New Gallup Poll Shows 58% of Americans Support Making Marijuana Legal

A Gallup poll released Wednesday shows 58% of adults in the United States think marijuana should be made legal, up from 51% in October 2014. Just 40% think it should remain illegal. The national poll of 1,015 adults was conducted October 7-11 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. The full results are available at here. Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana is the highest Gallup has measured to date, at 58%. Given the Read entire story

Lathrop City Council Agrees to Ban Marijuana Growing – FOX40

FOX40Lathrop City Council Agrees to Ban Marijuana GrowingFOX40Lathrop has become the latest community in the area to ban the growing of marijuana for any reason, despite the state legalization of medical marijuana. State law allows medical pot patients or caregivers to grow a limited number of plants for medical use.and more » (c) marijuana growing - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Kennewick bans ‘nuisance’ marijuana growing – The Bellingham Herald

The Bellingham HeraldKennewick bans 'nuisance' marijuana growingThe Bellingham HeraldSeveral people spoke to the council before the vote, mostly telling stories about problems they face with out-of-control marijuana operations. They talked of neighbors with 45 plants towering 10 feet high, people carrying backpacks of pot out of grow ...and more » (c) marijuana growing - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Bianca Feminized Marijuana Strain Review and Growing Tips

Bianca feminized is an Indica dominant strain is a product of three powerful strains; White Widow which was awarded multiple times at the Cannabis Cup, Afghani strain which is a very strong and hard cannabis often used in mountainous conditions, and the White Queen strain also known as the Empress among the white cannabis. You can order high quality marijuana seeds of this strain from an online marijuana seed company and have it shipped right to Read entire story

Amnesia Trance Auto-Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

Amnesia Haze is a cross-breed between Cambodian and Super Silver Haze. And because of this powerful combination, it received an award in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004. Though the strain is already at its best qualities, the creator of this strain still wanted to improve it. After three years of hard work, the latest Amnesia Haze (now called Amnesia Trance Auto-Fem) has a better bud production, higher THC content and a short flowering Read entire story

Research Says Marijuana Is Not A Gateway Drug

Contradicting the common belief that weed is a gateway drug, a researcher has claimed that smoking pot does not necessarily cause addiction to other drugs. While interacting with the people on Reddit, Psychiatrist Kevin Hill of the Harvard University said that early use of any of these substances (marijuana, alcohol, nicotine) increased the likelihood of future addiction. Hill said that any use of such substances among young people should be Read entire story

BongOutlet.Ca 14.5″ Ghost Bong

Smooth baby! As someone who tends to lean toward Old School with their combustion practices, I’ve found in recent years that it behooves me to open my mind to alternatives and advances in THC tech. A bong was always a bong back in the day, (Unless browsing a head shop, at which point they’re referred to as a water pipe); But these days glass blowers are producing everything from dragon shaped dab rigs to beaded bubblers and the selection is Read entire story

Medical marijuana to be sold legally in suburbs ‘very shortly’ – Chicago Daily Herald

Chicago Daily HeraldMedical marijuana to be sold legally in suburbs 'very shortly'Chicago Daily HeraldBy the time the medical marijuana finally goes on sale, Illinois will be nearly halfway through its four-year pilot program. Gov. Bruce Rauner this year vetoed a plan to extend it, so it's unclear whether medical marijuana here will be a brief ... (c) medical marijuana - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

WATCH: Chris Christie Clashes With Veteran Nurse Over Medical Marijuana – ThinkProgress

ThinkProgressWATCH: Chris Christie Clashes With Veteran Nurse Over Medical MarijuanaThinkProgressAt the second Republican presidential debate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie claimed that he's “not against medical marijuana.” But his exchange with a registered cannabis nurse this week seems to suggest otherwise. On Wednesday at an event in ...and more » (c) medical marijuana - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Join us for Rally for Medical Cannabis in Anne Arundel County Tonight at 5:30pm

  Activist will be holding a rally for medical cannabis before the Anne Arundel County Council hearing tonight at 5:30pm. We need all the support we can get. If you are a medical cannabis patient in Anne Arundel County, please come out and testify this evening at the hearing. In order to testify you must sign up at 6:00PM at the County Council Chambers.  Rally Date/Time:October 19th at 5:30pm to 6pm Hearing Time: October 19th - Sign up at 6pm, Read entire story

Major Think Tank Explains How the Federal Government Undermines Cannabis Research and How to Fix It

Earlier this week, the Brookings Institution issued a report that takes the federal government to task for undermining research on medical cannabis. In “Ending the U.S. government's war on medical marijuana research,” Brookings fellow John Hudak and senior research assistant Grace Wallack explain the various barriers that make authoritative research on cannabis extremely difficult to conduct in the United States. While many legitimate studies of Read entire story

The upside down world of marijuana legalization – Brookings Institution (blog)

Lexology (registration)The upside down world of marijuana legalizationBrookings Institution (blog)Marijuana is being legalized in an upside down fashion. States are passing a wide variety of laws. There are states that tightly control the use of medicinal marijuana only, states that effectively decriminalize possession but don't allow the sale of ...What employers are facing in states that currently have legalized marijuana ...Lexology Read entire story

Marijuana Legalization Ohio 2015: Latest News on Whether State Will Legalize … – Mic

MicMarijuana Legalization Ohio 2015: Latest News on Whether State Will Legalize ...MicThe state of Ohio will vote on legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana use on Nov. 3 after an amendment, Issue 3, earned a spot on the ballot in August. If Ohio votes in favor of Issue 3, it will become the first state to legalize both ...Ohio voters divided on marijuana legalization measure, University of Akron ...cleveland.comPoll Finds Ohio Voters Read entire story

Federal Court Ruling Is Big Win for Medical Marijuana Patients, Businesses

A federal judge ruled Monday that a budget amendment approved by Congress prevents the Department of Justice from taking action against medical marijuana patients and providers who are operating in compliance with state laws. Northern District of California Judge Charles Breyer Judge Charles Breyer (Photo: Hillary Jones-Mixon / The Recorder) said that by enacting the so-called Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, “Congress dictated…that it intended to Read entire story

Canada, Mexico to Consider Making Marijuana Legal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau On Monday, the Liberal Party in Canada won the national elections by wide margins, promising an impending shift in a number of policy areas, including marijuana. Newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that the Canadian government would quickly begin the process of making marijuana legal for adults. USA Today reports: Trudeau promised that under his leadership Canada would create a system to tax, Read entire story

Charges dismissed for Man accused of major marijuana growing operation –

UpperMichigansSource.comCharges dismissed for Man accused of major marijuana growing operationUpperMichigansSource.comCRYSTAL FALLS — All charges have been dismissed for 26-year-old Ethan Pipping of Crystal Falls. Pipping was arrested after police seized 106 marijuana plants, more than five pounds of processed marijuana and illegal firearms at a home on 6th street. (c) marijuana growing - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Entrepreneurs announce plans to apply to open a medical marijuana growing … – Baltimore Sun

Baltimore SunEntrepreneurs announce plans to apply to open a medical marijuana growing ...Baltimore SunApplications for licenses to grow, process and dispense marijuana are due Nov. 6 to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, which oversees licensing, registration, inspection and testing or the medical marijuana program. Pounds said he believes ...Entrepreneurs to apply to open a medical marijuana growWTOPSilver Spring-based entrepreneurs to Read entire story

Aussie Blues Feminized Growing Tips and Review

Aussie Blues is a blue haze cross-breed. It is a mixture of Australian Duck, Azura and Light of Jah. And because of its multiple lineages, the strain has received several awards. It is a Sativa-dominant strain that has a moderate to high THC level and produces lots of yields. Though this strain is easy to grow, it is still not advisable for the novice farmers to grow this plant as it needs utmost attention if you want to get great yields. If you Read entire story