Recent Kidnapping May be Related to Illegal Santa Rosa Marijuana Cultivation and Sales

Recent kidnapping may be related to illegal Santa Rosa marijuana cultivation and sales. Two men have been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a Santa Rosa man on March 10, 2015. According to a New York Daily News article, a local Santa Rosa man was abducted from the front yard of his home and stuffed into the trunk of a car. The alleged kidnappers drove the man 150 miles to Modesto California where, before being able to collect on a ransom Read entire story

Court Challenge to Clearlake Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ban

Court challenge to Clearlake medical marijuana cultivation ban. A March 19, 2015 California NORML article discuses a California NORML supported lawsuit against a ban on medical marijuana cultivation enacted in Clearlake California. The case is being filed in Lake County Superior Court on behalf of several Clearlake residents who use medical marijuana to treat the pain from chemotherapy and radiation treatments, neuropathy from fibromyalgia, and Read entire story

3 Places to Possibly Score Weed While on Vacation

Have you ever been on vacation in a state that doesn’t permit the recreational consumption of weed with a serious need to score a sack? Well, as unfortunate as that may be, we’ve listed a few ideas that may aid in that particular situation. But if you get caught, don’t call us for bail money! We don’t know you 3. The Valet– Sure, you can try to grab something off the hotel concierge- but that can turn into an Read entire story

New Medical Marijuana Manufacturing Guidelines Issued by National Herbal Medicine Industry Group

Botanical medicine standards released as Colorado medical marijuana business sees first product recall in U.S. WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) released its long-awaited medical marijuana manufacturing guidelines today, completing its compendium of industry standards which include regulatory recommendations for cannabis from seed to sale. The AHPA manufacturing guidelines come as licensed Colorado business "At Read entire story

Eaze Launches First Available On-Demand Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

New Healthcare-Delivery Technology Automates Patient Verification and Caregiver Dispatch to Hand Deliver Medicine to San Francisco Patients in 10 Minutes on Average  SAN FRANCISCO -- Earlier this week, Eaze announced a new on-demand healthcare delivery service that enables patients to access medical marijuana easily, quickly and professionally via mobile device. Services are available now for patients in San Francisco. Eaze delivers medicine to Read entire story

The Science of Medical Marijuana

Last month Americans for Safe Access launched The Truth About Medical Marijuana educational series. When we started to put together the series we had to ask ourselves what was the most important topics we could cover. Trying to pick a logical first conversation we made the science of medical marijuana the subject of the first workshop. Most people support medical marijuana and but few seem to understand the underlying science. This is a real Read entire story

ASA to Work with Regulators to Ensure Highest Level of Industry Compliance

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has been selected to provide training for compliance inspectors operating under the authority of the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The auditors are charged with ensuring members of the state’s new medical cannabis industry comply with all applicable regulations, which were finalized by the Commission in August.  In addition to developing its own rigorous compliance protocols, Maryland has Read entire story

Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel Denies Overwhelming Research Proving Cannabis is a Medicine

Residents in Michigan may submit medical conditions to LARA in order for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel to review whether there is ample evidence that cannabis may have palliative relief in the treatment of that condition. It is the voter’s intent to protect those with debilitating medical conditions that may receive palliative relief from cannabis. When the panel is provided sufficient evidence it is their mandate to ensure that new Read entire story

Experts and Families Demand Legal Protection With Cannabis for Autism

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel voted 4-2 in favor of a petition calling for the addition of autism to the list of qualifying conditions allowing for a medical marijuana license under the MMMA. This was a tremendous victory for the families and experts that have supported this effort for the past two years. However, the final decision whether to approve or deny the petition is left to the director of LARA, the agency tasked with Read entire story

Cannabis policies in the Netherlands, what went wrong?

ENCOD BULLETIN ON DRUG POLICIES IN EUROPE AUGUST 2012 The last major change in Dutch drug policy was in 1976, when new legislation established a distinction between soft and hard drugs, and decriminalised possession and sales of small amounts of cannabis by and to adults. At first cannabis only became available on special occasions and in popular youth centres like Paradiso and the Milky Way in Amsterdam. Later, cannabis promotors understood that Read entire story

Seattle Hempfest Review

On August 17th was official opened the twenty-first Hempfest in Seattle, the biggest event in the marijuana industry! More than 300.000 persons attended what is now the biggest hemp fair in the USA. Many hemp products were on presentation and lectures were held. As the organizers describe it on their website, “Each year, we give birth to a beautiful, bouncing Seattle Hempfest. Each year her gestation is different, The City and Parks Departments Read entire story

Salal Credit Union Announced They Will Do Business With Marijuana Stores

Bob Schweigert, a representative of Salal Credit Union announced that they will do business with stores selling recreational cannabis in Washington State.The announcement took place at the Marijuana Business Association's Canna Business & The Law seminar in Seattle. The big announcement came during a Managing Your Marijuana Business Money panel. The credit union is willing to work with business's that cultivate, process and/or distribute Read entire story

Lawmaker Hopes To Legalize Medical Marijuana In North Carolina

A North Carolina lawmaker filed a bill that would allow marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes. Representative Kelly Alexander, who is behind the bill says the veterans struggling with chronic pain is his motivation to push for legalization.“Cannabis is a substance that does have medical applications that are provable,” Alexander said.He also notes that medical marijuana could bring $100 to $200 million in tax revenue. “Salary increases for Read entire story