The Science of Medical Marijuana

Last month Americans for Safe Access launched The Truth About Medical Marijuana educational series. When we started to put together the series we had to ask ourselves what was the most important topics we could cover. Trying to pick a logical first conversation we made the science of medical marijuana the subject of the first workshop. Most people support medical marijuana and but few seem to understand the underlying science. This is a real Read entire story

ASA to Work with Regulators to Ensure Highest Level of Industry Compliance

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has been selected to provide training for compliance inspectors operating under the authority of the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The auditors are charged with ensuring members of the state’s new medical cannabis industry comply with all applicable regulations, which were finalized by the Commission in August.  In addition to developing its own rigorous compliance protocols, Maryland has Read entire story

Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel Denies Overwhelming Research Proving Cannabis is a Medicine

Residents in Michigan may submit medical conditions to LARA in order for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel to review whether there is ample evidence that cannabis may have palliative relief in the treatment of that condition. It is the voter’s intent to protect those with debilitating medical conditions that may receive palliative relief from cannabis. When the panel is provided sufficient evidence it is their mandate to ensure that new Read entire story

Experts and Families Demand Legal Protection With Cannabis for Autism

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel voted 4-2 in favor of a petition calling for the addition of autism to the list of qualifying conditions allowing for a medical marijuana license under the MMMA. This was a tremendous victory for the families and experts that have supported this effort for the past two years. However, the final decision whether to approve or deny the petition is left to the director of LARA, the agency tasked with Read entire story