program won't be in place when it's scheduled to start in January. Also, the five growers approved in New York are all downstate. And the only local distributors, Valle and Ryszka said, are in ...Council Members Offer Support to Group Advocating for Medical MarijuanaTWC Newsall 2 news Read entire story

NJ man’s arrest upheld despite medical marijuana law – Vineland Daily Journal

Vineland Daily JournalNJ man's arrest upheld despite medical marijuana lawVineland Daily JournalMyers, who was sentenced to five years in prison that year, argued that a handgun and marijuana discovered by a New Jersey state trooper during an interrogation should have been thrown out largely on the basis of a 2010 law legalizing medical marijuana.N.J. court rules marijuana smell still probable causeNJ.comNJ appeals court upholds warrantless Read entire story

Legal Marijuana Passes In Oregon, Leading In Alaska

Legal marijuana is coming to Oregon it has a 54% to 45% lead this evening. This is a major victory because a similar bill failed to pass in 2012. Oregon activists were told by national groups to wait and try again in 2016. But the feeling of legalization advocates in Oregon was that now was the time to ride the wave crest created by Colorado and Washington. It appears they were right. The closely watched vote on Measure 91 represents a major Read entire story

Tribes Can Sell Marijuana According To DOJ

On Thursday October 28, 2014 the Department of Justice issued the following statement that paves the way for recreational marijuana sales on tribal lands. It received very little publicity, despite the fact that the potential and far ranging impact is enormous. Policy Statement Regarding Marijuana Issues in Indian Country On October 28, 2014, the Department of Justice issued a Policy Statement Regarding Marijuana Issues in Indian Country, to all Read entire story

Marijuana Watershed Protection Act

The Marijuana Watershed Protection Act Proposed by California Assemblyman Jim Wood is, according to an article in the Times-Standard, a way to seek “greener” pot for California. According to the article, Assembly Bill 243, as it is known, would “require indoor and outdoor medical marijuana cultivation to be conducted in accordance with state and local laws and best practices related to land conversion, grading, electricity usage, Read entire story

Illegal Sonoma County Marijuana Grow Causes $102,000 in Damages

Illegal Sonoma County marijuana grow causes $102,000 in damages to a rented home in Graton. According to this Petaluma Patch article, the  property owner was not aware that renters used the home for an illegal marijuana grow.  Damage was found in the home’s subfloors and bathrooms. Black mold grew on walls and large electrical panels had been installed in the bedroom to accommodate the increased power use. The renter was convicted on felony Read entire story

Washington State Liquor Control Board Issues First Marijuana Retailer Licenses

24 Retail Marijuana Licenses Issued Across the State of Washington OLYMPIA – The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) today issued the state’s first 24 marijuana retailer licenses. A complete listing, including contact information of the new retail licensees, can be found online within the Public Records section of the WSLCB website. (c) Medical Marijuana News - THCbiz - Read entire story here. Read entire story

More Colorado Marijuana Tax Dollars are Rolling In

As of July 1, over 200 marijuana shops were licensed, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue. In the first five months of legal retail sales, Colorado dispensaries sold about $90 million worth of recreational marijuana, The Denver Post reported Thursday. (c) Medical Marijuana News - THCbiz - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Maryland Commission Approves Final Regulations

Image Courtesy of Medical Jane. Note: (Aug. 26, 2015) Corrections have been to reflect the vote outcome and application availability dates. Earlier today, the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission voted to approve final regulations for Maryland's medical cannabis program. Today's vote was the culmination for 16 months worth of work since the Commission's inception in April 2014. Today's approval vote means that there were no Read entire story

Deadline Approaching for Colorado Medical Marijuana Draft Regulation Comments

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) is currently soliciting public comments for proposed regulations on lab testing, product safety, production management, and other issues. The deadline to submit comments is Tuesday, September 1st.  The day before the deadline, August 31st, the MED will hold a rule-making hearing in Denver at the Colorado State Capitol Building at 9 AM (MDT) on the draft regulations. ASA is working on finalizing Read entire story

How Long Does THC Stay In Your System?

Do The Words “Drug Test” Give You a Panic Attack? Many different methods exist for testing for drugs, but most employers, insurance companies, government agencies, etc., will ask for a urine test, as this is the industry standard for workplace drug testing and the only method approved for federally mandated drug tests. What Are They Looking For During A Drug Test? Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a cannabinoid found in cannabis, is Read entire story

Watch The Scientist: A New Medical Marijuana Documentary

“As scientists, indeed, as intellectuals, we should try always to be skeptical.” Just imagine: What if the cannabis plant and its astonishing range of healing properties had been suddenly discovered today in a remote forest? The find would send seismic shockwaves blasting through the scientific community overnight. The plant would immediately come under frantically intense study in every nation on earth, and the person who first identified the Read entire story

Over medicated America – a few figures to understand why cannabis is still illegal

Here’s a chart that puts into simple words and figures a system that shows no benefits: Created by: Medical Billing and Coding Online What this work prove is that profit is more important to the people in charge of the health system than the health of the people that generate their profits. Just over a week ago the FDA pushed to approve a skin cancer treatment when side effects are varied and numerous, while Cannabis Science is publishing Read entire story