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The problems with rushing to legalize marijuana for stoner use in California – Los Angeles Times

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Los Angeles TimesThe problems with rushing to legalize marijuana for stoner use in CaliforniaLos Angeles TimesCalifornians seem hot to visit a legal pot shop and smoke a joint or munch a weeded brownie. But driving home could be risky. No one — not even highway patrolmen — knows precisely how stoned a motorist can be before he's dangerously under the ...After backing Gavin Newsom, California nurses group gets behind pot legalizationSacramento Read entire story

California Marijuana Legalization Prop 64 Leading in Polls – The Daily Chronic

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The Daily ChronicCalifornia Marijuana Legalization Prop 64 Leading in PollsThe Daily ChronicFriday's poll reflects the highest support ever measured by The Field Poll for legalization of marijuana in the 50 years they have been surveying Californians on the topic. The first Field Poll, conducted in 1969, found only 13% of California residents ...Prop 64: As Recreational Pot Legalization Vote Looms, What Can California Learn From Colorado?CBS Read entire story

Michigan Lawmakers Adopt Regulatory System for Medical Marijuana, Allow Extracts

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The Michigan Legislature passed a series of bills this month that overhaul the state’s medical marijuana program. This is the culmination of a multi-year debate on how, and whether, the state should allow and regulate medical marijuana businesses. It is a major — and controversial — milestone for patients and those who serve them. The bills now head to the governor, who is expected to sign them. For many years, federal and state law enforcement Read entire story

Marijuana Grow Ops Could Soon Rival Data Center Energy Use – Greentech Media

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Greentech MediaMarijuana Grow Ops Could Soon Rival Data Center Energy UseGreentech MediaThe state's utilities say that figure is growing by about 50 percent per year. Within the city of Denver, marijuana grow operations are using more than 2 percent of electricity. By 2035, the state of Washington expects marijuana energy use to exceed ... (c) marijuana growing - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Bronx explosion could be linked to pot growing operation – WABC-TV

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WABC-TVBronx explosion could be linked to pot growing operationWABC-TVThe rental house where an explosion Tuesday morning killed an FDNY Battalion chief and injured other firefighters was reportedly the site of a known indoor marijuana growing operation. It happened inside a two-story private house on West 234th Street ...FDNY battalion chief killed when marijuana grow house explodes ...New York PostFDNY Chief Killed in Pot Grow House Explosion Read entire story

Cleaning Your Pipe or Bong

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In this article we will cover: Why you need to clean your pipe Methods for cleaning Cleaning tipsIf you are someone who enjoys smoking marijuana, you are inevitably going to need to clean your pipe or bong at some point. The more frequently you use your favored smoking device, the more frequently you are going to have to clean it. In this article, we will look at the best ways to do it.Why you need to clean your pipeKnowing how to clean a bowl, Read entire story

Toronto Chefs Experiment with Cannabis Cuisine

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The ever-changing cannabis climate in Toronto intrigues a food writer like myself, since I’m always seeking out new trends in the industry. You see, Canada’s current federal Liberal leader and political dreamboat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that by 2017, legislation would be introduced to legalize marijuana. While this is all great news, it has caused a lot of confusion for recreational users. Conservative leader Rona Ambrose says the Read entire story

Harry’s World: Re-Examining the Terms Indica and Sativa

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There has been a tremendous amount of discussion as of late about the definitions of the words: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and Ruderalis. Are these terms that describe effects? Terms that define growth patterns? Or are they broader forms of descriptions, used to classify plants into sub-species? In biology, the most commonly accepted system used for classifying plants was laid out by Carl Linnaeus. (His last initial is the capitol L. seen at the end Read entire story

Cannabis-Infused Experiences Coming

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Jamaica's south-western coast is being eyed as a health and wellness destination, offering cannabis-infused experiences, rustic luxury and nature tourism, says Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett. The geographical area between Negril, West End in Westmoreland, and Black River, St Elizabeth, on the development agenda, is being considered as a new resort destination, Bartlett revealed to delegates attending the inaugural CanEx at the Montego Bay Read entire story

There are Two Main Types of Marijuana — Here’s the Difference

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If you're new to marijuana, shopping at a dispensary can be an overwhelming experience. Typically, a menu board lists a dozen or more varieties, called strains, with names that sound like punch lines from a Seth Rogen movie. From the subdued Blue Dream to the upbeat and euphoric Berry White, the names give almost no indication of the drug's effect or strength. Knowing the difference between the two major species of marijuana, sativa and Read entire story

New Zealand’s Next Big Industry: Hemp

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Commercial hemp could play a major role as a cash crop on farms as industries move from synthetic to more natural materials. The plant could be a major earner as countries start to shift towards a more plant-based economy, says grower David Jordan. “If you put yourself into the future and look at what is coming, hemp is one of those things that is coming of age in the new economy that’s on the way.” Jordan has been growing the Read entire story

CBD Oil Is Shaking Up The Medical Cannabis Industry

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Corinne Malanca credits CBD oil with saving her father’s life. Five years ago, Stan Rutner underwent chemotherapy for Stage 4 lung cancer. After treatment, an inoperable brain tumor was found and he fell sick with pneumonia caused by his radiation treatments. Thinking Rutner only had weeks to live, Malanca turned to the internet for answers. What she found was a startling statistic: Nearly half of all cancer patients’ deaths are caused by Read entire story

State To Promote Expanded Medical Marijuana Research – Hartford … – Hartford Courant

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Hartford CourantState To Promote Expanded Medical Marijuana Research - Hartford ...Hartford CourantReforms to the state's medical marijuana program will allow Connecticut hospitals, universities, growers and dispensaries to conduct research into medical ...Southwick Select Board tables action on planned medical marijuana dispensaryMassLive.comNew state regulations on medical marijuana - Story - WSYMWSYM-TVMedical marijuana coming to a town Read entire story

Doctor subpoenaed in Illinois medical marijuana investigation – The State Journal-Register

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The State Journal-RegisterDoctor subpoenaed in Illinois medical marijuana investigationThe State Journal-RegisterMARION - A southern Illinois doctor who works at a clinic where many patients try to access the state's medical marijuana program has been subpoenaed in a state and federal investigation. State officials told the Southern Illinoisan that the ...and more » (c) medical marijuana - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Hispanics Hate Weed?

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Smoking a Joint Opponents of marijuana legalization in California are banking on Latinos, who have opposed recreational pot in the past. Older Hispanics tend to be more religious and socially conservative. And, as the largest ethnic group in the Golden State, they could decide key facets of the election. This week a poll on Nevada’s own legalization effort could be a bad omen for California. The anti-pot group Smart Approaches to Marijuana Read entire story

Safe to Smoke Weed? Marijuana Arrests Are Down

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Marijuana arrests in 2015 were at the lowest they’ve been since 1996, according to new FBI statistics. Credit: Washington Post/FBI Those statistics are simply for marijuana possession, but they appear to show a promising trend. With four states having legalized weed and more likely on the way, going to jail or at least getting a criminal record for simply having a couple joints in your pocket may soon become a thing of the past. Arrests in Read entire story

Legalizing Marijuana Has Little Effect On Policing In Some Cities … – NPR

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NPRLegalizing Marijuana Has Little Effect On Policing In Some Cities ...NPRCalifornia is among five states this year where marijuana legalization is on the ballot. But there's concern about if legalizing it will reduce the number of ...Legalizing Marijuana: It Changes Policing, But May Leave Racial DisparitiesJefferson Public Radioall 3 news articles » (c) marijuana legalization - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Canadian Crime Stoppers President Fired After Being Accused of Growing Marijuana – TIME

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TIMECanadian Crime Stoppers President Fired After Being Accused of Growing MarijuanaTIMEA Crime Stoppers organization in Ontario, Canada fired its president after he was accused of being involved in an illegal marijuana growing operation. Jon-Paul Fuller was removed from his post as president of the Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers ... (c) marijuana growing - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story

Take a tour of an Alaska marijuana-growing operation – Alaska Dispatch News

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Alaska Dispatch NewsTake a tour of an Alaska marijuana-growing operationAlaska Dispatch NewsGreatland Ganja, a marijuana grower in Kasilof, Alaska, was partway through its first harvest on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016. Arthur Abel, one of the company's co-owners, offers a look inside the facility's growing rooms and processing operations. [Read ...and more » (c) marijuana growing - Google News - Read entire story here. Read entire story