Dear Stoner: Why Does Smoking Weed Make You Hungry?

Westword Dear Stoner: Why does smoking weed make you hungry? Like, does science know why? Stewie Dear Stewie: The munchies are real, man. Although no one could definitively point to a brain reaction and say “There it is” for a long time, by 2015 marijuana’s ability to increase appetite was already widely accepted enough for it to be used as medicine for eating disorders in over twenty states. Science finally gave the munchies its stamp of Read entire story

Esquire: Legal Pot Caused Heroin Crisis

agency-it | Toke of the Town It’s a controversial theory. The following is excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek. Get your free and confidential subscription at In Esquire, author Don Winslow argues that legal weed is responsible for the opiate epidemic. As demand for Mexican marijuana has fallen, The Mexican Sinaloa Cartel “increased the production of Mexican heroin by almost 70 percent, and also raised the purity level, Read entire story

Poll: U.S. Pot Users Way Up Since 2013

agency-it | Toke of the Town The total is still below 15%. The following is excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek. Get your free and confidential subscription at A Gallup poll found that 13% of U.S. adults currently use cannabis, up from 7% in 2013. At SFWeekly, I argued that the 2016 Presidential candidates have dodged their responsibility to discuss legalization. Ohio is looking for an experienced pot grower to help write the Read entire story

Social Pot Use Pilot Program Collects Double the Signatures Needed for Ballot Update: In July, supporters of the Neighborhood Supported Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program, which would allow the social use of marijuana at participating businesses in Denver, began collecting signatures to get their proposal on the Denver ballot in November; see our previous coverage below. The results of these efforts, which spanned a period of less than a month, will be touted at a press conference this morning. According to Read entire story

Dear Stoner: What Are Some Landrace Strains to Look For?

Westword Dear Stoner: I saw your profile on Durban Poison and the pure effects of landrace strains. Are there any others to look out for? I like to know what to expect when I smoke. Taylor Dear Taylor: Landrace strains like Durban Poison come from pure genetics, but they don’t have pure effects. That means that while Durban Poison is a pure sativa (if the genetics are legitimate), not everyone feels the same type of high after ingesting it — Read entire story

Marijuana Legalization Would Eliminate Several Felony Arrests a Day in City of Phoenix

US Marshals If voters approve it in November, the pending ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Arizona stands to eliminate several felony arrests each day in the city of Phoenix alone. On average, the Phoenix police have arrested more than seven people a day since January 2015 for suspicion of marijuana possession, according to figures New Times obtained through a public-records request. The post Marijuana Read entire story

Federal Pot Case Against Oregon Teen to be Dropped

agency-it | Toke of the Town The case was an anomaly in the legal state. The following is excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek. Get your free and confidential subscription at Federal prosecutors agreed to drop charges against Devontre Thomas, a 19-year who faced prosecution for being caught with a very small amount of weed at a federally run boarding school for Native Americans in Oregon. A Massachusetts court ruled that smoking Read entire story

DEA Rejects Pot Rescheduling But Ends Research Monopoly: Clinton Responds

Brett Levin The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has denied petitions filed by two former governors and a New Mexico psychiatric nurse practitioner five years ago requesting that the DEA reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I substance, according to documents filed with the Federal Register today. But the agency did decide to end the monopoly on research into the medical benefits of the drug — a move applauded by the campaign of Democratic Read entire story

Pot Companies Attracting Larger Investments

Paul Geilfuss / The stigma is shrinking and the money is growing. The following is excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek. Get your free and confidential subscription at Private equity investment in weed is heating up. Canadian MED company Organigram raised $17.5M. Denver’s Baker Technologies, a software company which helps dispensaries win and retain customers, raised $1.6M. The industry’s average seed round is $1M Read entire story

#WeGotYoWeed, Taunt Kentucky Cops

Grayson County Sheriff's OfficeNote left by Kentucky deputies after confiscating marijuana plants from corn field. After confiscating about 254 marijuana plants found nestled in a corn field last week, deputies in Grayson County, Kentucky, left the growers a note: Thanks for the weed! In addition to thanking the still-unknown culprits for the nearly $600,000 worth of marijuana, deputies began to taunt the growers on social media with the hashtag Read entire story

Dear Stoner: What Can You Do With a Broken Vape Pen?

Westword Dear Stoner: I bought a disposable hash pen, and it broke. I took it back to the dispensary (they were great about it and gave me a new one), but the budtender said I could keep my old one and use the liquid for topicals. What did he mean by that? J Money Dear Money: Let’s hope that one day these hash pens reach a true level of consistency; I occasionally get one that leaks, too. You have several options with a leaky pen. If you want to Read entire story

MATFORCE Corrects Alarmist Tweet on THC in Water Supply

Twitter Following calls from New Times and an ex-Cottonwood city councilman, MATFORCE, the Yavapai County-based group that opposes cannabis legalization, has corrected a misleading tweet that proclaimed, “Evidence of THC found in Colorado town’s water supply.” Despite a very brief public scare last week, THC, the main psychoactive component in marijuana, never did contaminate the water supply of rural Hugo, Colorado (population Read entire story

Top 5 Flaws of Arizona’s Marijuana-Legalization Initiative

Dank Depot The two main issues behind a cannabis-legalization law set to make the ballot this November are 1. individual freedom, and 2. an end to felony prohibition for possession of marijuana for personal use. But if voters approve it, the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act would do more than just make Arizona’s cannabis law sane. True to its name, the proposed law attempts to do a lot of regulating. And it sets up a system of Read entire story

CDOT’s Drugged Driving Campaign High on Giant 3D Marijuana Joint

If you see a 28-foot-high marijuana joint fashioned from a car on the side of the Courtyard Marriott at 934 16th Street, don’t be alarmed — or inspired. Part of a giant billboard installed today, the joint is just the latest ploy by the Colorado Department of Transportation to push its  Dangerous Combinations campaign. The campaign, which launched in May, is part of the larger Drive High, Get a DUI program, and is designed to cut down on Read entire story

Writer Concedes “Slant” in Article Touted by Arizona’s Anti-Pot Crusaders

Ray Stern | Toke of the Town Activists who oppose a measure to legalize marijuana in Arizona were excited to let the world know about a news article shared on social media that blasts the notion that passage would guarantee a tax windfall. The Twitter site for Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, a well-funded group headed up by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk and radio talk-show host Seth Leibsohn, shared the July 14 article entitled Read entire story

Willie Nelson Launches Willie’s Reserve in Colorado, Washington

Brandon The who’s who of Colorado’s marijuana industry gathered Saturday night for the unveiling of Willie’s Reserve, Willie Nelson’s cannabis company. To launch his new product, Nelson hosted two kick-off concerts, one last week in Washington state and another on Saturday, July 30, at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Greenwood Village, Colorado. “This event’s been a collection of the people that support Read entire story

Pot Delivery Is Illegal in L.A. Some in the Weed Business Want to Change That

Timothy Norris/L.A. Weekly Unless you’re a legit home nurse or other “primary caregiver” bringing medicine home to your patient, pot delivery is illegal in the city of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force is hoping to change that. The group, which represents marijuana industry interests in L.A., is challenging another advocacy organization, the United Cannabis Business Alliance, to expand on some of the proposals Read entire story

Marijuana Has Potential to Treat Alzheimer’s, Says Salk Institute Study

Lindsey Bartlett Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that slowly shuts down the brain and eventually leads to death. But a new study gives patients and their families hope that marijuana could help. Researchers at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies published astudy in the June journal of Aging and Mechanisms of Disease announcing the discovery of a compound present in marijuana that triggers the removal of beta-amyloid Read entire story

Bronze Age Tribesmen Likely Traded Cannabis

Source image via Chubykin Arkady / They may have been the first weed dealers. The following is excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek. Get your free and confidential subscription at Evidence suggests that Bronze Age Yamnaya tribespeople established a cannabis trade between Europe and Asia 5,000 years ago. Native to the Caucasus Mountains (roughly), the Yamnaya were horse-riding, cattle-herding nomads who traveled Read entire story

Dear Stoner: Which Is Better for CBD Extraction — Hemp or Flower?

Westword Dear Stoner: I want to try my hand at making CBD-extracted products. Is it better to use hemp or real marijuana for it? C-Mac Dear Mac: It depends on your experience with marijuana and cannabinoid extraction. Most cannabidiol (CBD) users and product-makers use industrial hemp, because it’s easier to grow legally and naturally higher in CBD cannabinoids than most flowering marijuana plants, which generally have more THC. If you want to Read entire story