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Canada legalizes marijuana!

Marijuana prohibition is history in Canada. Last night, after months of negotiations, Parliament approved a bill to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adults. After one formality — Royal Assent — Canada will become the second nation to end marijuana prohibition and the first G7 country to do so. Regulations vary by province, but most set age limits at 18 or 19 to match the legal age for alcohol and tobacco in Canada. Once the law takes Read entire story

GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent

GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent: Multifaceted Tent Sturdy Framework Highly Reflective Material/ Thermal Protection Intake and Exhaust Ports Movable Roof Cross-Members Purchasing GrowLab GL80LBrand recognition is driven by numerous factors, two of which are innovation and continuous improvements or upgrades. Such is the case with GrowLab GL80L Grow Tent. This cozy home of marijuana plants is easy to assemble and disassemble and can fit 2 x 2 feet tray.A Read entire story

Smoking Weed Legally Could Still Get You Fired

Weed legalization in Canada is going to have a profound effect on the workplace and will likely lead to lawsuits over dismissals, experts tell VICE. Eric Madore was relieved. The 28-year-old Collingwood, Ontario resident had finally landed a job that was manageable given his many health issues, including severe liver disease. But he’d only been working a day as a school bus driver when he said he was fired over his choice of medication. Read entire story

Pot Activist Jodie Emery to Open Hemp-Themed Cafe in Kensington Market

Jodie Emery is setting up shop in Kensington Market, launching a cafe that will occupy the space left behind by Casa Coffee, which recently closed. Despite Emery’s history as a marijuana activist, the cafe will not sell cannabis-based products — yet. “As an activist for cannabis legalization, I’ve always wanted to have the ‘Amsterdam model,’ where adults can enjoy coffee, cannabis, and food in a cafe,” Emery said. - Read the entire article at Read entire story

South Carolina: 82% of Dems vote to support medical marijuana patients

Voters using the Democratic ballot for yesterday’s South Carolina’s primary voted in support of medical marijuana by a whopping vote of 82-18%. This is an incredibly strong showing, and clearly voters are ready for this change. No doubt lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are taking notice. Several candidates who support medical marijuana also did well. Congressional GOP candidate Katie Arrington, who supported this year’s medical cannabis Read entire story

Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabinol (CBN): What is Cannabinol (CBN) and How Does it Affect You? Where to Get Cannabinol (CBN)?We are currently aware of over a hundred types of cannabinoids, each having a unique impact. Since there isn’t much information available on cannabinol (CBN), many people assume it is a less potent derivative of THC. Cannabis plants contain only a limited amount of CBN in their flowers, and it definitely does not have the psychoactive effects of Read entire story


Information about Athabasca: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering timeAthabasca is a high CBD strain produced and distributed by the Canadian licensed producer Aphria. It gets its name from Lake Athabasca, a peaceful getaway loved by Canadians for its lush forest green trees and great views conveniently right in between the cities of Alberta and Saskatchewan.This hybrid is Aphria's rendition of the famous Read entire story

Everything You Need to Know About Quartz Bangers

It’s 2018, weed is slowly legalizing, and the list of contraptions to get you high grows more impressive each day—and the quartz banger is a big one. One of the most popular nails (pieces of glass or metal used for dabbing) on the market today, a quartz banger vaporizes concentrates by connecting a necked bucket to a glass joint. Nails mainly come in two different sizes (10 and 14 millimeters), since dab rigs are usually smaller than bongs. Quave Read entire story

Ganja Yoga: All the Best Places to Get High and Zen Out

Does “relaxed, yet engaged, with a unification of mind, body, and spirit” describe a yoga class or a hit of Afghan Kush? Trick question—it’s both. Yoga and weed complement each other so perfectly that everyone from spiritualists to exhausted rat racers is flocking to the legal states for cannabis-inspired yoga retreats that promise to restore, rejuvenate and enlighten world-weary pilgrims. Has your zen gotten away from you? You’ll have a Read entire story

The 2018 Father’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

This Father’s Day, spoil Dad with the Tesla of dab rigs. Praise be to the Dads who work hard and burn harder. This year, show them you're appreciative by upgrading their cannabis game with sleek devices, enlightening reads, and accessories to keep their stash discrete and safe. Stimulating Reads There's a plethora of reading material on cannabis these days. Catch Dad up with some key books that'll stimulate his brain and hobbies. The revised Read entire story

The Pot Industry is Overwhelmingly White, and One Congresswoman Wants to Change That

Rep. Barbara Lee of California has crafted a resolution to help open up the marijuana industry to people of color. Sometimes, all it takes is a poorly named weed strain to illuminate a real problem. Just this week, Shanita Penny, the president of the board of directors for the Minority Cannabis Business Association, was contacted by a black woman who was shocked that a marijuana dispensary in Maryland is selling a strain called "Strange Read entire story

How To Order Cannabis Leaf Tempura From An LA Restaurant’s Secret Menu

You enter the sleek Shibumi restaurant via a clandestine doorway next to a parking garage in downtown LA. Now the hush-hush concept continues inside – those in the know can request off-menu cannabis-infused dishes, including a battered pot leaf. Owner David Schlosser explained that there is no risk of getting high from any of Shibumi’s dishes. The mind-bending ingredient found in cannabis is not present in any of the restaurant’s food. “We do not Read entire story

420 Product Review: DabPress RP35 3×5 Anodized Rosin Plate Kit

DabPress sent over one of their “DP-RP35 3×5 Anodized Rosin Plate Kits” for review. These plates are put on a shop press of your choosing and pair well with 6-20 Ton A-frame or H-frame Hydraulic Shop Presses. I went with the 6 Ton A-frame to save on space. The kit came in bomb-proof packaging and everything inside was high quality. The anodized plates are food grade to ensure the best flavor and are easy to clean. The screws in Read entire story

Senate panel approves bill protecting medical cannabis | TheHill – The Hill

The HillSenate panel approves bill protecting medical cannabis | TheHillThe HillThe Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday approved language that shields legal medical cannabis operations.Senate Committee Keeps Medical Marijuana Protections In Place ...Marijuana MomentHere's Why We Believe That Medical Marijuana Stock Aphria Is UndervaluedForbesMichigan's marijuana debate deepens with legalization on ballotToledo BladeWBURall 72 news Read entire story

Medical marijuana clinics begin to open in Columbus –

ABC6OnYourSide.comMedical marijuana clinics begin to open in ColumbusABC6OnYourSide.comCOLUMBUS, Ohio — The marijuana hasn't been planted yet but clinics where potential patients can get recommendations for medical marijuana have already started to open. Doctors at those clinics will help patients sign up for Ohio's new medical cannabis ...Which doctors can recommend medical marijuana in Ohio? Search'Medical Marijuana Read entire story